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Feb 1, 2020:   Tried to update this with Bob's list of problems from the stroke, but every time I'm nearly done, the page blinks and erases everying :(


Bob's Lab Test from stroke on 2-29-12:


Embolic shower of left MCA territory and some right hemisphere also left PCA with occlusion left ICA and throbus of left MCA.


The stroke is possibly cardiogenic. Echo doppler showed mild diffuse hypokinesia, but no throbus was seen.


PAFIB is possible vs hypercoabuable state.


Since the stroke is cryptogenic embolic I advised to use max and safest antiplatlet therapy, aggrenox.


Lab test:

2-29-12 Ct head w/o contrasat Left MCA hyperdense M2

3-1-12 left frontal and temporal embolic shower, right side as well slightly.

MRA brain neck LICA occluded

Echo mild diffuse HK