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  1. Total Eclipse

    My son took me to science center to watch live stream from Nasa and it was awesome to see the total eclipse, another awesome magnificient thing
  2. welcome back, I know the desire to hunker down and deal a bit alone in private without performimg or grin and beaŕ it, medicine can work for a while or not but that pain continues no mattrr what , wears me out, helpes to pretend I do not need to take so many pills or be groggy, but then you again, i missed your witty humor
  3. Hugs back to you Sue. It is brave to visit. You care and that is felt as a cool color surrounding them in love. It is rare talent to give that to others. I am glad you get so much back.
  4. You AREstillyou!!! You the person worthy of love, marriage promises, AND you contribute by being you which no one else can pull off. so you need some help? so what!! You are worthy. Beloved. Go live! love everyone back.
  5. I put signs over my bed now too.
  6. I just took a vacation which was bedt therapy. I walked to a water fall when the wheelchair path ended....that was the motivation. Sightseeing was learning history, loving beauty, and loved ones together Being Doing Together. I want more vacations. I sat by a lake,on top of mountain on a road, and I used did became, and lived,lived,lived. If you can I reccommend the value of a vacation.... especially if you are busy tpe and need energizing relaxing time...interacting with other travelers is a joy, seeing beauty, eating mediterrainian food, sleeping on great bed pillows,or in moving car..... I hope you can find fun, however nutty this sounds, but I think we cherish our time left,enjoy eachother, take what is next.
  7. Majestic Beauty

    This trip IS my early retirement, moments I said I cannot believe what my eyes are seeing, good food no regrets, enjoing time space with loved ones, speaking out for Accessibility,, pampering, Hedonism. I live with daily pain but I persue pleasure. My friend has pneumonia,is 95, says she ready to go....she led women in exercises in airforce in WWII......She taught me card games, i shared food and company, i visited, provided cards, she wouls see me and say where,ve you been???? I will miss her, hope someday I will see her on other side and she will say that to me again. I pray for her peaceful passing. Hard to be here in midst of this. I said no more friends here but once again I feel loss,lost,left, God help me. As long as I am here I will seek magnificient thing, go live.
  8. Yes I trust I am in the right place right time where I am meant to be but that my free will and choices lead me to good or notsogood spots and change is in my ball court. So I am ready to do the work.
  9. Yes my vision was impacted by stroke as well, and I have has vision therapy. They all say it takes time, repitition, yadayadablahdeedeeda, ....I am still praying the beads and E's will help and my motivation is high. My speedboat days are over. I had problems in a notsomuch. My recent Tahoe-yosemite loop went well thanks to meclizine and peppermint.
  10. Yes the body gets em all involved. I want the mirror box! wow.
  11. Research Vestibular when you get a chance. I go to therapy where they challenge my vestibular system abilities. I can get nauseaus or dizzy or hurt all over. I return to normal me later on that day and hope my brain had time to practice 88<things I used to be able to do. my fav is people talk to me behind me. it sounds weird and i turn lose balance..or people seem to zoom past me and I fall over. my eyes fool me and my brain hurts from the work. I get it. I take time to rest quietly in my room away from busy stim overload. They say seek out chances to let brain relearn how to be in a challenging situation so it can be better over time. So it is typical. not to worry. enjoy the trip. close your eyes. regroup. rest nap get sleep. allow it and know your brain is getting better over time. Good for you. go see the world.
  12. TEST
  13. yes I pay the next day for going out of my room. all exhausting
  14. Fred I lost an email to not knowing the passwod even though I save them on devices. So I write them down hide it and hope I can do it. I use my phone keyboard now. You gave me cheerful advice many times my hope was low. Thank you