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  1. raysrightside

    driving my dog around in the sidecar making people happy. Been tooling around town with my trusty copilot for several months now getting used to the sidecar in preparation for future road trips when my stamina returns. Everywhere we go folks are smiling and laughing. They love to see the dog's ears flapping in the wind and specially her wearing goggles. Every time we stop at an intersection someone wants a picture. If only there was such a job listing somewhere.
  2. raysrightside

    Me too, my train of thought often leaves the station without me. I'm okay with that now, another train will be along shortly. Usually go out with the doggie so if I get sidetracked we just look blankly at each other.
  3. raysrightside

    Benni: what Scott said is right on. QUACK ! Just keep paddling along and you'll get there eventually.
  4. raysrightside


  5. raysrightside

    Make sure it has a mini USB plug so I can charge my phone. XL please for my big brain, or is that just swelling?
  6. raysrightside

    Thought I would miss working too, but reading and hobbies, and taking the dog out for an hour of fetch, and a two hour walk, pretty much fill my day. The only good thing about a stroke is time to spend on non stress activities.
  7. Happy Birthday raysrightside!

  8. Happy Anniversary raysrightside!

  9. raysrightside

    Great idea Jay, to streamline you state's food stamp process. Here in California, a state notorious for bureaucracy, the counties administer food stamps. But the process actually keys in on stroke victims. The application process lists stroke as one of the eligibility criteria for immediate assistance. Even before getting medical verification I was issued temporary food stamps. And continued aid is handled by a simple twice a year verification of condition.
  10. Happy Birthday raysrightside!

  11. Happy Anniversary raysrightside!

  12. Happy Birthday raysrightside!

  13. Thanks for the welcome. Happy to be walking and getting out and about.

  14. Welcome to the forums raysrightside :)