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  1. Happy Anniversary scaredmom!

  2. Happy Anniversary scaredmom!

  3. scaredmom

    Oh I hate that, I can't say it, and I can't aenter the numbers right half the time.
  4. I think it's a good day to bake some chocolate chip cookies :)

  5. scaredmom

    I had my appointment with the DR. for SS Disability yesterday, and could hardly talk, he kept trying to comlete my sentances and getting them wrong, it was awful :(Then I got so sidetracked I only got out a couple of my issues out (speech and left side weakness) and forgot to finish because he asked about my car accident, ugh. Wish I could stay focused and remember what I am doing.
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    seeing if I can upload
  7. Funny you say that, I swear he was trying to slow me down too. My mom would say he kept trying and I wouldn't listen so he slammed on the brakes! Now I listen, lol.
  8. scaredmom

    good luck!
  9. scaredmom

    I developed a stutter shortly after my stroke, my head would not twitch but I would get tremmors in my left hand. My stroke will be five months tomorrow and my stutter has gotten much better. Like you if I get upset, excited or (for me) can't find my words it gets worse. I try to stop, close my eyes and take a deep breath and then continue slower. IT HELPS A LOT. If I am at home or talking to my family that I talk to daily I am ok now. But if I have to get on the phone, answer questions, or talk to strangers I still stutter. I get really bad when I talk about my stroke or when I am talking to drs. I also replace words with the wrong words now :/ I have noticed not just with my stutter but with most things if I stay in my routine comfort zone I do ok, when I start doing my brain exercises or trying to do to much I get pretty bad. Just try to take youor time, close your eyes too, it helped not to have people looking at me wondering what I was trying to get out.
  10. I think wrirting letters is a great idea, it may be easier for him to expres how he is feleing and at 13 boys hormones are out of control. Maybe writing would be easier for him, or maybe he will confide in his sister and she can clue you in on whats going on, has he neen hanging out with any new friends? Maybe he is picking up the behavior from them?
  11. My jeep hit a telephone pole and then flipped, none of the 7 airbags went off. The trauma caused my right interior carteroid artery to disect with 100% occlusion, did noght find out until three days later when I went in to er not feeling right, was the airlifted to a larger hospital. Luckily my daughter was in the car with me and was unharmed!!! The entire front drivers side of my jeep was ripped off including the wheel before it flipped and it split the telephone pole in half, I am lucky to have survived twice that week, one in the wreck and then again from the stroke. Funny thing is I swore to Emergancy response that I was fine, all weekend I sent text messages that were gibberash to people telling them I was great and did not need to go to the dr. I look ayt the messages now and they were combinations of numbers and letters, glad I finaaly listened and went to get checked, lol. (I'm kinda stubborn). Crazy how I can type half way decent buty my twxt messages are a mess.