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  1. I wish You well. You are doing fine, of course it is not easy, but what is worth it, does take lots of effort. I also remember thinking after my stroke, "if this is it". I like you, never though of "Killing myself", yet everyday I would sit like a lump, and have my "bad thoughts". It took a while to see that first I had to own this stroke. Then with the help with my father, husband, daughter, and my Grand kids. I decided to fight. What a battle it has been. I now walk at least 4`5 miles a day. I go and help out at a school, that is 2 miles from where i live. I help kids with they reading, and helping then with comprehensions. I also go into a class room, helping the teacher, with any child who is not getting it. This is not only helping them, but it is helping me, I feel like a member of the community. I also help with my Church, which with me getting stronger spiritedly, I give it to my Lord, who made me stronger. I also go to a wonderful center, that I do Keep fit classes, go on field trips, and have made friends where we have laughter, share our downs, ups, and always find someone to talk too. I am blessed. I still have short term memory, my reading skills, and spelling, is poor, math is like a kindergarten. I also do fall, i forget to life my legs, also want to say something, but can not find the right words. Yet I am here, and I am determine, to enjoy each day that I wake up. Be kind to yourself, it will get better, time is a precious commodity, don't rush, good things come to them that wait. God Bless Yvonne
  2. Kelli great news. I am so happy for you. My prayers are with you. Yvonne
  3. Sue, good to hear what is going on in your neck of the woods. Rain for ten days! i live in Central Florida, and we had no rain, longer than 10 days. that is a long time to spend inside. I be going crazy, but watching movies and reading books sound a great idea. Like they say," after the rain, comes a rainbow". Wish you well Sue, God Bless. Yvonne
  4. Hi Tracey, so please that you are seeing each other with no arguing. It was time, got to let them make they own path in life. My Son is enjoying living on his own, plus he is in another area of Florida, so I can not pop around. it is hard, but time to let go of their hand. My daughter just finished college, she went back after having two kids. Got a good job, so she be leaving soon, i miss the kids, but looking forward been alone with my husband. God bless Yvonne
  5. I just wanted to say, I love your spirit, 11, TIA's. I had 3, and was losing my mind. i pray that they find out why you are having so many. Please that meds have been found to help you with the headaches. god bless Yvonne
  6. Welcome Don, this is a wonderful community of caring, loving kind people. We do know what is going on with your mind, and body. No question is a silly one. Let us know how you are doing, come on when you want to vent, laugh, or just say hello. Yvonne
  7. What wonderful People. Yes bring some flowers, or a plant, or a candle. Also have some excellent cards that have wonderful words. Let them know that you are so thankful. It is wonderful to have caring friends, who open they door and welcome in their home. You are bless, so that shows that you are a good person as well. Hugs Yvonne
  8. Hello Sassy, your whole family is in my Prayers. I know that Prayers, do work. I feel your daughter is just overwhelmed, and she is confused and scare. We are humans and we make strange decisions. I also praying for your Grandson health, and that everything gets sorted out so you can get to have a relationship with your grandson, which is the greatest feeling in the World. Prays, and hugs, God Bless Yvonne
  9. I love my slow cooker, put it in, and go do something else. I do one Task at a time. I have to focus, and that is how I finish what I have started. After my Stroke, I would put clothes in the dryer, and they would stay there till my Grand-kids want to use the dryer. I would start cooking, and go do something else. Not good, or safe. So now , I do one thing. I have problems, with people talking fast, or if I am on the phone, and the TV is on, oh dear, that is trouble. Never mind, it is what it is. Yvonne
  10. Hello Fred, have not been here for a while, i see that your wife was in hospital?. Please that she is out and is better, Thank goodness. Enjoy your casino trip, maybe you hit the jackpot. God Bless you both Yvonne
  11. I love going to my Silver Sneakers class, and my Yoga , both have helped me lose weight, work up my legs, balances, as i was always falling down. Also good for my social skills, meeting new people, getting me out the house. I also go walking, my goal is get off insulin, and some other medicines. i think excising is a must, the benefits are so important. Yvonne.
  12. Hello Sue, i missed the blog page, I love to read and answer. I love to read your blog Sue, you have a way with words, and know how to explain what it is was like to be a caregiver, then a Widow. It is great the way you are getting on with your life. God bless you, always have a wonderful word for everyone who writes a blog. Yvonne
  13. Jay, you are a God send to so many People, who do not have an visitors. You are a blessing. Yvonne
  14. Hi Sue, good to hear from you. I am waiting for the Blogs page to get back up. So thankfully for Steve, and others working on this. If it was up to me, Oh dear, we are in big trouble. Yvonne
  15. Reading this topic, with my right side useless, and getting up in the morning, with husband gone to work, and not wanting to ask my Son, I stopped wearing a bra. I could not get it on and fastening it, not going to happen. Slowly my fingers began to work, and join the rest of my body. I cred when i got my first bra on, Yes, I reached the Mother Ship. Things we take for granted. Yvonne