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  1. Happy Anniversary Pamwill!

  2. Happy Anniversary Pamwill!

  3. Happy Birthday Pamwill!

  4. Pamwill

    Yep my sentiments exactly. I also believe in troubles may come in the night but joy comes in the morning and you get that joy from believing it will come.
  5. Pamwill

    I'm so sorry to hear that and we all had those same feelings when we reached those milestones. I just passed my 1 year anniversary, I was so anxious and just ready for that day to pass. And it did, and you have to. Just keep your head up and the next milestone will be a breeze. Pam
  6. Sure you can if you feel you have recovered enough to be able to care of someone else. And the big plus is that you will be very patient and understanding because you will know exactly what your mom is going through. After all that's what we do here on this site in a way. We are caregivers to each other in a unique way. Pam
  7. Pamwill

    I like that one, going through the Mr Right Now's while waiting for Mr Right. I guess that's where I am now. Got a few of them waiting but don't know who Mr Right is. I'm going to take my time because I don't need anymore Mr Wrong's that's for sure. Pam
  8. Pamwill

    Katrina, I'm sorry to hear that you are having trouble being happy and believe me I can relate all to well. But I have come to realize that happiness is a a state of mind and has nothing to do with your circumstances. Because if you base your happiness on your circumstances then you will be on an emotional roller coaster forever. I follow some of Asha's methods by listening to lots of motivational books, music, and people. And going to church really keeps me grounded. The church I attend really stirs and feeds my spirit. Also, I realized that Xanax was making me feel worse so I swi
  9. Pamwill

    My sentiments exactly. I have a short fuse too these days and can't handle a lot. I have one coworker who comes at me with petty stuff and tries to help in her own way but she doesn't understand where I'm coming from so I end up blowing up at her only to apologize later. Not for what I said but how I said it. So after everything you've been through its time to keep it real and not hold back, just work on your delivery but still get your point across.
  10. Pamwill

    Wow Jamie that's a lot to deal with in such a short period of time. But you are one tough cookie and I really admire how you deal with it all. Just another hurdle to jump over but I'm sure you will beat this MRSA issue with flying colors. Pam
  11. Pamwill

    Ruth, Sorry to hear that work is stressful and not working out but just look at as one bad day as long as every day is not like that. And your boss isn't very much help either. Since you told him what's going on it was his job to step in and help resolve the situation. Deciding to quit your job is a tough decision so give it some real thought before you jump ship. Just change your attitude and not let it get to you cause it's just a job and its not your life. Just do what you can and everything will work out. I know we all want the easy way out but it's never good to be hasty with
  12. I’m sorry your recovery is a rocky road but it will smooth out soon. And just remember that you need to have just as much faith in God as he has in you so you can trust that he will do his part. I will keep you in prayer, so continue to stay strong and positive and soon you will see that you will have the victory and overcome this road block. Pam
  13. Pamwill

    I'm Back and Better than Ever

    Well I went to the Neurologist today and was released from his care. They were not able to find a cause for my stroke after checking the common causes for my age group such as a hole in the heart, dissection, and a blood cotting disorder. In his experience he found that one of two things happen, people generally live stroke free healthy productive lives or they stroke again and don't go back to see him cause they figure he was wrong and don't know what he's talking about. However, he does keep a file for those unknown 30% for future updates in case research shows otherwise, then he'll give
  14. Pamwill

    That is great news, soon you will be walking no cane. Pam
  15. Happy Birthday Pamwill!

    1. Pamwill


      Thanks for the birthday wishes.