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Stroke Survivor - female
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  1. Happy Anniversary Michelle14!

  2. Happy Birthday Michelle14!

  3. Happy Anniversary Michelle14!

  4. Happy Birthday Michelle14!

  5. Michelle14

    Robotic Therapy

    Pictures of my time at Burke Rehabilitation Hospital and Research Institute
  6. Tough times don't last long...but tough people do!

  7. Michelle14

    Wow such talent! You can still build things...on paper for now, but you do have a true talent! Michelle
  8. Happy Birthday Michelle14!

  9. Hi Michelle: You'll continue to see improvement as long as you work for it--don't let any therapist or dr. tell you you've reached the endpoint of recovery. The fact is: nobody knows where recovery ends for a particular case. That's my experience, and I think most SN members would agree. Thanks for your posts, and see you around the site. HenryB

  10. Welcome to the forums Michelle14 :)