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  1. Hi Mac, No, you're definitely NOT alone OR crazy! (I think the majority of us can relate!) Please feel free to ask anything you want; we're here on and off at varying times throughout the day.
  2. Hi, I've taken a bunch of flights since my stroke, (1996) I always do my reservations by phone, tell them I'm disabled, and ask for "bulkhead seating." (No seats in front of you, and more room.) Have fun!
  3. (((((Mike))))) geese! I know people tend to fare well with great obstacles in their way, and your positive attitude is outstanding! WTG!
  4. Welcome to the group, Brian, I had a trache for about the first month and a half; when I finally could eat - I did. Heather's on to something! (I know a woman who's lost her sense of smell, and her eating has suffered.) Take care, I hope the situation resolves itself soon.
  5. This happens to me all the time! Accepting and being okay with it has taken some time; it has though. ...and it just happened again - I was thinking of what I was going to write ----> it's gone!
  6. Welcome to the group!
  7. Hi Lisa, What helps me a lot when I'm trying to have somebody understand, (Or even begin to understand) is being able to give them a written copy of whatever. I've done it with the 'Spoon Theory' and other things. (I use my printer a lot!) That way I don't tire myself out trying to explain something. Dance away!
  8. I freeze if it's dark, and have to have nightlights. I always have a flashlight near me in case the power goes out too. I had a bad fall one night in the dark, and banged my cheek on an edge of a coffee table. (Thankfully nothing was broken, but it swelled like crazy! I don't have external pain sensation on that side, so it didn't hurt either.) Ever since ---> nightlights!
  9. Hi, and welcome to the group! I was 36 when I had mine. (I understand) Please make yourself at home... chat, blog, vent, ask questions - whatever you need!
  10. Agree!
  11. Thankfully I had mine while I was at work; if I had been home I wouldn't be writing this. My work place was just down the street from the hospital, (I had worked there too; they knew me) and I got great care. (Which I don't remember) Life hasn't been the same. I have a 'laundry list' of physical and cognitive deficits, and sometimes I think I'm having a great day if I can make it to the couch! That being said, I've been at this a long time, years. I can't remember how long it took me to accept the new and different me, and I still have my negative moments; I think we all do. What's happened to you sucks; nobody wants to join this group. My guess is that acceptance will come to you at some point, and your focus will change.
  12. YUP! I haven't sensation on my entire LT side, and have many bruises that I can't explain. (The occasional cut too) I don't have use of my RT eye, so I'm constantly clipping my RT shoulder in doorways, and have terrible depth perception. (I tend to misjudge the distance between my head and counters,and tables, etc. I learned after a few forehead dings to give them a healthy distance when I bend down. Holding on to the edge of a counter, or whatever, seems to help) We adapt!
  13. (I'd watch that series!) Having a decent sense of humor certainly helps!
  14. I just finished downloading it - thank you!