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  1. Welcome to the group Mike. Sorry you experienced this but so glad you "missed a very big bullet" as your doc put it. You mention having the fear another bullet may be out there with your name on it and ask how can an average man move past the fear and anxiety. For the first few weeks following my stroke every headache terrified me. Once I got back to my regular routine I simply became too busy to worry about it plus I became confident that I was doing what was in my control; namely reduced stress and blood pressure and taking the medication recommended by the doc to thin my blood. At some point you have to choose to rest in the confidence you are doing the things within your control and try not to be anxious about things outside your control, "the unknowns". Another thing in your favor: you recognized this the first time around and took appropriate action. You are in tune with your body and know when and where to go if something is not right. Give the psychological part a little time and return to your routine. If the anxiety continues discuss it with your doctor when you can to get advice. Hopefully, time will help alleviate the anxiety. Blessings to you my friend. Don't hesitate to ask other questions as you have them and jump into the conversations when possible.
  2. awayne56

    In casual conversation I have to speak slowly and deliberately. When explaining this recently I discovered I cannot say "deliberately" as part of a sentence. How ironic! I too struggle with L words and R words. When speaking in sentences the words "leader" and "clean" stop me in my tracks. If I try to muscle through I simply stutter. I found if I use a fake, high pitched voice tone I can say them with no problem.
  3. awayne56

    Deigh, The content certainly did not offend me. I simply wanted to understand your point of view and go from there. I enjoy reading your comments. You offer helpful insight with a nice sprinkling of wit and humor! I would love to see participation increase, but I have no insight on how to make that happen. I'll at least try to participate more than I have the past year. I have some things to bring up anyway, so I'll start a new thread on an issue I've been trying to figure out for a while now.
  4. awayne56

    Hi Deigh, Do you think people join this forum only to benefit by reading historical posts? I can only speak for myself. I joined because I desired social interaction with individuals who had suffered a stroke be it for mutual encouragement or for sharing experiences. When I first joined I posted a lot, however my participation was disrupted in 2015 when I broke my hip and was sidelined for a month. Now days I will interact if I have a response I think will be helpful but I will refrain from posting if a number of helpful responses have already been posted. This site is blessed with a number of members who offer wonderful insight. I usually visit the site late in the evening and most posts have already had multiple responses. What if you start a thread specifically asking members who have not posted since joining or have not posted in a month why they do not post? Or am I missing the point of your original question? I may be guilty right now of PWI, posting under the influence (Elijah Craig).
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    Fort Worth TX for me, east side, Meadowbrook.
  8. awayne56

    Born and raised in Fort Worth. I now live on the east side of Fort Worth.
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