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Stroke Survivor - female
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  1. smarshall

    Happens to me all the time! (A LOT of sticky notes help, and I user the timer on the stove too.)
  2. smarshall

    WELCOME to the site, Watson!
  3. smarshall

    Hi, It could be anxiety, regardless, please get yourself checked out!
  4. smarshall

    Crystal, welcome to the site, it's a good one! Having a safe place to ask questions, vent - whatever, (Where people 'get it') is extremely helpful!
  5. smarshall

  6. smarshall

  7. smarshall

    Hi Kelli, I was given Trazadone too. It worked well, but I couldn't continue. (Major brain fog the morning after. ) Hope you have a better experience!
  8. smarshall

  9. smarshall

    Hi Mac, No, you're definitely NOT alone OR crazy! (I think the majority of us can relate!) Please feel free to ask anything you want; we're here on and off at varying times throughout the day.
  10. smarshall

    Hi, I've taken a bunch of flights since my stroke, (1996) I always do my reservations by phone, tell them I'm disabled, and ask for "bulkhead seating." (No seats in front of you, and more room.) Have fun!
  11. smarshall

  12. smarshall

    (((((Mike))))) geese! I know people tend to fare well with great obstacles in their way, and your positive attitude is outstanding! WTG!
  13. smarshall

    Welcome to the group, Brian, I had a trache for about the first month and a half; when I finally could eat - I did. Heather's on to something! (I know a woman who's lost her sense of smell, and her eating has suffered.) Take care, I hope the situation resolves itself soon.
  14. smarshall

    This happens to me all the time! Accepting and being okay with it has taken some time; it has though. ...and it just happened again - I was thinking of what I was going to write ----> it's gone!
  15. smarshall

    Welcome to the group!