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  1. I am just reading your blog, have not been on the blogs. Was in England for five months, my Parents are still alive, but Mom is battling Alzheimer's. It is hard for caregivers, my Sister who lives with them is a Saint. God Bless her, You ,and all the caregivers. love, peace, and Joy Yvonne
  2. Hello Nancy, it is not right, but the situation here in Florida, is not enough workers, pay is low. when i was in hospital, no more workers to help the Nursers, and they are over worked, have too much to do. My daughter, washed me, changed my bed, and made sure i was comfortable. Sad affairs that is going to get worse, as the population gets older. Wish you the best Yvonne
  3. Well said. It is shameful, that Women are still looked on has a piece of meat. to be touched, pulled, seasoning, and then put in a pan to be cooked. Politicians , are not known for they honesty, in England, a few of the Politicians have been seeking the "ladies of the night company".
  4. I love that you are Sassy. My church goes to the Nursing homes, but only at Valentines day. So I went to a nursing home offering my time, since that is what I can offer, I was turned down. I did not mind if they did a background check. I love the way some cultures respect their elder's. I go too a center, I have got so much wisdom, and laugh. Time we treated our older generation, and the disability's better. Love and Hugs Yvonne
  5. Nancy , you are a fighter, and you are a kind caring Person. When my first husband was rude to me, which was every day, I drop my head, and just feel so small. I read a great book " Love must be tough", written by Dr. Dodson , which said that if you allow the Person to treat you bad, that is what you are going to get, be treated rotten. Yes he had a stroke, but that does not give him the right to be so rude to you. Nancy, hold your head up high, you are a Gladiator! God Bless Yvonne
  6. First , I am sorry about Nan, Losing someone so close is hard, but you have your memories. I know Milo, coming from England, as children we love to drink it at Winter, before we go to bed. Like i have said before, if I had only knew what I know now. I went to classes, but the Nurse we had was a tough hard nose lady. She scared us, there was six in the class, and we asked no questions. I just wanted to get out of there, and go eat. I did not change my "lifestyle", got on pills and insulin. Now I know that you have to change the way you eat, veg, brown bread, brown rice, leave sugar alone. Water is good to drink, soda is bad, so is chips, and too much butter is not good. Cinnamon helps with your blood sugar numbers. Oat meal is very good, so is eating a egg in the morning. Moving, is great for the body and heart. Eat fruit like apples, melons, blueberries. Sweet potatoes are great to eat, there is so many receipts on the internet , that are so easy to make. Fish is so good for you. Like I mention, what I know now, hinder sight is a wonderful thing. The center I go too, I tell the other members, listen to my story, take ownership, and you have to change the way You Eat, and move it. I look forward to my walking, morning and evenings. You do what you can, just Move it. Yvonne
  7. Asha, so please that you and family are Okay. I understand what you are saying, i said after my stroke, and the fact that I have been in hospital six times with High Blood Pressure, and other aliments , I feel god is not finished with yet. Take care, just please everyone is okay. God Bless Yvonne
  8. Hello Sue, so like Becky, I was suffering badly with headaches, could not move, feeling sick. I was at high school, while I was in England, even was in a study. Been in a dark room helped. Also food was another thing they watched, seem cheese, and chocolate was something that they took from my diet. Switch to here , and was not to bad. if i stressed, lack of 8 hours of sleep, and before I have my women 's act, it was bad. After my stroke, they stopped. Maybe cause I do not have any Women problems. My eyes are checked every year, wear glasses now. I also get out in the morning for my walk and fresh air, watch what I am eating. eating more fresh fruits, and veg. Also do Yoga, Tai Chi, and keep fit classes. Just some ideas, I agree with every one else go to the doctor, getting checked will not hurt. Wishing you well, let us know how it goes. Yvonne
  9. Hello, it is hard, tough news to hear, but if I can do it, anyone can. I am a 'stiff neck person", plus I love food, not so much sugar, but most foods have sugar, plus high blood pressure pills, break down to sugar, and I was on a lot of blood pressure pills. So I am not getting anyway with my sugar my A C was 14. Then my Husband find this doctor, who is a family doctor , but also trained in Diabetes. Best thing I did. First I was listen to, then told it was time to take 'Ownership", and if I did not put any work into it, then I was always going to be on pills, and insulin. She than told me that med-forming was medicine that they now know does nothing to help you. I could have told them that, has I said it shows with my numbers that the pills were not helping me. So I took "ownership", and went into the health store. I got some cinnamon pills, which I take one after I eat. I also got some Apple Cider Vinegar, which cuts your appetite. I also started eating on a child's plate, also eating better. At last I love green veges, I make Oats, I eat lots of beans. I have stop eating so much bread, that I could had shares. I drink a lot of water. Plus I walk every day, also go to Yoga, and keep fit. My goal is to get off insulin, that is hard, my tummy looks like a pin cushion. After three weeks my AC is now 6. I keep been told that I look so good. For me, I have made a "lifestyle" change, and have taken" ownership". Of course we are all different, but with eating right, and getting some exercise, you can make a dent in your health for the good. Plus stress brings up our sugar. My spirituality life is so much better. I use to be Miss worrier. now i pray listen to "Z" radio, which plays great christian music, I belong to a bible strong church, that does a lot in the community, so I help others, and take the spotlight of me. Yvonne
  10. Hello Janelle, It is a shock. When i was told by doctors who i had told that I was not feeling well. My eyes were giving me trouble, i was getting up using the bedroom most of the night, drinking lots of water, and was eating food like I was staving. It was my Mother in England, told me to ask them to test me for sugar. Thanks goodness for Mothers. So while the doctor was talking, I kept saying "I do not like sweets ". Of course this had nothing to do with it, my father has it, and I am the lucky one out of five kids. Things have improved , since I had this for seven years. Things like taking blood pressure pills break down to sugar, and gusse who has High blood pressure. They have now know that Metforming is not as great as they used to say. I have at last got a doctor that listens, also studyed, and told me straight that I have to take owner ship. At last, I am losing weight, by eating right, vegs, oats, beans, nuts. I also move a lot. Walking, keep fit, Yoga, and even Tai Chi. I also go to the health shop, wish i had done this at the get go. I drink Apple cider Vringar, which cleans me out. Also take cinnamon which has cut my eating. I am on insulin, after the stroke, my sugar went out of control. Now , I am aiming to get off this, and the medcine. Please listen to your doctor, ask questions. If you can excerise do it. Please ask me questions. God Bless Yvonne
  11. Lovely picture. I know you both had a great time. Sarah, sorry that it took you a while to get back your routine. Hope Gary is better. Thank goodness for Patches, and you had some to use. I have always said, that Caregivers have a special place in Heaven. You both have your places booked. Yvonne
  12. Hello Pam, so sorry to read about your speech troubles. I love the way , you are not giving up that is the easy way. keep on fighting, you are a warrio. After my stroke, I would think about what I want to say, but it would not come out. I am better, but sometimes I still can not get out what I want to say. Also have a problem if a Person talking to me, talks too fast, I get so 'lost', that I just look at them, thinking " I do not know what you are saying, and do not care at what you are saying". I pray that you get an understanding medical team. You deserve that. You are in my Prayers Yvonne
  13. Wow Pearl, I am so inpressed that you read a book like this. I would love to say I can do this as well, But......... after the stroke, I would not , could not, focus to even read a leaflet. Slowly and nice and easy, I started reading my Grand kids books. Just enough pages , even if I had to read the chapters twice. I now pick up my bible, still have to read the sentences twice, but I am now trying, before I just give up before trying. I do have the bible on CD's, so enjoy listening to it. Helps me go too sleep. Just wanted to share that. Yvonne
  14. Kelli, I send you and his family my condolences. RIP, and when he see's Princess Lelia, his face will light up. Yvonne
  15. Kelli great news. I am so happy for you. My prayers are with you. Yvonne