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  1. Happy Anniversary Aplusgurl!

  2. Happy Anniversary Aplusgurl!

  3. Happy Anniversary Aplusgurl!

  4. Aplusgurl

    Keep pushing forward and don't give up. I love the idea of doing Volunteer work, I had my stroke in 2002, so times were not as hard as they are now. Vocal Rehabilitation is also a great idea. Be confident when you go into those interviews, and show them that you are just as capable as anyone else. It's easy to get depressed, I also got fired one year after I had my stroke from a job, but after I rebooted, and gave it some time, I got right back in the job market, and ended up working for a great company for seven years, till I got burned out. I pray that you are able to find a good job. Keep on pushing!
  5. Aplusgurl

    I LOVE what mc just said. I have to remind myself that I am NOT the person that I was before my storke, and that is NOT a bad thing. I had my stroke at age 25, and I was a musician, with hopes of making it. After my stroke, I lost the ability to stay on pitch, so I gave up. GIving up was the worst thing that I could have done. Seven years later I picked it up, but it will never be the same. I used to have natural ability, and now I have to work VERY hard, but I am still doing it. My advice is to not dwell on the past ( I have to tell myself that too), and look at the future. You have a chance to be someone that you never dreamed now. I will never be a concert vocalist, but I do believe that I can contribute through Music Therapy. You have come a long way, keep pushing ahead!
  6. Aplusgurl

    Hi there, I do not think you are crazy at all! It is a real shame that your family is not dealing with your stroke the way you are. When I first had my stroke, I could not talk about it YEARS. I hate to say it now, but I was ashamed, and I did not want people to know so I kept it a secret. I moved to a new city, and no one knew me or anything about me, so I had that fresh start to try and re create myself. Over time, I realized that my stroke was an important part of me, so I slowly started talking about it. I think it is best to share with people. I think that your family will eventually come around, my husband doesn't even like to hear me talk about it very much, but he is still supportive. I think it is just hard for people who have never had had something as Traumatic as a stroke, and there is no way for them to understand what we are going or have been through.
  7. Aplusgurl

    It's a real shame that there are Physical Therapists, doctors, or any health care professionals that are that negative. I cannot imagine what it would have been like if I did not have the wonderful support that I had here. I had my stroke ten years ago, and they always encouraged me. I am an EXTREMELY stubborn person, when someone tells me that I cannot do something, I do it come hell or high water. With the exception of my singing, I would work very hard to get better. I also kept a running journal of my progress so that I could see how far that I came. I think we have to self motivate ourselves so that we can get better, and even when it is something small, we have to remember that we can build on those small steps. Let your haters be your motivators!!!
  8. I absolutely know you need to exercise, you need to build up your strength and endurance like other's have stated. When I started my recovery, my Dad actually made me walk up and down the stairs to our basement in order to build up strength ( I hated it then). I did as much as I could do, and this was well after my physical therapy was finished. Youth is definitely on your side, but you need to keep your body moving for many reasons including weight gain. I have never been very active at all, until my stroke, and after when I lost 80 lbs. Keep on moving, and recovering, exercise will help you dramatically ( just don't overdo)
  9. Aplusgurl

    Hi all, I'm going to throw my two cents out there. I was getting married when I had my stroke (10 years ago) and I ended up divorcing (not just because of stroke) and I focused on myself not caring about relationships. In time ( a couple of years later) I met the man of dreams, and we have been married for 7 years. There can be a happy ending but be patient with yourselves and focus on you first and foremost. You have to heal and love yourself again before you can love another. I pray that you will all find someone to share your life with.
  10. Aplusgurl

    Hi Dan, I am sorry to hear about your story. I did divorce, but there were so many other factors other than my stroke. I do think that my stroke did not help things, and it did change my personality. I still did everything once I moved in with him. I still cooked, cleaned, and did everything that I could although I was very tired.I slept all the time after my stroke. I took naps that usually lasted about 4 hours at a time and slept at least 10 hours at night- I did that for about a year after my stroke. I actually had my stroke one month after we were engaged, and still got married six months later. The good news is, I am remarried and very happy after 7 years.
  11. Aplusgurl

    Totally changed for me. I actually did the opposite, I had a lighter choir girl voice, and now it's more raspy and deep. Right after my stroke, I sounded pretty bad since the left side of my body was paralyzed, but after speech therapy, I started to improve. I also am a singer, so I have to work on dictation as it is still a bit of a challenge for me at times. It took some time to sound to normal but over time ( 10 years) it pretty much completely healed.
  12. Has missed chatting on this forum, and hopes to able to do more.

  13. Aplusgurl

    Hello, yes I did get divorced, but I don't think it was because of the stroke, I don't think that I should have every married my 1st husband. The stroke certanly put a major strain on our relationship. My ex and I got engaged, and one month later I stroked. I got married anyway 6 months later, and went back into the hospital with a pulmonary embolism right after our honeymoon. We divorced in less than two years, then I remarried about 2 years later, and my ex passed way from a heart attack. I was in total shock. I went through a lot in a short amount of time. The great news is that I remarried and we are working on our 7th year anniversary together! I have a wonderful, amazing, supportive, husband (the kind that doesn't seem to exist much anymore), and I am truly grateul that God brought us together everyday.
  14. Aplusgurl

    Wow! Why do people do that? You don't know what we've been through, don't try to act like you do when you don't. Heck we all have different experiences, emotions, etc., and we all have to deal with this in our own way. We have to learn to work through our own emotions in our own way. Some need therapy, some don't, but the point is we don't need people telling us how to handle ourselves. Besides, if you ask them to stop, then that's it- nothing else should be said period. If these people love you they will understand.
  15. Aplusgurl

    My Life

    This is as visual representation of my life after my stroke, I will be updating it as we go.