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  1. OK, OK, I needed a kick in the butt. I have a few ideas for blogs, and I just wrote one. Going to try to figure out how to put it in blogs. As far as my other ideas for blogs, I'm slow (and you know it!), maybe a few weeks before I write another....anticipation (lol)
  2. Sue, you and I have another thing in common....It upsets me to have to stop being active for any reason. I'm not at all surprised that you've received visitors and help; more proof that you receive what you give. My thoughts and prayers are with you for a full recovery
  3. Hi Alan, please let us all know the outcome.....Rooting for you!
  4. Hi Kelli, I didn't notice a purple hue...I think it looks great! I'm too chicken to try a different hair color, and dang it (pretending I'm American, lol) still never got a tiny rose tattoo on my ankle that I've wanted forever! Guess I'll get a tattoo sticker, yeah!
  5. Hi there, when I read your post, I had the same thought as Scott re self-confidence being one of the common losses. I think it would help you a great deal to do as Scott mentioned, explain your feelings to the people you work with. Also, do the same with friends, and ask if they can help you by reminding you of your abilities. If you continue to feel this strongly about it, I truly hope you'll consider seeing a therapist to discuss methods to overcome this. All the best,
  6. Scott, I totally agree with Kelli, open mind....based on what you've said before, this doctor is not going to give up easily. Trial and error is definitely a pain in the you know where, but eventually (maybe even tomorrow) it will get you on the right (hopefully perfect) medications. Here's your four-leaf clover. Please let us know how the appointment goes! And BTW, what happened to the topic re "willful ignorance"...I had read it in my email (after a few attempts) and thought man, that's two in a row. Recently you stood up for yourself and openly talked to clients about your deficits and your ability to do the job; and now stood up to cranky people you knocked down a few pegs to the developer's benefit. Did you know that Donna (SweetMom) came up with the saying "I had a stroke, I didn't have a stupid." I plan to someday get that printed on a t-shirt, maybe you should consider the same, lol.
  7. Heather, you always give it all you've got, and then some! I'm totally wowed about the perseverance you have. Incredible, girl, keep at it...you influence others!
  8. Janelle, again my heart goes out to you! When I read through the previous posts, the message I got was both you and your children are strong enough to take the good with the bad...I agree.
  9. Janelle and Heather, you're not asking too much! Maybe it's time to remind people that you've put in a lot of time and work to be able to do what you can; but some of your lasting disabilities should be recognized and reacted to appropriately (not over or under-doing). Trust me, if these people had the same difficulties, they wouldn't hesitate to bring them to your attention!
  10. "why did I have to go through such a bad experience of life to learn these beautiful things about life which does make my life today richer & better. I had read somewhere, in life when drastic change happens be sure to look out for something beautiful to emerge out of it." Asha, such wonderful thoughts! Same as Jay, thank you for sharing. "in forest fire lot of young, vibrant & green also burns out, so believing something good will come out of this tragedy is hard pill to swallow." Nuh, uh! (whatever that means, lol) The trees grow back; it's a long slow process...similar to stroke recovery. Hugs to you,
  11. Incredible! But really great news that you're making some significant progress
  12. Yes, Donna, please follow Heather's advice! It appears similar to some survivors having to try a number of different anti-depressants until they find the right one. Same for PBA...Don't give up until you find the one that works without the awful side effects! to you my friend!
  13. Thanks Charles, that explains the visual vertigo....but that's not what my mom (also a hemorrhagic stroke survivor) and I have. Doctors do relate the vertigo to our strokes, but there is nothing that is similar to yours and Kelli's
  14. So sorry to hear of another scare, Sue! Thinking of you....
  15. Well then, keep on keeping on Deigh! It would be so great to get your news down the road that you've conquered all problems, and are just enjoying playing your guitar again! Love looking forward to happy days...