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  1. smarshall

    It never ceases to surprise me how many meds treat different ailments. "Carbamazepine, sold under the trade name Tegretol, among others, is an anticonvulsant medication used primarily in the treatment of epilepsy and neuropathic pain."
  2. smarshall

    Hi, It's been my experience that anytime I've seen a NP or PA, they routinely need to run everything by an MD. (That in Vermont - other locations - ??) I had a massive hemorrhage in 1996, and I've taken a baby aspirin, (81mg) a day for years. (Though that's me.)
  3. smarshall

    Hi, Wondering if any of you have undergone major surgery since your stroke? Thanks,
  4. smarshall

    One of my closest friends and I used to play each other online after she moved. With my word retrieval being so bad now, I've stopped. I do crosswords, (easy ones) puzzles, and visit the "Lumosity" site now and then. Success with those have helped.
  5. smarshall

    Hi Becky, I stay away from milk, butter, and red meat, and like you wrote, fried foods, fast food, etc. (Once in a while I'll indulge just to keep it interesting!)
  6. smarshall

    Hi Tracy, I had horrible side-effects, (Not neurological or cognitive) and had to stop it altogether. I'm watching my diet, and have cut-out a few foods; my primary is pleased with my numbers - so it's all good!
  7. smarshall

    My dominant side is about 60%, (mobility), and my other side has sensory deficits. It's an interesting life!
  8. smarshall

    Anyone who hasn't either had a stroke, TBI, - whatever - can't truly understand. The same goes for any illness, etc., etc., etc. It took me a while to "get" that. I still have times when I need to "educate" someone on my physical, and/or emotional limitations; thankfully those times have become less and less.
  9. smarshall

    Hi Scott, As with anything, CBD works for some, but not all. My Mom loves it - it doesn't do a thing for me. I hope you find relief!
  10. smarshall

    Hi Nicole, Same thing has been happening to me since day one! I read an outstanding explanation for it years ago, but of course can't find it now. I do remember that it has something to do with Ataxia effecting the eyes. (I believe the old website I read it from was 'wemove.org')
  11. Due to my facial paralysis I've only been able to chew on my left side. It seems I have developed TMD on that side, and it hurts to chew. My dentist has recommended soft foods, a night guard, ice pack, etc., etc. I guess filling up on soft sides will be it for me today. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!
  12. smarshall

    It IS hard to explain the feeling to someone who hasn't experienced it. I hope you find relief!
  13. smarshall

  14. smarshall

    Hi Kelli, I was given Trazadone too. It worked well, but I couldn't continue. (Major brain fog the morning after. ) Hope you have a better experience!