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  1. SassyBetsy


    I use my phone but cannot reply to stuff or do a blog. Is it only for tablets?
  2. SassyBetsy


    I posted my journey. I use pills. Must have for me. I tried an electrode but did not get permanent surgery. I live a full life. For me.
  3. SassyBetsy

    Dearest Sue, I think of you Daily as I put on the lymphedema pumps and the compression garment I use a circaid juxtalite..... It's just a wrap-around with Velcro and it puts pressure And the nurse has to apply it because it has markings where Things should be lined up to put the right amount of pressure. So I remember you talking about your lymphedema things and I'm walking right along with you. In fact my cardiologist went inside and looked at the veins.He is going to put a stint in one of the main arteries they suspect that's why I keep getting in ulcer in the same spot of my heel.
  4. SassyBetsy

    Thank you Asha & NO I WAS NEVER UPSET about anything or anyone. I just have so much going on. I became selfish and busy with hobbies. I watch lots of movies And I color!!! My son got me a great set for my birthday that has 160 pencils!!! I fill books of fairys. My new book is Ocean. I Cannot wait. I miss you guys, even tho I have been in my bubble.
  5. SassyBetsy

    O just wanted to say that there is my picture that I made my gigantic Collage it's actually 1 of 4 collages that I made with my other roommate friends around I don't do them anymore I've run out of Room. Anyway It brings back some happy memories and it also makes me happy to look out what I chose. And it makes a lot of sense in this pandemic. We must take care of each other.
  6. SassyBetsy

    I Had Lacunar Stroke Not aTIA

    I took paperwork to my dr office as usual from nursing home I live in....I was horrified they changed diagnosis to TIA WITHOUT RESIDUAL DEFICITS. Do they think time here on a vacation? I can't believe that somebody would make this change when what happened to my medical records would happen to my neurological reports from My doctor? So I was furious and I brought it to the attention of the nurse gave me the paperwork and she said oh talk to The supervisor. And of course nothing was done nobody seems to pay attention and do anything about anything around here. I had to call the state be
  7. SassyBetsy

    Happy Strokaversary

    .GymSO THIS IS MY 6TH YEAR! I am blessed. I think. I am not much changed in the pandemic living in a nursing home. I see people every day so I'm not really isolated. So it's scary. But then again I am grateful for the help and Company. But they have us isolated from each other so I miss seeing my friends. But I see plenty of staff so I don't see how I am that much more protected because the staff are out in the world and my next door neighbor is not. So some of us have going into each other's rooms anyway because there are some people that because they have dementia they are put out into the h
  8. SassyBetsy

    Dearest Sue you truly are an angel on Earth you are making such a difference with everything you are doing and your attitude as usual is one of introspection and high standards of morality and ethics. God bless your son for realizing that flowers are Not Just Flowers on Mother's Day they are attributes they are a thank you they are all the emotions and words that a son holds in his heart and wants to express and so he had more than the right to be indignant that they couldn't get them there on time. Things are not so out of our control after all he negotiated and got them for free for their co
  9. SassyBetsy


    I am truly lucky to be both a stroke survivor and the Survivor of a major heart attack and I now have a heart full stance on the right and on the left pulmonary hypertension and lymphedema and and and and I realized that everyday I wake up it's a gift and that means so much now that I'm living in pandemic and I have thought so many times before that it would have been easier if I had not survived the stroke. But my children were angry and said couldn't I see if they were trying so hard to make me feel loved and supported and I realized that's what I always wanted to do was be here to take care
  10. SassyBetsy

    You bring up a very good point Sue and I think that we've all had our fill of video chat video zig zag Zoom it's just not the same as seeing a person's eyes when you tell the news or just the warmth and energy that comes off of physical body that I never seem to have paid attention to be bored and I think that communication requires not being distant he requires eye contact body language and just the sense of belonging to that person at that time for however what the relationship is and family member means you are fully accepted unconditionally and so we want someone who has that connection wh
  11. SassyBetsy

    Thank you Sue that was wonderful to read I know that I'm supported and hopefully others who have been alone know that we do get through periods of isolation and social distancing it's nothing new to me because my work always seems to require that
  12. SassyBetsy

    Time has stopped

    We're all sort of leaving a type of Groundhog Day it seems to start with the news in the morning finding out how many more people we lost overnight all over the world even I've become much more aware that would happens on one side is going to happen on the other and that each of us is going to be affected. And each of us is getting our morning coffee at some time during the day but we are in different places. Frankly I'm sick to my stomach when I hear people whining in their mansions playing their musical instruments 2 Comfort themselves out of boredom from wandering around 10 bedrooms a pool
  13. SassyBetsy

    Zoo I took the time to read this again today I don't know why but this always seems to comfort me because you're optimistic spirit and determination to live life to the fullest and to not go quietly into that well you know anyway this piece of writing is a masterpiece and I hold it dear to my heart. Thank you so much for sharing your journey every step I feel I have raised a teacup towards your full recovery and I'm very grateful to hear that the little angel has her thumb form Liam place. And I love that you call it living on Angel time so true so true God has a plan because he's known us bef
  14. SassyBetsy

    So what is everybody else doing? In my household because my kids did musical theater and dance from young age and I grew up as a child of a professional musician and was exposed to a lot of music, we knew that there was a song for every situation and it helps it really does help the belt out a song when you feel frustrated or happy just music is so much a part of our life and hopefully now that we have some extra time on our hands and we have survived so much hopefully we can find Our Song
  15. SassyBetsy

    So what is everybody else doing?