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  1. P.S. I hope that everyone understands that I wasn't including Scott's message re the spider venom research when I mentioned hoax treatments.
  2. Wow, they are awesome!! And the same as Tracy, I've never seen glass flowers before.
  3. Sounds like the dog is much better than an actual physiotherapist! So great!
  4. Hi Ray, so sorry, I didn't intend to use the term lightly either. That's an amazing dog!
  5. Hi Tracy, having Pancreatitis at such a young age must have been terrible. I've heard that it's very, very painful. Scares me because until they do the surgery (which also scares me, lol) to remove one of my 4 parathyroids that is malfunctioning, problems such as Pancreatitis, kidney stones, bones that break easily, etc., can occur. Yikes! Yep, Tracy, I'm not sure if all the different types of PPI's for treating GERD have the same side effects; but when my doctor takes blood at my annual check-ups, he wants the lab to check my magnesium level as well. Apparently the PPI that I take now can result in a deficiency of this mineral; but that's definitely a whole lot better than holes in the esophagus.
  6. I agree 100% Heather. I may start a topic on hoax treatments that are currently out there; it's hard to understand why some people fall for them. There's desperation, but....they really need a reality check. I also don't understand why the hoaxters aren't charged for fraud.
  7. Deigh, you just reminded me of having to do the "caterpillar shuffle" when I had two small children visiting last week (and I'd rather have forgotten, lol).
  8. Hi Flash, the quote above really jumped out at me! After my two strokes and two neurosurgeries when I was 34, I couldn't speak or read, couldn't understand what had happened to me, totally lost, and uncertain if I had a future. I actually did wonder not only "if" but "why" I was in Hell (not going to tell any stories, lol). You do have a rough road ahead of you, but we'll all be here to help you on that journey. And trust me, regardless of the length of time it may take, acceptance of the adjustments you have to make after this life-altering experience will happen. I think the major hurdle all stroke survivors have to overcome is to stop dwelling on what we've lost, and focus on what we have. It's definitely not an easy thing to do, but happiness is the reward. You've made a very positive move by sharing your story, Flash. Looking forward to reading your posts.
  9. Beautiful pictures of beautiful pets!! OK, my turn to show you my pet...... LOL What can I say? I have allergies, and don't really like the type of dogs that are hypoallergenic. If you recall, I did have a pet goose named Rogue. I think I'll call this puppy Blaze. On the serious side Ray, you've made so much progress. Can you guestimate if you could have made even 1/2 of that progress without your sidekick therapist?
  10. Deigh, A couple of years ago I wondered about that as well. But then I saw a movie called "The Man Who Lost Himself", about a man who had brain injury and didn't remember anything of his life. He didn't know his wife and their small children, and although he could speak, he didn't know how to relate to them. If you get the chance to see this movie, it's worth it! For me, it was like you said, no short term memory. Long term memory, I lost (not all, but significant periods in) the 1 year prior to my strokes. I guess where your brain is injured determines what you lose!
  11. If you have a number of apps on your mobile phone, you may want to see the latest Marketplace program (the consumer advocacy program in Canada). It addresses Privacy and smartphone apps: What data your phone may be giving away (CBC Marketplace). My reaction.....
  12. Hi Tracy, this is a long ago topic, but I never noticed it until Pam's reply when I clicked "Unread Content". I had no allergies before strokes, but so many allergies developed after. I was prescribed Patanol eye drops, because the allergies can make your eyes dry and gritty feeling. I didn't like using the Patanol, so I switched from the prescribed drops to OTC GenTeal drops, and they work great. If it's not allergies, check with your pharmacist re your meds. A lot of meds can give you dry eyes and dry mouth. Hope this belated reply helps!
  13. I've never heard of this before. Very interesting, but like you said the research is still in the early stages for its use on humans. Don't mean to clutter your thread, but as an aside, I've been told that there's a private clinic in British Columbia where they claim they can recalibrate your brain after a stroke or other brain injury to reverse any damage..... Expensive and ????????
  14. Another non-stop giggle!!!
  15. Loved your comment: Good to know!! LOL When I saw your first post with the photo, I immediately thought of that ancient joke.... What does a duck say when he sees a doctor? Quack. What does a duck say when he sees a lawyer? Quack.