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  1. An 'FYI' for you, there's a physical therapist available on this site that might be able to answer your questions. (Under the drop-down 'Quicklinks' there's a link going to, 'Ask The Expert.') My best guess, (It would be a guess) is that regression is pretty common.
  2. Doug
  3. eye exam
  4. Bartender
  5. Winter (I'm not an insect fan & hate humidity) Lasagna or Rib-eye steak with baked potato?
  6. Spring, my favorite season...

    I love Spring! New life, warmer weather, no insects... then why am I so miserable? I figured it out; when it's either hot and humid or cold and icy, I don't mind being inside; heck I prefer it! I am physically unable to do much of anything. Rake? Pull dead grass? Take a drive somewhere with the dog and hike? Nope, nope and nope. I'm usually able to accept my new life, yet I still have days when I want to shake my fist to the sky and yell, "THIS REALLY SUCKS!" So I sit on the porch with my pooch, feel the warmer breeze on my face, notice that my rose bush has buds on it, and be grateful that I can get to the porch, feel the breeze on my face, and see those buds...
  7. For me it would be my balance. Susan
  8. Cooking in the beginning for me became more difficult. I learned over time to read the recipe, and actually get stuff ready before I start. (Like a cooking show) I still have mega dishes to wash, and usually quite a mess to clean up. Sometimes I prep food the day before, like chopping vegetables. (That is a MAJOR time saver, not to mention personal energy saver!) Cooking's no fun when exhausted. Susan
  9. WELCOME, Jan! There's a great bunch of friendly, supportive people here who "get it." Susan
  10. Same here. The right side of my face & tongue are paralyzed, and that makes it a tad more difficult. I have difficulty with "R", and "EY" sounds. (Put them together I sound like Barbwa Wawa) When I'm tired - forget it! Susan
  11. You too! Happy Easter!
  12. Hi, I had a particular headache on and off for years that disappeared once I had the stroke. I had hormonal migraines also that caused them; since menopause it seems I'm rather sensitive to changes in weather, (Barometric pressure) and still get them. I am not a physician, and need to ask if you've talked with your doctor about them? Susan
  13. Welcome! This is a great site; ask questions, vent - whatever you need. Hope to meet up with you in the chat room! Susan
  14. Hi Jay, My 2¢ Have you ever just sat her down and told her, (With love) what you can and cannot do? (She may already be aware and wants you to feel included.) (Having 'said' that, Kelli may be right on the money!) Susan