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  1. Thank you Linnie. I am not tough at all. Pain makes you cry and there is no illusions. I hope your prediction about my Liam comes true. thank you.
  2. Good Blessings

    An urgent care doc caught that the nursing home was giving me medication wrong. I called their pharmacy and it was confirmed. it was meclizine. it cause drowsy. They were giving it every 4 hrs when it should have been every 8 hrs. wow. I failed to keep up. The nurses make mistakes. It happens. Sometimes I miss it until later. Glad it is fixed. Blessed. I am going for an echocardiogram. again. last one in 2015. new doc wants to see if swelling comes from my heart. I constantly live with being tested.Glad I am taken care of but..... still blessed in that. hard. I refuse the colonoscopy again now because with my leg way enduring the clean out or the process. I took stool card home and did that. all normal.Blessed. Then thinking would I treat cancer???? I wonder???? My nystagmous has gone away according to last PT. now eye specialist at world renowned eye clinic in so cal said it was very mild. plus mild eye prob strabismus that is not increasing. so the color has become normal. my vision seems ggood. i read stuff on phone. blessed. I walk straighter. longer. I just wish balance was better. things go on. I go on. Right now virus goes around .we are confined. no activities. many off to hospital. some not returned. one is son always dinner here helps out. kind. l sad miss them so muuch. so hopeful he survives if mom card partner too is still well. she refuses to stay indoors. In WWIIshe drilled women recruits. She is sofft spoken kindly. lol! I have nice frireds still. my best friend here pilot 85. soft kind man i enjoy his jokes and companionship they dissaapprove but always something.
  3. The admin came to see me today but I was too ill to talk and busy dealing with getting transportation set up for next week and getting case manager set up again at insurance comp. The universe solves one problem by handing you another priority. Thank you for suggestions. I do have sign above bed to not touch leg and wake me for meds. Based on this experiment no one sees it or reads. I have told all new people of course. This is old familiar one. The admin and I are not friendly. They want to cover stuff up. I contacted CA health dept when I have had complaints. you may file complaint online with licensing board for cna's. They have come out to interview me or talked to me by phone. It is confidential too so the admin cannot bully me into silence. In this case administrators here made it clear they back their employee. as expected. and perhaps rightly. But from this day forth...... yet I have said that before. Two nurses are gone that I complained about. They quit for a reason perhaps not related. But the systemis what it is. One lonely voice in the desert. Yup follys I guess I passed! And I am not a vulnerable victim. I am Irish and always up for the challenge of a fight. But only ones I think I win and I document plenty. However I have found witnesses do not come forward and those who should prrotect do not. But I have nurses not allowed to treat me because I complained. Gosh I sound like a witch. I do have nurses who come by hug hello if they not see me in a while. They know I am reasonable and yet assertive. I get exhausted but sometimes they see another's ways not good too. Other residents say so too.
  4. My Rogain Trial

    I have lost so much hair and I started rogain again today. Solution this time instead of foam. has anyone used it???
  5. Well you just do it now instead of later if you must. No matter what you will be ok. I believe it comes back to people how they treated others. Just know you can stand alone
  6. I grew up with the tv ad of eggs sizzling in a frying pan and a voice saying "this is your brain on drugs"and so I wonder how things can change and now they are good for use according to some? I cannot believe it.
  7. My leg hurts believe this.

    A cna who knows better touched my leg. I think she did it in intentionally. I was asleep sitting up and instead of touching my shoulder hand she touched my thigh to wake me. She knew but forgot that touches brand me lie fire. Is that intentional?
  8. Kids grow up and go out in the world and it always is a grief deep loss to us mothers. Your stroke was not your fault. Your daughter will grow and learn and you have been a hero to those you love. I relate. It has been me. Those you counted on bail out. I row and row. I give them that gift. You can be there for yourself when others are not.
  9. Snake oil Spider Venom...Tomato Tomaaahhhhhto. So there.
  10. I felt fingernails scratching on my thigh and I awoke howling i pain. I screamed You touched my leg! at the cna who just stared at me expressionless. I sobbed uncontrolably because my leg felt like hot pokers raked across my leg. The burning continued and I felt betrayed by a cna who has cared for me during my nearly 2 yrs here. How could you?I sobbed and she said then are you done with your tray? Those dang blasted trays are hurriedly taken back up. I called complaining to everyone. How does this happen? Was it intentional? I was sitting up asleep over my tray. She touched my leg to keep me from falling in my plate she told supervisor. she claimed she forgot not to touch the leg. I asked the supervior. see me sitting here with my leg under table would you toch my shoulder or hand or or even my head anther appropriate area not a thigh. not my thigh that hurts in particular. There is bad blood with this cna anyway. But why did she do this? I think the old ones when I first came here doubt my need for drugs. for care. This one knows me. I reported to super that she knew. and she admitted she forgot. but did she need to scratch on mjy thigh. the touch was wrong. there was no need to toch the leg to wake me. It is a lie. I said yes report to state this was abuse. Super said what about staff trainings instead of reporting to state that abuse occurred. I scoffed. This one cna knows me works with me. I said yes this was abuse. she caused me pain knowingly and for some reasons that follow. not believe I do have pain and want to test it. do not believe I pass out. I said contact my neuro for staff training how to care for me.what my pain my vision my day is like. Iam making big stink. Then she calls police asking if I want to talk to them for report. I was in bathroom I said call ombudsman. I felt so pressured to just forget it. or go to other extreme. was the touch inappropriate in another way? I do not know what is in anothers mind. all we have are facts. I report it to ombudsman now. I am overwhelmed. It took hours to get pain down. I am a freak. Why do they torment me?
  11. Next time dump some water on your head before ordering and freak her out and say yes to being under water. I mean really?? really why comment on someone's speech?? You have to reside on the moon to not have been exposed to some speech impediment.
  12. Sue I think you are a super hero. Reaching 70 is heroic! This Is Your Time Now. Ray up above will be looking down sending you a companion because you have love enough to give everyone. And you need to be needed. I wish you were here! I am glad you are my friend. We all must remember our wars I agree. You do much for us all.
  13. I was discharged with papers to read and practice and a goodol slap on the back that I sound good. I do not sound like myself. I cannot speak well when upset excited or first thing in the mornig. I have words too. I cannot yell at someone properly recite or request or read. Is it my language or my speech that I am misunderstood
  14. I too often find myself looking at a talking head realizing I do not care what is said and I am told I do not smile much in conversations. No I am frowning in confusion. I click with others nonverbal