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  1. Happy Anniversary g4gayle!

  2. Happy Birthday g4gayle!

  3. Happy Anniversary g4gayle!

  4. Happy Birthday g4gayle!

  5. Happy Anniversary g4gayle!

  6. g4gayle

    Thank you for your kind words, This stroke business is hard to navigate at times as everyone knows, Our flag will change, but just what it will be who knows, I like the peace corps symbol of a simple kiwi on a white back ground as is recognised all over the world already, Is a once in a lifetime decision, and will be great if we get it right, Feel free to chime in if anyone has any ideas, Gayle
  7. g4gayle

    I'm back, Went through a really rough patch of seizures, but feel they are now under control and will wave my wee little NZ flag once more, although we are looking at changing our flag, but are still undecided, I think we are tired of getting mistaken for Aussies or so the Prime minister thinks! Any ideals of separating us from your flag, Hopefully some Aussies will chime in and make a comment, LOL Gayle
  8. g4gayle

    We just did ours on the 11th hour, 11th day of the 11th month of world war 1 ending, we almost lost a hole generation of men from my country, being as small as it was, My country is what it is because of these men and the sacrifice's that they made. Gayle
  9. g4gayle

    rock on!! My head banging, heavy metal days are way behind me, since my stroke, but still love the music, Gayle
  10. g4gayle

    Stroke is a huge adjustment from you old life! and is really good that you have a supportive husband Hang in there, is does come right, All good things take time, Patience wasn't one of my virtues at the start, but am slowly learning! gayle
  11. g4gayle

    Hi asha, My daughter is now 12, and when I first had my stroke she rebelled, but now loves the freedom and responsibility and is very mature for her age and has instilled in her an acceptance of peoples differences, disabilities, but still kicks off! now and then, as she still has moments when she misses her old mum she used to have.
  12. g4gayle

    Have missed you Fred, Good to see and you are back! My computer broke and found you missing when I got back on line, I'm not used to not seeing you on here!, Hope you get better soon
  13. Happy Birthday g4gayle!

  14. Happy Anniversary! How are you doing 3+ posr-stroke?

  15. Hi Amy, People will never get it I'm afraid, They don't walk in your shoes, I have a 11 year old daughter and we live in a small town, She does get a bit bullied at school because of me and have to tell her to ignore it and if they have questions come and see me! I am forever being asked just when is my leg going to get better, Usually I just grin and say nothing, They are strangers to me and they will really never know whats going on! Strokenet is brilliant and you will find comfort and answers on here and loads of good advice and people who know what you are going through. To me my stro