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  1. Hi Donna, By all means, go for it, just do it right, to protect yourself both in terms of liability and also physical safety. My stroke occurred in June 2012, I began driving again in April 2014, after 6 weeks of formal driving rehab followed by completing a driving exam complete with state trooper. Driving reahab helped me in two ways: they assessed my impairments recommending adaptive equipment to off set the impairment and they taught me how to pass the driving test. After completing the rehab program I was certified to drive as long as accompanied by a licensed driver. In the beginning driving again felt so weird. It was difficult. Now, two years later, nothing to it. But, back when I first started, I was incompetent to drive and was a danger to others and myself. The rehab program and practicing helped alot. Passing the driving test protects me from perceived liability, which I'll explain this way. If I were involved in an accident where the other driver was at fault, their insurance provider might argue that I'm liable for damages because my stroke impairments may have interfered with a reasonable ability to avoid the accident. But such an argument would now be unlikely to succeed because we can demonstrate that I successfully graduated driving rehab, my impairments have been addressed, and I passed the licensing requirements. So, yes, do it, just do it right! God bless and good luck.
  2. OK Tracy, I'll play: Accept assistance from others when offered and say "Thank you." Prepare talking points in advance for business meetings. Respect the time of others. I was never as good at certain things prestroke as I thought I was Narcissism and stroke survival is a lethal combination How difficult life must have been for my mom and how ignorant and insensitive I was to her impairment. Next up . . . . . .
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  4. Kevin, 2 weeks prior to my stroke I began experiencing pain in the right side of my face. It was like a headache but in the face. I did not feel the pain daily but maybe every couple of days or so. I thought I might have a sinus infection. I didn't see a doctor because the pain was not unbearable, just a nuisance.I remember one moment in particular when my face hurt, I ran my hand along my cheekbone and then along my jawline. At that moment the worst, stabbing pain occurred that ran up through my ear to the top of my head. I thought, "Hell, don't do that again." I didn't, but I also told no one. In hindsight, when that occurred I should have consulted a physician. But I talked myself out of it, just a sinus infection, give it time.What I didn't realize was that the pain I was feeling was the result of a dissected carotid artery, which was the root cause of my stroke. The pain started June 2, 2012; the stroke occurred June 21. When we were in the ER and (mistakenly) believed I had stabilized from the initial stroke attack, I described my facial pain to the ER doc and asked her, "As long as I'm here do you think this pain I've been experiencing to be a sinus infection, and if so, can we do something to clear it up?" The doc said, "You don't have a sinus infection." She ordered that I be given an aspirin and put to bed. Shortly after that, the carotid ballooned up again cutting off the blood flow to the right side of my brain, and here I am. So, Kevin, your question is a good one. Something had changed, I recognized it, but did nothing.Had I reported this to a physician, no guarantee he/she would have diagnosed it correctly; hell, the ER doc missed it! Bottom line: we all need a PCP, and we need to report any changes in physical health/well-being to our docs; most will competently diagnose the situation.
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  6. Fort Worth TX for me, east side, Meadowbrook.
  7. Born and raised in Fort Worth. I now live on the east side of Fort Worth.
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