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  1. Hi Tracy, I have this periodically too; one of my eye docs told me it was directly related to the stroke. 'Insufficient tears' I use a myriad of different eyedrops, (thickness) depending on the severity, and sometimes I use an ointment at night. I was told NOT to run a fan, low humidity does a number on me, and wind is terrible. I had to have my right eyelids stitched shut permanently because that eye didn't make any tears at all anymore, and having to use a thicker eyedrop multiple times a day became very pricey. (If you want the name of the thicker eyedrop, p.m. me) Susan
  2. My constant companion; he answers to 'wiggle bum' (Anyone know how to resize pictures?)
  3. Me too, Pam. What has made a difference for me is having two, (2) lists of questions and things I want to discuss; one for me and one for the doctor. We go through them together. Susan
  4. Janelle, (Just call it a 'brain fart') I have use of all my limbs, but my entire left side hasn't sensation, so my husband brought a pair of welding gloves to use. (They come way up my arm, and are impervious to heat) Do I use them all the time? I do now! Susan
  5. Scott, WTG! I think it's fantastic that you've found something you like to do! Susan
  6. This is a description I can relate to! Susan
  7. I'm fortunate I think; the time change has never bothered me. Susan
  8. Your writing is beautiful, and descriptive in such a way that I, as a survivor, can (almost) understand what it must be like for you. You have a very special gift. Susan
  9. Map

    Hi Deigh. Click on the 'Quick Links' at the top of the page, and 'members map' will be one of your choices. Click on that, and you'll be brought to that page At the top right there should be a button reading, 'Add Location.' (It took me a few seconds to orient myself to the proper location) Susan
  10. Hi Don! Welcome to the site. Lots of good information, and caring people! Susan 🌻
  11. Hi Tracy, It's so hard at times, isn't it? Before my daughter moved in with her dad when she was 15, (She was 12 when I had the stroke) we would occasionally butt-heads. If I got upset over anything I would spit and sputter, and not make any sense at all. (Which of course exacerbated the problem.🙄) As much as I wanted to be 'more' like a mom, it seemed that whatever I tried just didn't work, so I backed away. 'Tough love' in a sense. I told her I loved her no matter what, and that it wasn't good for me to be getting so upset. If she needed me, wanted to talk - whatever, I was there, but I would stay out of it. If I think positively about the stroke, it's made my kids a lot more self-reliant. (A good thing.) Susan (((hug)))
  12. Hi

  13. I make a LOT of meals with a slow cooker; they're super easy to use, and there are some very tasty, (and easy) recipes/cook books available. Susan