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  1. banjo

    especially when they sound like The Chipmunks
  2. banjo

    Filipino In Manila, the department stores play Christmas music from September
  3. banjo

    yes, my wife has all the Christmas decorations up already
  4. banjo

    I'm OK
  5. banjo

    Netflix has become popular
  6. banjo

    what about the people who believe there is no God.
  7. wrong person try grandson.
  8. banjo

    Relate to eating
  9. time not friendly for those in Australia.
  10. banjo

    God didn't grant me a gift when I had my stroke!
  11. banjo

    my daughter also does her HSC today my son's girlfriend's father had a stroke on Monday and died on Tuesday. Her sister is meant to do the HSC today, but they can apply it be deferred because of extenuating circumstances
  12. banjo

    you are not the only one
  13. banjo

    for down-under, winter here we come. At least it will be football season.
  14. banjo

    don't worry Australians politicians come in 2nd last for their honesty of their job, used car salesmen came in last
  15. banjo

    i remember when i had my stroke, we were waiting for the ambulance. i was dropping in and out of conscious, my wife was screaming, and i asked my adult son to chase up where the ambulance was. he said on the phone 'old man ....' I am not old and if i had a been possible i could nearly grab him by the throat.