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  1. uwoman

    Thank you for taking the time, Pam. You are right with so many of the things you said of course. I'm hoping that once the weather gets better, I'll be out and about a bit more. Oh, the recluse thing is true, really. Up until now I was just your basic and happy introvert, but I always knew there's someone coming home who I could talk to at the end of the day. That's gone now, and I guess that's where the feeling of loneliness stems from. Anyway, things will get better, they just have to. Ursula
  2. uwoman

    And that's why you're my hero, Pam! Me, I'm more like this: I wear an AFO when I'm out in the world (never at home, trying to train that ankle) because of drop foot and spasticity, and I walk weirdly because of it - and sometimes I stumble. Whenever that happens you can be sure that someone looks at me funny, as if I were drunk, and that's enough to push me even more into my being a recluse. It's okay really, I've been like that all of my life, so I'm used to it. Only the latest development (being abandoned by the boyfriend) made it much, much worse, because of the total loneliness. Yikes, lo
  3. uwoman

    Every time you write something, I'm grateful that you found this site. I'm sorry about the reason you had to find it of course. You keep saying so many of the things I keep thinking, and I'm just thankful that you say them, as I'm way too introverted, shy and insecure to do the same. Rock on, Pam! Ursula