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  1. getting a new look for stage together

    From the album Paul Irvine

  2. From the album Paul Irvine

  3. haha! thanks Kelli - is there a chat session this evening? i've finally remembered to check... you know.. so busy being a rockstah and all that... LOL! chat to you soon, paul
  4. Tracy - glad you enjoyed it! LOL! we have fun, it's all for our own amusement - and yes, some of those tracks really were recorded with just a phone voice recorder in the middle of the room! I tweak them up a bit in post-process. Hope you are enjoying your time in Music City! I've never been there, but hear good things about the music scene. How was your stroke and were you affected? Deigh had a struggle to get back I think. I got unbelievably lucky i think. no-one would really know if i didnt tell them. Paul
  5. Kelli! How are you!! I know i've been a stranger to the chat rooms for a while... I'll see if I timing works this evening. its been an interesting couple of years Writing software, making music, breaking young girls hearts... LOL! Yes back and out delivering rock music to anyone who'll listen. And thanks for butting in Tracy! I saw your 'sig' quote and had to laugh... i'm finishing up a new song at the moment that's partly based on recovery and making yourself new again, but living in Portland the rain has to be in there somewhere... my variation was "Dance between the raindrops, and fly between the stars..." It made me feel happy to do so - it is fun, and life is absolutely glorious when you are in tune with the universe. New music Kelli - all at the band website pdxicons.com Best wishes to you all, Paul
  6. Deigh, if thats where you started from, then my hat is off, and kudos to you for such great strides in getting back to playing - my deficits are tiny compared to yours, and many of the friends i've made here. I've always been an active guitarist - two of the guys in my current band used to play with me in a previous cover/party/rock band - we did about 12 years around Portland. Now we're doing our own music, its not everyone's cup of tea, but we have fun! I certainly used to be in the accomplished shredder levels - I dont have the time to practice to maintain that level, and a little of me is worried that the left hand / arm fretboard deficits mild as they are, will impede me getting back there too. To most other players and audience alike, they don't or wouldnt notice the difference. But I know i'm 'off' 10% or whatever. I also have a brain / rhythm process latency that I've become more aware of that I am sure wasnt there before. I have to work really hard now to be on the beat, and not a split second behind it. Again, most wouldnt know, but I know and it is freakin' annoying!! I dont get frustrated or depressed about it anymore. its over two years now since my event, and i'm getting okay with the new me. Your device looks cool! I get it... how does the pick stay attached to the thumb loop? Can you put any ol' plectrum in there? Your grip style looks like the classic style... i hold my pick differently - do more with the index and middle fingers which gives me more attack flexibility - but stops me doing pick and fingers things, trade offs. I would think your thing would be useful for many guitarists styles though - at the minimum it would stop the dang pick flying out yer fingers on a dark stage!! hahah! later! Paul
  7. Happy Anniversary pdxpaul!

  8. Happy Birthday pdxpaul!

  9. Happy Anniversary pdxpaul!

  10. Happy Birthday pdxpaul!

    1. pdxpaul


      Thanks Steve - a somewhat belated reply! very best to you too.


  11. Welcome to the forums pdxpaul :)

    1. pdxpaul


      Thanks - and thank you for the invite, and follow up. i'm just getting to this. and expect to be a little more active over the next few days. I need to get this under control so it does not control me :)