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  1. Happy Anniversary akgoddess51!

  2. Happy Anniversary akgoddess51!

  3. Happy Anniversary akgoddess51!

  4. Happy Birthday akgoddess51!

  5. akgoddess51

    Wow, thanks for the good advfice and words. I got approved for something here called Cama, which is acute emergemncy help, so I will be able to see a neurologist which I am looking foward to. I appreciate the kind words and the advice.
  6. akgoddess51

    Sandy, your links were helpful, thanks so much, I appreciate the time you took.
  7. akgoddess51

    I have not seen a neurologist yet other than briefly in the hospital, because I do not have insurance or a job now. I am trying to get some state benefits and have also applied for disability, but I will do some more research on the stutter thing since it started about a week or so after the stroke. I saw my doctor but she never mentioned it during my visit. Thanks for the warm welcome, my friend try to understand but they just can't
  8. akgoddess51

    I have only had my stroke about 3 weeks ago, and did not have a stutter/twitch after the stroke, it started about a week ago, and is worse the more tired I am. My head mainly jerks to the left (the left side of my body was affected), and the stutter gets worse if I am talking about something I am upset or excited about. I haave tried to do some research online, but cant find anything that says anything about stutters/twitching. Has anyone heard of this?