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  1. englishlady

    Thank You, I see if i can do this. First I do it on a piece of paper, that is what i do now after the stroke. Yvonne
  2. englishlady

    Sue, understand what you are going through. My Mom used to tell me "who said life be a rose garden". we know that is true, but we are also human , so have your cry, have your sulk, then my dear put your "Game face On" . You will , because I will always be thankful to you when I first visited the site, and you helped lifted me up. Things happen to make us stronger. God Bless Yvonne
  3. englishlady

    Hi Keilli, Asha is so correct, do the right thing with love and things will work out. Me and my daughter have a strange relationship, yet when i had my Stroke, she was there, and make sure I was taken care of. You did the right think, you got there, so he knows no matter what Mom will be there. God bless him, and You. Yvonne
  4. englishlady

    George so please that everything is going well. Have a wonderful time, that is what life is about, enjoying it to the fullness. All have a great time, please blog and send pictures. Yvonne
  5. englishlady

    Congratulations Jay, see there is life after aa Stroke. So Pleased and Proud of You Yvonne
  6. englishlady

    Hello Asha, stop worrying. You raise a wonderful Young Man, and he is going to do his journey his way. Thomas my Son, went to college, and because he would not listen to me, I just saw him been put out of college, not getting a job, living off us. Well, he did it his way. He finished college, got a great job, he is now living in Miami, enjoying his life. just got back from Ohio, the company paid for him to travel there and meet the Top directors.Like a early post said, it is they World, things are different from when we was growing up. He has not come back home, and he is growing and growing. Your son will find his way, remember we all have a journey to travel, the way we travel it is different for us all. he be fine , you never raised a fool. Yvonne
  7. englishlady

    Hi heathber, hope Jade has forgiven you. Yvonne
  8. I have noticed that my memory is getting worse, but i truly believe that if i worry to much I get worse. my husband and i will joke about my forgetfulness. I use a calandar to note down my doctors visit, and use one for my center to remind me when there is a field trip or the center is closed. i had started doing word search, and so enjoy playing board games with my grand kids.I do a shopping list notes, but sometimes forget the list. lol Oh well it could be worse Yvonne
  9. englishlady

    I enjoy been outside. Living in Florida, you have to watch when it gets too hot in the summer. I love when it is around 78 . I come from a cold climate country England, but getting older, my thumbs and knees hate the cold. In the evenings, I walk, then sit outside with my Husband, just chilling, enjoying Gods World Yvonne
  10. englishlady

    Yes depression, is a beast. never had it till the Stroke. i used to sit in my bedroom, and look at the light fixture, and wish if I had a rope. Thank goodness i did not have a rope. I see how it would have hurt my Husband, children, but my grand kids, were the ones who did not care that I was walking funny, and sometimes, bursting into tears or laughing out for nothing. They just wanted Grandma, and would come and say " come on grandma, let play a board game or cards". So my daughter took me to the doctor, and the pills She gave me helped, then I got more spiritual, which helped a lot. Plus started going to a Senior Center, that offered Yoga, Tia Chi which helped a lot.Also Stroke net helped a lot, here are people who know what You are going thought, no one is judging you. If you want to just talk, cry, or vent, that is alright. There are chat rooms, where you talk, have a laugh, so you do not feel alone. I saw that yes they are things that I can not do anymore like ride a bike, not read so well, but the greatest gift is I am alive. Please feel free to come and just vent, ask questions, or start a blog. What don't kill You , will make you stronger, you will see. God Bless Yvonne
  11. englishlady

    I wish them all the best, they look so cute. The Queen is no fool, she has been around this road before Remember Diana. God Bless them both. We need some good things happening, look at what is going on in the World. God bless them both Yvonne
  12. englishlady

    Please that you got a response, government department needs a lot of patient dealing with them. Deep breath, and thinking positive, that helps. Great that you got your hair cut, doing things for our self always cheer us up. Yvonne
  13. englishlady

    Hi Jay, totality understand. When i walk, I am talking to myself, reminding myself to lift my right leg. I am tired of falling ! never mind Jay, we are "survivors". Yvonne
  14. englishlady

    Wonderful story Sarah. Blessings to You, to know that Dan is still helping people. Dan and You are a blessings. Yvonne
  15. englishlady

    Good for you Kelli, and everything takes time Bless You Yvonne