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  1. SassyBetsy

    Scott no one understands my aversion to pants but you. It hurts like no one knows. All types of hurt. Then they say, oh that didnt hurt so.. I hope you seek treatment,have hope. The RFA helps me walk more,helps all of it. IT never stops tho. Be asleep happy or wake up to a reality of pain. I see you my friend. It is not easy to enjoy life like this but you know wife loves you around if she keeps you in soft jammies. I will pray answers and peaceful relief arrive.
  2. SassyBetsy

    Dearest Sue, Now is filled with challenges, obstacles that are not deserved by one who lived a life as selfless as you did. But somehow I have a feeling that Ray lurks in the background, just like that movie, an old black and white....what is it....anyway true love lasts to give strength, not misery,yet we long,and miss happy days. My true loves were my children. I dream they were little again. I rode in a van I used to have. Miserable ride. I did not cry though. I miss driving, freedom, my children, all of our outings Being a Mother. All those vacations,still never enough. Sue Enjoy Now with grandkids to give them memories,stories of 44 years. I see you and Ray early 60s, over down under,riding trains in open country, buying a little fixer upprer, making a life! Wow! I feel you,Sue. Surgery is terrifying. But follow your zensibilities. Lol. Hey look, I made up a NEW GOOD word. Recovery takes planning. My old professor was a counselor,taught me how to work with my school teenagers in groups,and put us through it. She told story that we need comfort. She said she had a favorite teddy bear. And when she had surgery she put her teddy bear on the couch along with her favorite throw blanket. She talked about how it was there to comfort her. She was very happy just see it when she got home and it helped her soul which helped her body heal. She reminded me that we are more than just what our bodies are. We are souls. I think sometimes I forget especially on my body is causing me way more problems then my soul is. And I guess I should be grateful that I am not as concerned about my body when I am taking care of my soul. She taught me that it was okay to be vulnerable to be afraid and to be comforted. You see my family it was always about not taking pain medicine and being strong I'm not shedding a tear and not saying that you were fearful and everything was just fine. That is a lie. Things are scary, hurtful, lonely in real life. Bodies hurt,souls hurt. It is no sin to want pain relief. For all that hurts us. So be comfortable.do what you must. But you are a warrior too. God bless your procedures. You give lots of love so it will return to you.
  3. SassyBetsy

    Pain from CPS is unlike other pain. Ken it is great you search. Good luck.
  4. SassyBetsy

    I will miss chats with Denny and will see him on the other side.
  5. SassyBetsy

    I am on 2 oxys...oxymorphpne,oxycodone and lyrica 200 mg 3x day,every 8 hrs...i need spinalRFA,drugs not help. Never give up,there is help out there.
  6. Those dang insurance and long term care issues!!! They throw sand in your face when you need them or they pull you out of water,toss your coin. I had to appeal repeatedly and when I lawyered up got a hearing then the judge saw me and saw reality. I pray he has plenty of supportive friends to pray and one special one to send gift boxes over the years like mine who gave me my drawer of fuzzy socks! Be yourself for him and let him be the new version as long as it takes to reemerge or rewrite, or whatever. Share what he gives out,understand what is a mystery,love. You will make the difference. We know.
  7. SassyBetsy

    Thank you all!! I am crying with joy! I am full of fear for my legs. I look there Becky and see those beautiful hands of light and words of encouragement and draw strength. If I say I have been so out of it to blog then there is how wrong this is...me silent,not complaining???LOL! My spirit is lifted and my gratitude list grows. May you all receive double back on your dance cards!!! Keep rockin
  8. SassyBetsy

    If you find some soul mates then who cares about demographics. Look at hearts and for supporting you. It will be refreshing I am sure and you bring so much energy wisdom and fun to the mix! Remember who we are makes a difference!
  9. SassyBetsy

    OH Maddo I guess we will celebrate anniversaries together!!!! I used to run. When my balanctte was gone I was in a chair. My riight hand is numb but functions and is cold weird but at first I could not write. I got copies of crossword puzzles to write in.
  10. SassyBetsy

    Thanks you guys ....You all are family....you listen and read...and hear and care.....I read you all too. But lately very drugged and not writing our is it thinking. I was ill lately and could not walk the same and value my leg pain or not. I miss my mind My love here at the snf lost his sight he woke up blind.He is inspirational. Tracy thank you...your support sustains me. You get me hear see understand. Thank you.
  11. SassyBetsy

    I have driven down this road for my spinal stimulus stuff and various meds....trick is to call your doc and the doc finds out what wording to do the pre auth. It can take time. Years for me for the stim months for meds. So persevere. Keep hope. Keep squeeeeeeking the squeeky wheel.
  12. SassyBetsy

    I had lacunar ischemic In pons In tiny blood vessels I have read are teeny weeny. The ER did not give me TPA. I begged for it. Pleeeeded. They said it can cause a bleed or death. So much for the FAST hype. I was there in the 4 hr window too. My symptoms were confusing.was it really a stroke. Basically they watched. I was taken to the closest hospital not the best. I changed and made sure I live by the best. Oh that hospital was the stroke trauma center. They denied me in house rehab. I went out patient. I had been a candystriper in that rehab....way back in the day...my daughter also.
  13. SassyBetsy

    I am fine. It is not cancer and that tissue is flagged so next year no biopsy on it again. I feel I have been given a gift. The other mass is gone so prob a mistaken pix. I will always go@!!! SEE YOU NEXT YEAR MAMMOGRAM!!
  14. Maybe he gets worn out and needs a day of rest in between.
  15. SassyBetsy

    I am sitting in a diaper.

    I have a sinus infection,yeast infection,fungalinfection,and need to use a bipap machine but cannot breathe with my nose right now.... Nutshell of misery is enduring the virus that I am hosting in my body My body that feels constant pain in my right leg for no reason except just because ...and it is not a belly ache as some mock. NO it is burning at the stake pain, a live amputation. I Do So have a good pain tolerance!!! I have been through labor and childbirth and a C section. Ok boys try being sliced in half to pop out a baby and then being stitched inside stapled outside and then pop a baby aspirin so I can breast feed safely. And foolish women sing the joys of experiencing the natural experiences so I did I until those double peaking contractions that failed to do much.....yes pain and me are old buddies. This nerve pain is childbirth Godzilla steroid style. It is dental pain wile your finger is stuck in a light socket. Ok....so I am getting an implant to turn it down....does that prove it is a not normal pain yet??? So then my incontinence issue is not a thing except the stroke added more weakness so I wear a leak prevention pad....my ego identity is involved here... So when I got to snf, they did not offer pads,but had pull ups or diapers. It took no time to love pull ups. Easy convenient yet often leaky but ok I missed undergarments but never had to worry about lost laundry.... But the home does not proedvide pull ups now I cal)led the ombudsman twice. She said the home is obligated to provide incontinence supply...and it did. Maybe not what I wanted but they did not have to provide pullups or pads. Not even maxi pads. So I spoke to my PC, she understood and sent an order to the medical supply Co and......I was happy until it called me saying they do not deliver to nursing homes..they provide stuff. Ok. So I will. Does any one get this get me? Should I be taken at my level ...but they say all the same.... No one comes to change me See they said i am independent not incontinent. What dictionary are the using? I cannot talk anymore to statues. But I am sitting in a diaper. I am here. It falls when I walk. Comes off when I pull up my pants It sags to my knees and it is dry. So they came in and said you need larger ones. I said I am swimming here. They brought bigger ones that are prettier color but when we put it on it was nearly a one piece bathing suit. So back to other one. I will adjust to this. As I always do. But I fight to not be in a wheelchair. It hurts to walk so bad. When toilet was out in my room i used commode. Not a bed pan.not a diaper. So they told me to change myself. I need coordination. I cannot do it. So I will purchase some myself for outings but here I am in diapers. Why is my identity fighting this. I am having problems yes.