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    Video Games (Online MMO), home remodeling (though I can't do what I use to), cooking and I really don't mind being my Wife's "house elf". She likes how things get done when she is gone. ;)
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  1. Happy Anniversary tonyfrasier!

  2. Happy Anniversary tonyfrasier!

  3. tonyfrasier

    Oh, last note. I'll get working on my story again once I'm back to normal. The computer takes a ton from me and I balance my energy that I have with what I have to do. Exercise routine first and then back to my hobbies!! :juggle:
  4. tonyfrasier

    Continuing the Battle

    I came to the boards with a vengeance in late October; a bit part of it was I felt I was losing ground and was looking for some support and advice to try and change the tide. I've been away the past few months because I got that bad. The community here combined with my will to fight and my initial care team 700 miles away I was able to get my garbage doctor here to run some tests. I call him garbage because anytime I went to him with my issues he would remind me that I had a stroke and I needed to rest and pace any of us forget that we had a stroke. Out of those tests my liver
  5. tonyfrasier

    I have to admit that I did a search for stroke on Ted and when I saw the title I thought it was someone that had a "good idea fairy" whack them on the head and they wanted to talk about it. Thank you SO SO SO much for watching and sharing. As soon as I read your post last night, I pulled it up and listened to it while I cooked dinner and then again in bed to share with my wife. It's wonderful to be able to listen to someone who can take and verbalize their experiences the way I'm unable. I thrilled to hear that someone understands first hand how I felt/feeling. As far as embedding the
  6. tonyfrasier

    Everyone has been too kind, thank you very much for the feedback/comments. I'm running a little slow working on the next part. The past week has been more down than up so I've been selective on where I spend my energy. I promise I plan on getting it all written out.
  7. tonyfrasier

    The Dark Days, Saudi Arabia

    I figured out by one of my previous social workers that writing about everything from the event post stroke though today helps to provide a measuring stick to where I was to where I am now. This is not why I wrote my initial story that was posted in the introduction forums; but I will get to why in one of my blogs later down the line. I’ve always had the intent to rewrite it as a full story and not keep “fixing” it for each occasion. I think I’ve rewritten it 4-5 times at this point. I want to have my full story so I can look back on it decades from now and see where I’ve come f
  8. ¤ø„¸¨°º¤ø„¸ Happy Birthday ¸„ø¤º°¨¸„ø¤

  9. ¤ø„¸¨°º¤ø„¸ Happy Birthday ¸„ø¤º°¨¸„ø¤

  10. ¤ø„¸¨°º¤ø„¸ Happy Birthday ¸„ø¤º°¨¸„ø¤

  11. Reading though most of these gives me pause and understanding on all the tests that I remember doing on me. Some pretty cool ones too (though science eyes, no one likes tests!!). I had a minor vehicle accident that dissected my basilar artery causing a brain stem stroke. On a similar note, this stroke and all the tests that went with it told me how healthy I was. Low cholesterol, borderline BP (but still good), good heart, lungs, bloodwork, etc. I was in decent shape too. Several think that is the only reason I'm doing as well as I am and now cling to it and chase down my good health.
  12. Welcome to the forums tonyfrasier :)

    1. tonyfrasier


      Thank you!! I'll post my story shortly, just not sure how much I want to share. I have a rather interesting, long story.