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  1. smarshall

    It IS hard to explain the feeling to someone who hasn't experienced it. I hope you find relief!
  2. smarshall

    Hi Peter, Welcome! (What Janelle wrote!)
  3. smarshall

    Hi Pete, Welcome! I volunteered on this site, twice, until my eyesight started turning crappy. It helped with my feelings of isolation - a lot! (I lived in the boonies, and couldn't drive anymore) I now live a lot closer to the city, (All 10K of us) and qualify for different state programs - one I use quite a bit is getting rides to appointments, etc. I'm also in a recovery group, and the interaction with others makes a huge difference. When I am by myself in the house It doesn't feel bad anymore. I have a medical alert which I wear around my neck all the time; I chat with people online or on the phone, so it is better then it was.. There are great chats here every day; check out the chat schedule!
  4. smarshall

    Welcome, Mark159, My levels change all the time. I've learned over time that when it's in the 60's and muggy, it's terrible! Aside from that, (for me) there's no rhyme or reason to it.
  5. smarshall

    Me too, Tracy, Fatigue, anxiety, etc., all take their toll! I find I do my best when I take my time. (My having to slow down has taken a few months; hearing, "I didn't get that at all." on more than one occasion spurred me on.)
  6. smarshall

    It IS scary! I've always been told, "The area..." I've not heard the word "lesion", but who knows? One thing I've noticed in my last few MRI and CT reports, is that my brain is shrinking; albeit slowly, and not one of my MD's has ever mentioned it. (I always forget to ask.) I have noticed my memory has gotten worse despite utilizing sites like "Lumosity" - that's scary too!
  7. smarshall

    My son's name is Corey, and I have to pay close attention to the 'rey' part of his name so I don't sound like Barbara Walters! (It was 'Cowey' for years)
  8. smarshall

    Accepting, adapting - you are so right!
  9. smarshall

    Hi Alan, I've often wondered how accommodating the staff would be on one of those cruises, your pictures, and sharing about your experience, have me wanting to go even more! THANK YOU!
  10. smarshall

    Happens to me all the time! (A LOT of sticky notes help, and I user the timer on the stove too.)
  11. smarshall

    WELCOME to the site, Watson!
  12. smarshall

    Hi, It could be anxiety, regardless, please get yourself checked out!
  13. smarshall

    Crystal, welcome to the site, it's a good one! Having a safe place to ask questions, vent - whatever, (Where people 'get it') is extremely helpful!
  14. smarshall