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  1. banjo

    God didn't grant me a gift when I had my stroke!
  2. banjo

    my daughter also does her HSC today my son's girlfriend's father had a stroke on Monday and died on Tuesday. Her sister is meant to do the HSC today, but they can apply it be deferred because of extenuating circumstances
  3. I had my stroke in 2013 when I was 59 and going strong. Planning to live a full life. As for another stroke the doctor has put me onto clexane taken daily forever.
  4. banjo

    don't know, but the left eyelid I could not close so they put a tungsten bar in my left eyelid so now it is always closed
  5. banjo

    it seems there are lots of snake oil salesmen on the web and Googling most come up.
  6. banjo

    Sydney Qantas got me to drive my electric wheelchair onto the plane before they used the hoist to get me to my seat, Manila i transferred to a manual chair in the business class lounge and a man pushed the chair to the gate, had to go via arrivals as there was steps in the normal way.
  7. banjo

    you are not the only one
  8. banjo

    how royalty has changed, a divorcee and a Afro-American
  9. banjo

    all went OK, qantas at Sydney airport used an Eagle lifter to get the from my wheelchair to the seat, Manila i was man handled to a wheelchair, and as i was flying business class i could lie flat thus decreasing the pain i get in my right leg
  10. banjo

    tomorrow I take my 1st flight since i had my stroke in May 2013, see how it goes.
  11. banjo

    for down-under, winter here we come. At least it will be football season.
  12. banjo

  13. banjo

    don't worry Australians politicians come in 2nd last for their honesty of their job, used car salesmen came in last
  14. I hope it is not a bolt like Herman has.
  15. banjo

    i remember when i had my stroke, we were waiting for the ambulance. i was dropping in and out of conscious, my wife was screaming, and i asked my adult son to chase up where the ambulance was. he said on the phone 'old man ....' I am not old and if i had a been possible i could nearly grab him by the throat.