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  1. Happy Anniversary toil!

  2. Happy Anniversary toil!

  3. Happy Anniversary toil!

  4. Happy Birthday toil!

  5. toil

    Hi Dan I was in a long term relationship for 7 years and planned on getting married. When I had a stroke the person that I had known was gone by the time I got out of the hospital. It was a very sudden end. It added even more stress when I finally did come home after more than a month in the hospital. You never really know how the most important people in your life will react. I also became apraxic after my stroke which made it difficult to even try to contact or discuss things with her. I live alone so the boredom and loneliness can become difficult. So you are not alone with dealing with this kind of problem.
  6. toil

    I have similar problem. I have stutter and a great deal of problems talking post stroke. Swallowing is also a problem for me. I am getting intense speech therapy which is helping to find techniques that help me. In my case they called it acquired apraxia. It seems painfully slow but therapy has helped in finding techniques. I would be interested in hearing what has helped people with similar problems.