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  1. smarshall

  2. smarshall

    Hi Kelli, I was given Trazadone too. It worked well, but I couldn't continue. (Major brain fog the morning after. ) Hope you have a better experience!
  3. smarshall

    Agree! My 'gratitude chip' started working soon after I wrote the initial post. As it turns out my ex and his family will be there, and even though I don't bare any ill feelings I look at not going as a plus.
  4. smarshall

    Thanks for your responses. My son lives about 1½ hours from me; he can't come because he's on call and has to stay close to home. I'm not feeling down about it today, which is nice! I appreciate your responses, thanks again.
  5. smarshall

    Home alone Thanksgiving...again

    My son has to be on call for work on Thanksgiving, so he's invited a bunch of people to his new house. My husband has to work, I don't drive; I can't go. It's been years since my stroke, and I think I've done a pretty decent job of accepting my physical deficits. Today though, this really, really, really stinks!
  6. smarshall

    Whatever happened to do the right thing? Kelli's right - that IS shameful!
  7. smarshall

    Having Difficulty

    I'm having a rough, emotional morning. A close friend of the family recently had a cardiac event that hospitalized him, and after having an MRI, it was determined that there was evidence of two old strokes. I haven't spoken to him directly, he hasn't any paralysis, and have learned that he seems very confused, can't drive, and his brother couldn't understand him while talking with him on the phone. Apparently he's seeing his PMD this Friday. I realize that he and his wife are taking care of it in their own way, and that's the way it is, but I'm really scared for him. I think it
  8. smarshall

    Hi Kelli, I (tried) reading the link, and can't seem to process the information. When you do find out more about NLP, I'd love it if you could explain it in a different, possibly easier way? Thanks!
  9. smarshall

    An 'FYI' for you, there's a physical therapist available on this site that might be able to answer your questions. (Under the drop-down 'Quicklinks' there's a link going to, 'Ask The Expert.') My best guess, (It would be a guess) is that regression is pretty common.
  10. smarshall

    Spring, my favorite season...

    I love Spring! New life, warmer weather, no insects... then why am I so miserable? I figured it out; when it's either hot and humid or cold and icy, I don't mind being inside; heck I prefer it! I am physically unable to do much of anything. Rake? Pull dead grass? Take a drive somewhere with the dog and hike? Nope, nope and nope. I'm usually able to accept my new life, yet I still have days when I want to shake my fist to the sky and yell, "THIS REALLY SUCKS!" So I sit on the porch with my pooch, feel the warmer breeze on my face, notice that my rose bush has bud
  11. Hi Jay, My 2¢ Have you ever just sat her down and told her, (With love) what you can and cannot do? (She may already be aware and wants you to feel included.) (Having 'said' that, Kelli may be right on the money!) Susan
  12. smarshall

    Hi there, Many years ago I went to a headache specialist; he had me keep a log/diary for about 3 months. We looked at possible triggers, like food, weather, hormones, etc. I also had to stop any and all caffeine. He put me on a couple of different meds from the 'triptan' family; the medication was too $$ for me and didn't always work. Since hormones aren't a factor any longer, (menopause) I'm primarily bothered by impending bad weather, and have been waking with a headache now for years = sleep study. Much luck with getting to the bottom of your headaches, and I wish you
  13. smarshall

    Your writing is beautiful, and descriptive in such a way that I, as a survivor, can (almost) understand what it must be like for you. You have a very special gift. Susan