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  1. raysrightside

    Sit to stand exercises have been a routine in pt and my daily walking. At first, using my hands to help push or pull myself to a standing position. Then working on mechanics to lean forward and using the legs and glutes to stand. Until today I still needed the aid of hands pushing on my walker. Didn't quite have the leg strength alone. Today, as I was doing sit to stand reps, I tried one with my hands off the walker. Legs were wobbly but held up! Got one more in before collapsing on the park bench for a much needed breather. Don't think I'm quite ready for an attempt from my couch, it's much lower than the bench, but that's the next goal.
  2. raysrightside

    You are so right about centering the weight with hips over knees. I have been working on tucking the butt in to get that stable locked in feeling when I stand up. Funny how you never think about this, but when the posture is wrong your legs fatigue so fast. Thanks, Heather, working diligently on it.
  3. raysrightside

    It's been about a year since my second stroke, a pontine stroke that left me with a weakened left side to complement the right side effects of stroke number one. This has opened up a whole new range of rehab challenges but I am learning to adapt. My daily walks are now reliant on a walker and much shorter, now about half a mile at hundred yard intervals. Walker is mostly for balance and stability. Good news is that toe drag is pretty much gone and I am actually stepping forward with my right leg and foot as opposed to dragging it along. Bad news is my right hip and upper leg has developed some stiffness and the muscles are tight all the time requiring regular stretching. It is also a painful condition but hopefully will lessen with daily stretches. Right foot is weaker also so I have difficulty driving a car. The motorcycle has been converted to all hand controls so I can get around. So with the stability and balance issues falls are a constant possibility. The other morning I had just gotten to the park to walk and I had a little tumble. After unfolding myself off the motorcycle and unstrapping my walker, my right leg wasn't fully awake yet. At these times I have to consciously make sure my right knee is locked to hold up my weight. I stepped back to stretch my right leg and got that funny feeling. My knee wasn't locked and my right leg started to buckle. I had stepped back too far and was no longer centered on the walker. I teetered for a what seemed like ages, before collapsing onto the parking lot. Took a quick look around to make sure no one saw the show, rolled over, and used the bike to pull myself up. Move it along, nothing to see here. My dog was still in the sidecar waiting patiently to get out. Now whenever I stand up, I make sure my right leg is functioning enough to support me, before letting go of my handhold.
  4. raysrightside

    I'm up to six reps of about a hundred yards before I have to sit down. Then I'm pretty much done for the day. Still need the Walker for stability, but can do a cane around the house. Right side at about 25 percent stength but do have good mobility of limbs. Left side about 50 percent with no loss of mobility. If this becomes the norm may consider left foot pedal control on my car. Good news is that I can drive the sidecar motorcycle safely and the dog and I enjoy daily rides. I strap my Walker to the sidecar rack and do my walking at the park. Physical therapy starts up again next week. That the progress for now, here's to a fruitful new year for everyone.
  5. raysrightside


  6. raysrightside

    Thought I would miss working too, but reading and hobbies, and taking the dog out for an hour of fetch, and a two hour walk, pretty much fill my day. The only good thing about a stroke is time to spend on non stress activities.
  7. Happy Birthday raysrightside!

  8. Happy Anniversary raysrightside!

  9. raysrightside

    Great idea Jay, to streamline you state's food stamp process. Here in California, a state notorious for bureaucracy, the counties administer food stamps. But the process actually keys in on stroke victims. The application process lists stroke as one of the eligibility criteria for immediate assistance. Even before getting medical verification I was issued temporary food stamps. And continued aid is handled by a simple twice a year verification of condition.
  10. Happy Birthday raysrightside!

  11. Happy Anniversary raysrightside!

  12. Happy Birthday raysrightside!

  13. Thanks for the welcome. Happy to be walking and getting out and about.

  14. Welcome to the forums raysrightside :)

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