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  1. Sue, you and I have another thing in common....It upsets me to have to stop being active for any reason. I'm not at all surprised that you've received visitors and help; more proof that you receive what you give. My thoughts and prayers are with you for a full recovery
  2. Hi Kelli, I didn't notice a purple hue...I think it looks great! I'm too chicken to try a different hair color, and dang it (pretending I'm American, lol) still never got a tiny rose tattoo on my ankle that I've wanted forever! Guess I'll get a tattoo sticker, yeah!
  3. Heather, you always give it all you've got, and then some! I'm totally wowed about the perseverance you have. Incredible, girl, keep at it...you influence others!
  4. "why did I have to go through such a bad experience of life to learn these beautiful things about life which does make my life today richer & better. I had read somewhere, in life when drastic change happens be sure to look out for something beautiful to emerge out of it." Asha, such wonderful thoughts! Same as Jay, thank you for sharing. "in forest fire lot of young, vibrant & green also burns out, so believing something good will come out of this tragedy is hard pill to swallow." Nuh, uh! (whatever that means, lol) The trees grow back; it's a long slow process...similar to stroke recovery. Hugs to you,
  5. Thanks Charles, that explains the visual vertigo....but that's not what my mom (also a hemorrhagic stroke survivor) and I have. Doctors do relate the vertigo to our strokes, but there is nothing that is similar to yours and Kelli's
  6. So sorry to hear of another scare, Sue! Thinking of you....
  7. Well then, keep on keeping on Deigh! It would be so great to get your news down the road that you've conquered all problems, and are just enjoying playing your guitar again! Love looking forward to happy days...
  8. Great photo! Was that pre-stroke, Deigh?
  9. Happening in Canada too....lots of hands getting slapped!
  10. Hi Kevin, and welcome to StrokeNet. You and your girlfriend/wife are going through a panicky situation right now, and my heart goes out to you both. Everyone is so right about no need for you to feel any guilt. In that situation you may have thought she was still sleepy, no need for concern. You started action right away when you realized that there was something wrong! Can you clarify something for me please. I've never heard of an ischemic stroke causing a hemorrhage....Mine was vice versa. When I was 34, I had a severe hemorrhage which caused a stroke L side of brain (lost consciousness within first couple of seconds), and several days after neurosurgery for that, I had an ischemic stroke on R side of brain. (This happens in 20% of hemorrhagic strokes.) I was in the Neuro ICU for 5 weeks before transfer to the general Neuro unit. I think you're getting the message from the previous posts that there will be a lot of tiring days ahead during her recovery, in patient and at home. We're here for you to lean on if you have any questions or just need to vent. When your wife is able, I hope she joins StrokeNet as well. Depending on how she's doing in her therapy now, you may want to think ahead to check some agencies to arrange for having some home care when she's discharged from the hospital/rehab. Let us know how it's going, please. Take care, Kevin
  11. Any idea why both of you know what triggers your vertigo? Mine (and my mom's) just springs up severe; and lasts for several weeks and then goes away for 2 or 3 months. Both our PCPs give us a prescription once each year for a massive amount of Betahistine 16 mg, otherwise couldn't walk when it's active. Strange, huh?
  12. I'm also very glad that you're out of the hospital, Pam. When the pain is under control, hope it's back to having some fun days!
  13. Heather, believe me I understand. You're the only one who knows what's best for you. Not going to mention it again, my friend, but if you want to, I'll listen!
  14. As long as it's just a scar, that's great! What about "the man"? Still thinking? It's 2017, since he showed interest first, it's perfectly ok for you to contact him about going out for dinner. (Don't worry, Heather, I'm not going to hassle you about this....just curious as always, lol.)