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  1. Meds be they natural or synthetic, work for some people, and not for others. For myself, if I'm interested I'll try something, it'll work or it won't.
  2. I'll have 22 years of post-stroke recovery next Wednesday, and what scottm wrote has been my reality.
  3. If it were me, I'd suggest getting him checked in the ER when it's happening. I'd even go so far as getting him there by ambulance; that way they'd see him first. (No waiting in the waiting room)
  4. Yes. I was on it for years, and it did help with some of the pain I had. (Hope you get some relief!)
  5. Kids are usually great! Telling them that, "My brain got hurt." or to little kids, "The inside if my head has a boo-boo." usually do the trick. I have one eye closed, and a marked facial droop, so I do get stared at quite a bit. (Adults usually look at me as though I have six heads). I think raising awareness, and educating would help.
  6. Thank you!
  7. WELCOME!! (I like your quote about worry; I have one too:'Worry is downpayment on a debt you might not owe.')
  8. Yes! It usually happens when I'm asleep, and thankfully only happens a few times a year. I wake up coughing, sputtering, drooling - it's like a flood in my mouth!! I haven't sought any type of solution as it happens randomly, so I can't help you there. Hope you find a solution, Becky. ((((hug))))
  9. I was taught this also, and it works for me. I still have trouble with stuff like rice, corn, peas - that small firm texture seems to get me every time! Through the years my swallowing liquids has improved. I did use straws for a while, but with me it seems that there's one area in my throat that reacts rather violently when hit with fluid, straws or no straws. (I can't tell you how many time I've spit coffee, water - whatever - all over!) I've also lost the ability to close my throat. I can't gargle, and trips to the dentist can get interesting.
  10. Be it one day, one year, 10 years, 30 years - whatever, a survivor is a survivor. I would like to think that someone with years of experience with this post stroke life may be able to offer some hope. Longevity can be powerful.
  11. I've had word retrieval difficulty since my stroke, and am just now finding the scientific name for it. ANOMIC APHASIA https://www.aphasia.org/aphasia-resources/anomic-aphasia/
  12. Deigh, you're a good guy!
  13. (nice to know I'm definitely not alone!)