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  1. most can be downloaded to try for a set number of days, problem with speech apps they are written for children
  2. that is a question I asked my neurologist. He was reluctant to give a answer but after a bit of pushing he does not see why I should lead a full life. i am more likely to be hit by car driven by a terrorist on his way to set of his bomb that havening another stroke.
  3. i remember when i had my stroke, we were waiting for the ambulance. i was dropping in and out of conscious, my wife was screaming, and i asked my adult son to chase up where the ambulance was. he said on the phone 'old man ....' I am not old and if i had a been possible i could nearly grab him by the throat.
  4. Sydney gets one 1 Feb 2028
  5. Hollywood has done well this time. after faking the moon landing before.
  6. Sydney will go into spring in August, nice blue day and about 66 F today
  7. bet you cant buy a machine that will allow me to walk.
  8. JB-HIFI in Sydney is the worse with cardboard aisle bins in every aisle, have now given up with that store group.
  9. my wife keeps saying I will hit little old ladies with my electric wheelchair at the supermarket.
  10. the only problem with a tablet hard to read outside with the sun's glare.
  11. right now left, my writing with my left is child like. fortunately everything i do these days is keyboard based, thanks Mr Gates
  12. mu wife can understand about 80% of what i say, my doctors about 50% and a stranger about 30% only. my mother-in-law zero, as English is not her language (a benefit)
  13. that drug did not stop me from having a brain stem stroke.
  14. i re took up reading to overcome boredom.
  15. the rain hit Sydney notwithstanding Cyclone Debbie hit land over a 1,000 miles away.