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  1. Happy Anniversary blewis876!

  2. Happy Anniversary blewis876!

  3. Happy Anniversary blewis876!

  4. Happy Birthday blewis876!

  5. thanks every one to answer some of your questions my A.A degree is just general studies because i planned on going to a majour university when i was done but it didnt really work out that way. now im wanting to get my b.s degree in I.T
  6. so i had my stroke almost a year ago. so if im not at thearpjy im just sitting around the house watching tv. while some people might enjoy this i dont. i have an a.a degree already so im thinking about going back to finish up. just wanted some ideas on what type of degree i should look into getting. here is the problem the left arm and hand isnt working right now. im thinking information technology . i know i shouldnt limit myself but it is the realitly of right now . so i want to know what kinds of jobs would i be able to do? i can get around pretty good its jut my left arm and hand. please h
  7. new to the site. i was just wondering iam only 11 months post stroke i am young only 27 years old been working hard sice stroke who left side was dead i starting to walk better now whit help of cane. im starting to think my hand and arm has hit a wall. i can squeeze but cant open hand. sholder is fine just my wrist and hand im still going to ot but not really seeing any improvement. give it to me straight up am i most likely stuck without my hand? thank you
  8. Welcome to the forums blewis876 :)