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  1. Happy Anniversary Tempiibc!

  2. Happy Birthday Tempiibc!

  3. Happy Anniversary Tempiibc!

  4. Tempiibc

    Bless you Katrina. You have made a lot of progress. Keep it up. It takes a village
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    Happy New Year Asha
  6. Happy Birthday Tempiibc!

  7. Tempiibc

    i loved her fist book. she was such multifaceted woman.
  8. Tempiibc

    katrina cant wait to see your new home. congrats
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    i hope that your pain is better this week
  11. Tempiibc

    think about spirituality not religion
  12. Tempiibc

    thanks everyone. today was good day. went out for five hours to a small meeting. it was nice and no panic attacks. i asked for help when i needed it. we all needed to go outside and there were tall steps. i look and did not try to force myself to climb. i went back into the room and said the steps are too high. someone said don't worry about it. you can't do it and will be alright.( it was a place we go to meditate and pray.)
  13. Tempiibc

    hi everyone tina i have another video on february 23- i can see the progress. someone asked me why were you moving so slow, i told them because i am concentrating so hard. your video is great.
  14. Tempiibc

    sue wishing you a blessed week
  15. Tempiibc

    12/28/13 hospital journey

    at 9 pm i was helping my younger daughter with her science project and then i noticed my fingers moving slower. i looked at my hand like what is wrong with my hand. my daughter then was trying to hand me the laptop and i could not take it from her. i then decided to try to get up from the bed. it took about ten minutes to get up with a lot of difficulty. once up i could not walk. i called my other daughter to get me back to bed. the older daughter started screaming. i called my aunt on the telephone and told her i was having a stroke. she said no your not. she said she is going home and then she will call me. she lives 25 miles away and is 78 years old. i hang up from her and think maybe she is right. i am too young to have a stroke. so maybe it is my imagination. i then try to move my arm and leg and cant move them. it seemed that time was in slow motion. i then called another person and was crying telling the person i am having a stroke. my oldest daughter is running around my room screaming. the baby daughter was in shock and went into her room. the person on the telephone told me to hang up. my oldest is calling 911 and screaming my mother is dying. i thought to myself what is going. a call came in and was nurse on the phone trying to keep me calm. she is the goddaughter of the person i just spoke to earlier. as she was talking the ambulance attended were there and the police. the attendants ask about my symptoms and then called the hospital and said i had a stroke. i then started screaming realizing i am really having a stroke. one guy was telling to stop screaming or i would have another stroke. then they were trying get me out of the bed from one side to another. i was on satin sheets and kept sliding for few minutes and then the stretcher. the hospital was one block away. when i got to the hospital it was 920. i was immediately bought into a room and they started with IV. the nurse asked the ems why did it take them so long. he said we couldn't get her out of the bed because of her sheets. i have now thrown those sheets out back to cotton. i am laying on the bed and then an old man comes in the room and said he is the neurologist. he asked me to touch his finger and i couldn't and could not lift my leg. he then asked me about the timeline. it was then 945. sent me for cat scan and it was clear. he said i was in the midst of the stroke. he told the nurses to put two more IVs on my hands and that really hurt. at 1010 the tpa was administered. the dr came back again and ask me to touch his finger and i could not. he then told me that i had to be moved to the bronx to a stroke ICU. back into an ambulance and to the bronx. got to the emergency room and layed for a couple of hours waiting for a bed. finally to my room and i am hooked up to machines and someone asking me questions every hour shining a light into my eyes. my oldest daughter was with me the whole time. for the next couple days i can barely move and had to have someone take care of my every need. i had my ipad with me. being able to communicate gave me comfort and encourage especially the first 48 hours Tempii Champion December 28, 2013 near New Rochelle, NY I'm hospital Tempii Champion December 28, 2013 Had a stroke — at Sound Shore Medical Center of Westchester. Tempii Champion December 29, 2013 near New York, NY Stroke somewhat mild. Right side motor involvement leg hand fingers Cognition intact So I will be back teaching And grading hard with one hand Tempii Champion December 30, 2013 near New York, NY Ok my progress ot evaluation got out of the bed to sit in a chair. I walked to the bathroom three times with assistance Tempii Champion December 30, 2013 near New York, NY PublicFriendsOnly MeCustomClose FriendsNew Rochelle, New York AreaSee all lists...University of Massachusetts AmherstLIU BrooklynLong Island UniversityHampton UniversityNortheastern UniversityFamilyGo Back Crazy roommate in hospital. He said he was cold and I said I was hot and he said you weigh 300 lbs that's why you are hot. Even though I can't walk I was trying to get out the bed the nurse stopped me Tempii Champion December 31, 2013 near New York, NY Interesting day the social worker and a doctor tried to give me a few hours notice today to go to rehab today. They ganged up on me and I told the doctor to get out of my room after she would not listen to reason. Anyway I was assigned a new social worker because the old one was scared of me. I will be leaving on Thursday morning. I found out as I was filing a complaint that patients are suppose to give 24 hours notice. Crazy Man left and a new nonverbal patient Tempii Champion January 2 near New York, NY First day at rehab. It was very hard to move my hand and I was sweating to just a little. The rehab physician said that if I had not had TPA the stroke would have been much worse. Ischemic stroke. Tempii Champion January 3 near New York, NY Scored 100 on all areas of speech and language evaluation Tempii Champion January 5 via iOS Plant from Liu students Tempii Champion January 4 No therapy today waiting for visitors Tempii Champion January 3 near New York, NY I learned to put on pants and a tee shirt. Monday I will get sprint that will flex my wrist so that I can move My fingers to grasp items Tempii Champion January 5 near New York, NY · Edited I had three hours of physical and occupational therapy before 12. I was feeling down and cried for the next half hour, then I was exhausted and went to sleep for a couple hours, my aunt, uncle and Ayana Tempii Champion January 6 near New York, NY Had my three hours of therapy Walked unaided for few steps able to move my finger Tempii Champion January 7 near New York, NY From wheelchair to walker and now a cane. Tempii Champion January 10 near New York, NY Making progress everyday. Much more movement with my right arm for gross motor. Fine motor is still impaired. Occupational therapists rock. They use my left arm to activate the right. Tempii Champion January 12 Thankful to begin a new week. Hoping to be home on Tuesday — feelingblessed at ALBERT EINSTEIN HOS Omilana Horgeposted to‎Tempii Champion January 14 Happy Going Home Day