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  1. Crystal, welcome to the site, it's a good one! Having a safe place to ask questions, vent - whatever, (Where people 'get it') is extremely helpful!
  2. Welcome!
  3. Hi Kelli, I was given Trazadone too. It worked well, but I couldn't continue. (Major brain fog the morning after. ) Hope you have a better experience!
  4. Hi Mac, No, you're definitely NOT alone OR crazy! (I think the majority of us can relate!) Please feel free to ask anything you want; we're here on and off at varying times throughout the day.
  5. Hi, I've taken a bunch of flights since my stroke, (1996) I always do my reservations by phone, tell them I'm disabled, and ask for "bulkhead seating." (No seats in front of you, and more room.) Have fun!
  6. (((((Mike))))) geese! I know people tend to fare well with great obstacles in their way, and your positive attitude is outstanding! WTG!
  7. Welcome to the group, Brian, I had a trache for about the first month and a half; when I finally could eat - I did. Heather's on to something! (I know a woman who's lost her sense of smell, and her eating has suffered.) Take care, I hope the situation resolves itself soon.
  8. This happens to me all the time! Accepting and being okay with it has taken some time; it has though. ...and it just happened again - I was thinking of what I was going to write ----> it's gone!
  9. Welcome to the group!
  10. Hi Lisa, What helps me a lot when I'm trying to have somebody understand, (Or even begin to understand) is being able to give them a written copy of whatever. I've done it with the 'Spoon Theory' and other things. (I use my printer a lot!) That way I don't tire myself out trying to explain something. Dance away!
  11. I freeze if it's dark, and have to have nightlights. I always have a flashlight near me in case the power goes out too. I had a bad fall one night in the dark, and banged my cheek on an edge of a coffee table. (Thankfully nothing was broken, but it swelled like crazy! I don't have external pain sensation on that side, so it didn't hurt either.) Ever since ---> nightlights!
  12. Hi, and welcome to the group! I was 36 when I had mine. (I understand) Please make yourself at home... chat, blog, vent, ask questions - whatever you need!