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  1. "I totally relate. I just urge you to not be afraid to seek out help,relief,understanding from a good pain clinic. It is not what we can tolerate...we are not wimps....we endure much more than anyone can fathom without sympathy.. pain changes one...changes chemistry...stress hormones increase ..we live in a hostile place,our own bodies, daily ptsd because pain follows us. we are strong, brave, full of hope, daring to seek relief where others will not step....we are inside ourselves,pain is isolationg, so we need to tell this to someone like a burning secret please see me please see pain please share strength my best memory now of this was when I was sobbing in pain without enough meds in the hospital and the nurses were hostile because I was witchy and a doctor held onto my hand and arm telling me she heard me, believed me, and was listening,and would call my pain team. I am not really the person they see in pain. Those that know better are out there. I know my body,my mind,myself...and I deserve respect that I can advocate. That I can be scared and strong simultaneously. I understand you sister. I suggest music,aromatherapy soap,candle,oil, some comfort item like blanket...i use big scarf so it isnt obvious...distracting thing like game on phone to get thru a bad spell. no one desires to take meds, but do whatever it takes for a life you can live. no shame. this is not punishment,not payback. This is a journey that is difficult,be proud we can be up to the task, we need eachother." You are such an inspiration! I do have a small heat wrap that I use on the side that bothers me. I don't feel the heat due to sensory deficits on that side, but it is somehow comforting. Meds don't give me any type of relief. I do have friend who swear by this woman who does aromatherapy, message, acupuncture, etc., I may just give her a call. Thank you!
  2. Thanks, Scott. I'll keep you in my prayers also!
  3. Hi, I've been having quite a time for the past few months; my CP has become very painful 24/7. So much so that I don't often use that arm anymore. (My hemorrhage was bilateral, but I still have use of my limbs) Nothing really helps alleviate the pain. I needed to share that. Thanks, Susan M.
  4. Offending people was certainly not my intent. Misinformation is misinformation.
  5. I went to a stroke support group for a while after I got out of rehab, and one of our guest speakers spoke about equine therapy, (riding horses) and if/when the survivor was ready, to consider the Special Olympics. Most of us were initially shocked; she spoke about the games not being only for the mentally challenged. It's unfortunate that that's what most people think of because that part of it makes the news; there's really so much more.
  6. Hi Mark, Let me add my 2¢ and welcome you to an outstanding site; please make yourself at home!
  7. Well put! Each of us in our own time.
  8. Yup, the words 'Clinically Proven' make me cringe.
  9. Try to see if it works for you. I have a HUGE fear of falling still; I tend to be very deliberate and careful now. (Unfortunately that fear didn't go away for me as I fell once, and ended up getting three surgeries.)
  10. Benni, that's quite the dilemma. Having the use of one hand leads me to think Scott's reply makes sense; am I correct that it's your land? Maybe a practice run or two would help alleviate some of the stress. Fear of falling, fear of looking foolish, etc., has had me sit out and not partake in quite a few things. I'm getting braver now, and really don't give a rats a** what people may think. (As long as personal safety isn't an issue, I go 4 it!) In the end ----> DO WHAT'S RIGHT FOR YOU!
  11. Whatever happened to do the right thing? Kelli's right - that IS shameful!
  12. Having Difficulty

    I'm having a rough, emotional morning. A close friend of the family recently had a cardiac event that hospitalized him, and after having an MRI, it was determined that there was evidence of two old strokes. I haven't spoken to him directly, he hasn't any paralysis, and have learned that he seems very confused, can't drive, and his brother couldn't understand him while talking with him on the phone. Apparently he's seeing his PMD this Friday. I realize that he and his wife are taking care of it in their own way, and that's the way it is, but I'm really scared for him. I think it stems from my own experience; at the same time my level of emotional response seems (to me) inappropriate. Brain short-circuit?