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  1. raysrightside

    Hello everyone, been absent for awhile enjoying my post stroke life with its new accommodations as much as possible. Things were progressing so well that the shadow of a new stroke got pushed to a vague thought. I was enjoying an extended Memorial Day weekend, camping with friends, riding my motorcycle with my furry pal, when a pons stem stroke hit just as we got back home. Now my left side is affected and dysphagia makes speech and swallowing difficult. Here we go again. At least this time I'm being transferred to a rehab facility before being sent home. I think a new sign in is necessary.
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  3. raysrightside

    Thought I would miss working too, but reading and hobbies, and taking the dog out for an hour of fetch, and a two hour walk, pretty much fill my day. The only good thing about a stroke is time to spend on non stress activities.
  4. Happy Birthday raysrightside!

  5. Happy Anniversary raysrightside!

  6. raysrightside

    Great idea Jay, to streamline you state's food stamp process. Here in California, a state notorious for bureaucracy, the counties administer food stamps. But the process actually keys in on stroke victims. The application process lists stroke as one of the eligibility criteria for immediate assistance. Even before getting medical verification I was issued temporary food stamps. And continued aid is handled by a simple twice a year verification of condition.
  7. Happy Birthday raysrightside!

  8. Happy Anniversary raysrightside!

  9. Happy Birthday raysrightside!

  10. Thanks for the welcome. Happy to be walking and getting out and about.

  11. Welcome to the forums raysrightside :)