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  1. Happy Birthday mikem!

  2. Happy Anniversary mikem!

  3. Happy Birthday mikem!

    1. Pearls


      OMG  Did you say ladders???  I can do stairs if there is a railing, but ladders no way no how!!  I can't do handicapped ramps, too much tilt throws me off.

  4. Happy Birthday mikem!

  5. mikem

    nice nothing like cuising with the top down on a sumer eve heres my ride nice
  6. mikem

    hope you feel better soon fred
  7. mikem

    nice is that your property? I had a lake cottage in NE
  8. mikem

    cookie are you a survivor?im niot aware of anything arounne here im in charlotte county
  9. fishdad I can relate to that my farther was a angry alcoholic my mother dies of a stroke then a year later he drunk had a accident and became paralyzed , so being divorced he moved in with me and I tried to take care of him but he still managed to do what he wanted I put up with a lot of stuff like if he got angy with something not going his way while drinking would call the police. even on Christmas day once so I worked a lot and went fishing after work some days till he was asleep , then one day rather then go home early I did errands to not come home early in the bad time of day to finnaly rturn and find that he had fallen into my pool in his scooter and drowned whiskey bottle floating in the water near empty I ended up selling my home and buying a new place it was very stressful and a year later I had my stroke even though it was from a heart PFO
  10. mikem

    Katrina im lucky I can hide my differences my balance improved and my walking is ok no paralysis's anf I tend to forget my speech is bad until I speak. last week at a restaurant I frequent I tend t not say much just ill have the whatever ( boy at first a few years ago I dreaded when the waitress came to the table) anyway when leaving a young lady commented on my new car and I responded and said too much making me feel as if I really drew attention to me being abnormal . so anyway I tend not to speak publicly too much
  11. mikem

    Welcome to Florida
  12. mikem

    too bad for the X im trying to loose at least 60 how did you do it ? you should post a after
  13. Happy Birthday mikem!

  14. mikem

    you gardens are awesome! looks like florida with the palms