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    Anyone know how to find a caregiver? I'm starting to have trouble dressing, cooking for myself and I've started falling down a lot. I have no spouse, no children, and am an only child, I live alone and my parents are too old to be of assistance and refuse to move in with me or take me in. I've tried government agencies but they say I am inlegible because my disability benefits are too high. Yet, I cannot afford to hire a company to move in and assist me. Any ideas?
  2. 2ndChance

    Is anyone taking Lamictal (lamotrigine) as an anticonvulsive to control seizures and/or mood disorders? If so, what dosage are you taking?
  3. 2ndChance

    AZ allows medical mj. I haven't tried it because getting the card is about $300 and then it would be $100-$200/month for the weed, But I hope to save the money to try it at bedtime for my anxiety and explosive disorder. CBD did nothing for me and is also outrageously expensive here. Meanwhile, 200 mg of Baclofen at bedtime knocks me out for about 4 hours before it wears off. If I wake up in pain I take 100mg of gabapentin (Neurontin). I find if I take the standard gabapentin dose of 300 mg, I am in a fuzzy cloud for hours after I wake up. Baclofen and Gabapentin or really, really cheap. Just my experience. The numbness will never go away. I never had any heaviness except for my paralyzed arm hanging off my shoulder like a dead king salmon!
  4. 2ndChance

    Personally, I would never allow a PCP to oversee my treatment; only a neurologist. My PCP refuses to prescribe any stroke-related meds. He said it is not a general doctors specialty. I had appointments scheduled with a neurologist and neuropsychiatrist before I even left the hospital. My PCP renews the referrals each year. Taking aspirin sounds dangerous unless your stroke was caused by a clot or you have other cardiac problems. And they should be testing your pro-time/INR regularly if they are going to thin out your platelets. Honestly, I would request a referral to a neurologist immediately.
  5. Happy Anniversary 2ndChance!

  6. Happy Anniversary 2ndChance!

  7. Happy Anniversary 2ndChance!

  8. If you've tried Botox and it worked for you, how long before it seemed to kick in? And how long after the injections before you started OT? Rene
  9. 2ndChance

    Greg - what was the reason Voc Rehab didn't assist you? They are required to by federal law.
  10. 2ndChance

    I listen to free classical from around the globe here: http://classicalwebcast.com/
  11. 2ndChance

    Just got back from my second round of Botox. It was pretty easy this time. I still have no real functional movement, but I did not realize how much pain I was having from the spasticity. My only complaint is that my bicep is so relaxed, when I walk it swings, then bangs my hand right into my crotch (just a bit embarrassing!) I still think I'll try at least one more round before making a final decision as to whether to continue. At $15 per injection appointment, it's hard to turn down! Rene
  12. 2ndChance

    Find a neuropsychiatrist and a physiatist first and take the names with you to the PCP. Most PCPs will not have a handy referral for these types of stroke specialists. They will be on your insurance list. Physiatrists may be listed under "physical and rehabilitation medicine." You might also ask the PCP to start him on a mild seizure drug like Lamictal to stop the outbursts of anger/rage. It stopped mine after the very first dose. My husband thinks it was sent by God himself.
  13. 2ndChance

    Ask a rehab nurse to talk to your Mom? keep stressing that you have a permanent brain injury?
  14. Letting them see first hand what you two are dealing with might have been a psychological slap in the face. You should now be comfortable asking them for physical, emotional and financial help.
  15. 2ndChance

    Dianne - I sent you a PM for a referral for services for your parents in case they disrupt at their current placement. I hope you don't need it, but hang on to it! Rene
  16. I get my second round next week. It immediately relaxed my fingers and stopped all pain. My bicep is much improved as well. My tricep and wrist extensors have started to fire. After the first round I mainly stretched my fingers by wearing a soft splint with finger seperators at all times and using my e-stim unit once a day. I had no movement at all before the Botox.
  17. Joy - you are grieving in your own way. Ignore outside standards. Listen only to your own heart/soul. Kuebler-Ross did not base her 5 stages of grief on any research whatsoever. It was just her theory that people who moved through her 5 stages of grief in any order would achieve relief. Research has never supported her theory and she never attempted to prove her theory herself. Apparently she was trying to tie her 5 stages of grief into her belief in transcendental meditation and out-of-body experiences.
  18. 2ndChance

    I suspect they intend to tell your insurance company that you are making process, but not walking yet so they can get more PT sessions approved, because that is how the system works - but ask them! Go ahead and complain and cry, its your money and your health. I have always pushed myself at home a bit more than I was technically approved to do by my physiatrtist and PT, but if you leave the house - take a cell phone with you in case you fall. And have your local fire department pre-programmed in the cell phone. As to the the hemi gait - you may or may not ever overcome it. I am 6 years out and am grateful to be upright at all. I accept that I will always have a hemi gait.
  19. 2ndChance


    Nancy: seeing as you haven't applied for SSDI yet, State programs will have trouble establishing your eligibility. I'd simultaneously apply for SSDI and apply for Washington's health insurance for the medically needy with spendown for the disabled: https://fortress.wa.gov/dshs/f2ws03esaapps/.../abdmedical.asp All they can do is say no. I was in a similar position - my Husband makes good money, but we were caught off guard by the loss of my income. We just tightened our belt and have learned to live on one income.
  20. 2ndChance


    Nancy - did you apply for SSDI and were rejected? SSDI sdvocates are free and will help you file if you cannot use the standard online application: http://ssa.gov/d&s1.htm
  21. 2ndChance

    These are issues for specialists, not general neurologists or PCPs. Is the psychiatrist a NEUROpsychiatrist experienced with brain injury survivors? http://www.anpaonline.org/ Have you discussed this with his physiatrist? http://www.aapmr.org/
  22. 2ndChance

    If you find someone to move in and massage your hand 24/7 - please send their name my way!
  23. 2ndChance

    I'd get to a neurologist ASAP.
  24. 2ndChance

    Trudy - what type of "doctor" are you seeing? It should be a physiatrist (a stroke rehabilitation specialist). Find one here: http://www.aapmr.org/
  25. 2ndChance

    Resign yourself to shoulder length hair and use one a hot air curling brush like this: http://www.hairproducts.com/view_product_CUR-CER100.htm I recommend you spend the extra money on a ceramic one. The plastic ones don't really work and break easily.