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  1. follys

    hi nancy, every nursing home should have an ombudsman. you should tell him/her and its her job to be on your side and to be your advocate. and it is not necessarily a one time thing. she should make it her job to see that dan has the care he deserves regardless of his attitude on any particular occasion. good luck, david
  2. follys

    you are a good person and truly a friend of dan and he would likely tell you so if he could. we cannot truly understand what happens to a person with a severe disturbance that a stroke can cause. I think that you being there with him some part of him will appreciate. my best wishes for you nancy! david
  3. follys

    my god tracy! you are probably about the age of my daughter and I can't imagine talking to nancy like that. not even close. and I am truly at a loss of ideas and am angry at this disrespect. except for one thought and that is your father has a problem and you should try not to make his problem yours. your councilor can probably give you some coping mechanisms to deal with situations that you know will come. perhaps you could practice those. you truly deserve better tracy. and you must believe and hope that you will find that better place. good luck!!! david
  4. follys

    you are not alone pam, your son is with you, we are with you, and the angles are too! david
  5. follys

    I have now read this many times and I seem to see something different every time. but I think that is what poetry is. and maybe what it should be. thank you tracy! david
  6. follys

    I am glad to see you back with us tracy, I was worried about you a bit. I think transitions are always unsettling. you are on a new beginning perhaps challenging but also a bit exciting. as others its definitely ok to be stingy about yourself. but don't be stingy with your poetry that I have truly missed lately. glad you are doing better tracy! david
  7. follys

    "filling your dreams with magical dust" I like that tracy! david
  8. follys

    hi tracy, I have read your letter to (us). my thought is that you are pushing boundaries, pushing your boundaries. it is the highest thing we can do, aspire to do. in the past I was a long distance runner (never a marathon) and read the story of a person named patty hearst. I hope I did not tell you the story before. anyway patty was a dwarf with other physical hardships. and on the day of the boston marathon she had her marathon. it started at the starting line of the marathon. it was 26 yards. not 26 miles. and she did it! in a 1/2 hour. she trained for this. she met and exceeded her boundary, and I was ever bit as inspired by what she did as the winner of the marathon itself. what you are doing I thing of in the same way. keep going tracy. david
  9. follys

    my god asha!! I am glad you are still here. I read something lately along the lines of what you were saying "everything works out in the end. if it hasn't worked out yet it isn't the end." myself also everything hasn't worked out yet(lol). and I am playing with a shrinking deck. its like a handicap in a race, it gives us a little more of a challenge. again I am happy that you and your family are alright. kind regards, david
  10. follys

    pam, I do wish you relief in your "land of dreams". we must hope that someday your land of dreams will become your real land! I must admit I cannot imagine your life but am thankful and grateful that you are telling me. your cry reaches me to the bone. your poetry is clear. wishing you a bit of peace my friend, david
  11. follys

    hoping you get well soon kelli. I fell a year ago (feb 16) broke my wrist. that means 6 months no fun at all!! but even when you are old the body tends to heal. and you are young! kind regards, david
  12. follys

    i do like it tracy. and knowing the little I do of the you it transcends a collection of words and becomes both a shout and a plea. may you forever have "no idea of the right way" ! david
  13. follys

    its a fine list tracy! and each day I am thankful that I can still make lists! david
  14. Happy Birthday follys!

  15. follys

    I can't imagine what you are going through pam and yet I can! the emotional interpersonal stuff coupled with the pain. not good pam. I think that when and if I get into that situation and I may I will then try the approach of sue and Yvonne. is there anything else? I wish you well on your radiation oblation. best wishes my friend. david