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  1. Linnie

    Sue, you and I have another thing in common....It upsets me to have to stop being active for any reason. I'm not at all surprised that you've received visitors and help; more proof that you receive what you give. My thoughts and prayers are with you for a full recovery
  2. Linnie

    Hi Kelli, I didn't notice a purple hue...I think it looks great! I'm too chicken to try a different hair color, and dang it (pretending I'm American, lol) still never got a tiny rose tattoo on my ankle that I've wanted forever! Guess I'll get a tattoo sticker, yeah!
  3. Heather, you always give it all you've got, and then some! I'm totally wowed about the perseverance you have. Incredible, girl, keep at influence others!
  4. Linnie

    "why did I have to go through such a bad experience of life to learn these beautiful things about life which does make my life today richer & better. I had read somewhere, in life when drastic change happens be sure to look out for something beautiful to emerge out of it." Asha, such wonderful thoughts! Same as Jay, thank you for sharing. "in forest fire lot of young, vibrant & green also burns out, so believing something good will come out of this tragedy is hard pill to swallow." Nuh, uh! (whatever that means, lol) The trees grow back; it's a l
  5. Linnie

    So sorry to hear of another scare, Sue! Thinking of you....
  6. Linnie

    Well then, keep on keeping on Deigh! It would be so great to get your news down the road that you've conquered all problems, and are just enjoying playing your guitar again! Love looking forward to happy days...
  7. Linnie

    Great photo! Was that pre-stroke, Deigh?
  8. Linnie

    I'm also very glad that you're out of the hospital, Pam. When the pain is under control, hope it's back to having some fun days!
  9. Heather, believe me I understand. You're the only one who knows what's best for you. Not going to mention it again, my friend, but if you want to, I'll listen!
  10. As long as it's just a scar, that's great! What about "the man"? Still thinking? It's 2017, since he showed interest first, it's perfectly ok for you to contact him about going out for dinner. (Don't worry, Heather, I'm not going to hassle you about this....just curious as always, lol.)
  11. " it's a 22 hour flight with a stop in LA to change plane and you cross the date line so you lose a day coming back, although you gain a day on the way over so I left on 4th July and arrived on 4th July." Ok, that made my head spin; but the rest was extremely interesting! Sounds like a great trip, lots to enjoy. The cruise ship caught my attention....for a number of years, we've been getting large numbers of huge cruise ships docking at my town's harbor on the Island. You get 3 of those ships at the same time, with sooooo many passengers, we stay at home....can't get around town
  12. Linnie

    Pam, so sorry to hear that you had to be hospitalized. I have a phobia of hospitals, so I can relate to what you're going through. Hope you're feeling well quickly, my friend!
  13. Linnie

    So sorry to read of your ordeal, Sue. My thoughts and prayers are with you! Please do as you advise; take good care of yourself. You've done so much for others, you rightfully deserve some help now! Lots of virtual hugs for you, and also a virtual flower....
  14. I can relate to that Asha. I have a lot of siblings, but we were brought up to be hard-working and independent. Are you like me....find it more easy to offer help than to ask for it??
  15. Linnie

    Hi, Ruth We're getting a lot of news here in Canada about the horrendous impact of Hurricane Harvey in Houston. Numerous home owners without flood insurance, and facing very high cost of repairing their homes. So sad!