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  1. This must be terrifying! I have no response for the cause of the fog. My problem with my stroke was paralysis, motor planning deficits and left sided neglect where I lost perspective regarding left side of body, but that part did not last long. The motor planning deficits is still a major problem and I had to learn how to walk all over again as if an infant. Even now as I get to a curb, or a stair or a certain type of van I know I can master it physically but my brain cannot figure out how to do the move so I stand there immobilized. Also I found over 15 years later, almost to the exact date as I write, that I still have the motor planning problem. Just this last year, when I sleep, my nerves overreact if I move and I awaken screaming in pain. Scary, uncontrollable, response that I do not instigate. This last change is all new after all this time, so I know that that motor planning is still trying to reconnect, despite the pain it causes. That all said, I totally understand the concern you have regarding the state of your response to your environment, but hope you can be patient with yourself and see it as a chance to learn a new state until the old state returns. You might find some of the changes can be incorporated into your old life once it is regained with the time it takes for the brain to reconnect. Your brain is still in repair with new and remarkable changes and hope for improvement. Also what came to mind is if they have you are on medications? I think sometimes the meds given to stroke victims only cause more problems. I encouraged you to keep in touch with the docs to assure the meds are not corrupting your healing. It is so hard to monitor that unless you kindly keep in touch with the docs, or even unkindly if necessary, but that is hard to do if you do not have a handle on your daily state. Find someone you trust and have them advocate for you in your healing. We all need an advocate. I totally understand your battles. Please keep hope in your heart. Some day you will be able to look back on this as a great learning experience. Challenge your care when you can. I wish I had spoke up or someone had said more in my recovery. You are right, they do not understand. Even the PTs do not understand. If you are lucky, you might find a rehab specialist who "gets it." I finally found one recently, but it was too late as the damage was done for the past 15 years. My doc should have said, falling 6 times with 8 broken bones is just not normal or to be expected with the proper care. They really know so little about the brain. The only way we can educate the docs it so tell them what is going on in the mind and hope they listen. If they do not, find an advocate who can speak for you.
  2. Strokes do not have to take away our generosity of spirit!! My wish for you is buckets of purple chips and cards to match so even those in need of them, you are able to accommodate. You deserve the kindness of gifts others give you. it helps them to be kind. You are a good example of generosity. I wish you countless hours of laughter among friends. That must have felt great.
  3. Linnie, I had no idea regarding the different Olympics. that is good information to have in case someone else creates a statement again, now we will be prepared how to respond. I believe many comments are probably made to help. Due to lack of knowledge or understanding they say the wrong thing. As it were, I did not know the differentiation and strokes are all so individualized. Sorry, new member, that put you in this position.
  4. Always have seen a stroke like a train track of neurons that got off track and the train got derailed. If you do not do the rehab exercise to keep track repairs moving along as well as the muscles strength where possible, these miracles might happen more often. When you have a sudden connection, you want the repairs to have been continuous. Your story, ufusco, shows this loud and clear regarding your friend. Well worth noting this body miracle and the prior repair work for him to get that miracle. How exciting for him. Kelli, almost did not recognize you. So glad you are doing well. Fred, they lost your identity and I miss your picture and your advanced recuperation details.
  5. Yeah, I miss you smiling face!!
  6. Dancing even though it cannot be done on the dance floor, it can be done in your heart. Happy dancing for you two! Let us all dance in our hearts, Janelle.
  7. Steve, I sent it to you at your email address as I was not sure how to put through this system and I thought that might be easier for you to put in the attachments as you choose.
  8. Steve, I took them off the site years ago just to help uplift my spirits and sent a few to my kids as I was telling them about this tantruming guy.for holidays and emailed them to a forum participant when they emailed me. I have some on my computer?
  9. Feel like I am losing all freedom which is an existential fear and strokes cause this problem in itself. Now that I can get my guys, I am uplifted. It should serve me well if I have to go into the hospital. I want to thank the forum for responding to bringing back a semblance of the old format. It feels like a friend when needed. I missed him as well.
  10. Getting used to new site and found out how to get some animation going to help uplift my words when writing. Marcia
  11. Got it but do not know how to keep them in here to use when needed. I actually have all the ones that were on the previous site. If someone can tell me how to get them back to the forum, let me know, as I am not a computer expert and shocked I got these on board. I cannot get the twirling gal but if anyone wants another let me know. I will try, for fun to get a few more on here but I cannot scroll to get anyone above me, so guess this is an impossible task.Ho hum!! If I am not arrested for these additions. I will hope they stay on once I sign off. At least I have practiced enough to know I can add my tantruming guy when necessary. Thanks one and all. You made a sad, lonely stroke viciim very happy!! Normal exclamations points.
  12. Carol, I am so sorry you feel judged by your comments. It is so hard to see people and their genuineness on a screen and not face to face with the nuisances of a person speaking and body language. That is so why I liked the animated guys as they helped put it in perspective. I think you and everyone else on this site knows what it feels like to be invisible and it is a trooper who tries to impart their understanding to help the readers on the site. You do a marvelous job showing your humanity, so please to not feel like you are not being positive. I welcome your words.?
  13. Carol. why do you think folks are yelling at you? I cannot imagine that as a possibility. I agreed with your first viewing. I am in serious grief at the loss of the animated emotions. They made my day when I was feeling in the depths of despair. Now, Steve reports he cannot get them. This saddens me. think i need to recluse myself as well. I do not think it is because everyone went into making this site work, but that as technology reportedly improves, this lack of being able to have the previous emogies shows technology does noting of the sort to improve our lives as it gets "upgraded." No blame except for a society that allows the technology to make our lives worse instead of better for the human spirit. Guess I am too demanding but when things go south it does not compute in my feeble brain. Maybe if someone could tell me what is better. Sorry, I am down as they are suspecting a clot in the left leg from the groin to the knee. I am just not happy with the medical profession and then the technology that is not showing me any signs of improvement. Just the idea of going back into the hospital makes me cringe, wishing an alternative avenue.? PT exercises added to this huge change in my medical straits. I sure could use my tantruming guy.
  14. Steve, can you get those funny emotions that dance and wiggle like on the previous site. We had them the whole time I have been on the forum. Where do you get them and why can we not get them on this revised site? I know that might seem frivolous but it really made for fun writing and when you have had a stroke every fun thing connected with the healing process and downward turns those little guys brought up my spirits trying to just put in the right feeling for the issues. i.e., there was a group of band emogie and it was so illuminating when you were complimenting someone for their getting back to playing an instrument. or my little tatruming guy who spoke volumes when I could not and when I was very frustrated due to falls, mobility issues and pain. Could you or would you try to get the animated emogies back on site?
  15. Bless you heart for trying to stay up on the system changes. I know how hard it is as technology seems to get faster and faster and not, necessarily, for the best ascetically. thanks for all your hard work. I will check out the change themes when time permits, as I try to still stay in the workforce but need the forum to mainain some semblance of sanity with people suffering from similar drawbacks in life. Just getting up and know I have to battle snow to get to work is a challenge, but I need to make a living still. What do you mean " to change themes?" No tantruming guy! ? I do not know what you are saying about signatures. I guess I have never used such?? So glad the light green is screen now instead of the stark white. thanks