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  1. banjo

    you could always get up in the middle of the night!
  2. banjo

    Cannabis is illegal in Australia except in very limited circumstances, but the government has authorised a trial of medical cannabis. Yesterday I saw my neurologist about pain I get in my right leg. I take Gabapentin, 4 a day. I asked if there is any new drugs for the pain. He indicated the trial. Does anyone use medical cannabis?
  3. I had a brain-stem stroke in May 2013 and are now physically disabled. A friend of the wife, who is a regular here, said her ex-husband wanted to come for lunch. I have not seen him for over 20 years. All went Ok but his departing comment was “get well soon”. I should have said “I am well, only physically disabled”
  4. wrong person try grandson.
  5. banjo

    off-topic just finished the book The Catalpa Rescue that tells the true story of Irish Americans in 1870 who finance a boat to sail from Boston to Perth to allow for Irish political prisoners to break out of a Perth jail and bring them back to USA.
  6. banjo

    Relate to eating
  7. banjo

    I've learnt not to be a backseat driver even when making lane suggestions, the wife does not take it lightly.
  8. banjo

    I use kobo but it was getting expensive. I now get eooks through my local library, all cane be done from home and you have 30 days to read, just finished Mrs Obama autobiography
  9. banjo

    the gist of the article that at this difficult times ,a politician can show love for a victim's family whatever their religion, if Ardern switched her nationality to Australian 70% want her as PM
  10. banjo

    Quoted in the local paper Trump rang Ardern and asked how the US can help and Ardern replied pray for all Muslims.
  11. banjo

    stopped in Toronto to visit relatives, was in New York on business stupid me left the drivers window open on the rent a car, a snow storm came up overnight and in the morning the car was full of snow!!
  12. banjo

    as we go into fall in Australia and i only had installed my air-con last week, too late for summer, i assume it is no longer Christmas in the USA
  13. tell him it will take 3 years to properly understand what has happened to him and get in place all supports he will need
  14. banjo

    fortunately in the malls/shopping centres i use have clean/empty disabled facilities.
  15. time not friendly for those in Australia.