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  1. worryisamisuse

    For more context: we are in a short-term relationship that has lasted ten months so far. Neither of us think it will lead anywhere like marriage. We're enjoying each other's company, but don't think it will go anywhere. There is no spark. So that helps take pressure off.
  2. worryisamisuse

    It is a lot of work. You are you're own worst critic too. I think the expectations I have of myself are higher than his. And thus the constant reminders not to worry by him. It is difficult, I did not feel like it was time, and I doubted myself so many times, but I do feel like it is getting easier. I told him I was writing about this and he said he can be contacted. I have had three strokes. I was in a relationship after my first and second. So I remember it being rocky, but I missed the highs.
  3. worryisamisuse

    I was lucky. On online dating I messaged him first. Twice. I'm assertive. Apparently haha I like this group for support but it can't really meet someone new, that you want to meet in person on here. Because people live all over. I approach people and I start conversations in person and give them my contact information also. Romantic and non romantic interests. I do pretty well. But me and the guy I'm dating both remind me to other not to worry. I am getting there.
  4. worryisamisuse

    Yeah I can see how having the wrong partner would be more of a burden than a help. I just want help. I know I am somewhat in denial, but also I know that I can get a lot more accomplished when someone is there to help. Someone I like. I can see how the parenthood thing would exist, I am just not there yet.
  5. worryisamisuse

    I think remembering that you are saying it for yourself is a really good idea.
  6. worryisamisuse

    That is so true but I am still internalizing it.
  7. worryisamisuse

    Yeah I think I need to become more aware of what precautions and things I should look out for are... I had not even mastered the dating game before my stroke! Now the rules have changed.
  8. worryisamisuse

    I so want to talk about the differences I have felt with and without a romantic partner. I am still in a relationship by the way. We think of it as short-term and not serious even though it has been 10 months. I see him about once a week and he gives me a lot of acceptance.
  9. worryisamisuse

    Yay? A lot of my stuff is pretty obvious.
  10. worryisamisuse

    Update: I have been dating someone for a couple of months.
  11. worryisamisuse

    Thank you for sharing the video. I feel like we have a lot in common. Yes every brain and every case is different, but I also have nystagmus. I got glasses for the first time less than three years ago: with prism lenses, stick on and then ground in. I cannot remember if I have had it since the first stroke, and it just got worse with the progressive strokes? I think. I have dysarthria that started after stroke two. I have a hand/neck tremor that began after stroke 3. Because of complaints of mine about the tremor, I was on gabapentin for short time, but I quickly got off. I am wary of side effects, like seizures. I am on no pharmaceuticals. I use a wheelchair and walker to ambulate though. Oh ataxia. For vision and dating: I tend to stare some because it takes me time to focus... :/
  12. worryisamisuse

    Ya, for already known partners. "In sickness and health", right? I just don't know the how, what and when especially when it's already new and awkward...
  13. worryisamisuse

    Ya Ed, thank you. Kelli: Tell me about your visual stuff? I'm still learning about mine. Bars... I used to live (moved recently) near one and got help there from some regulars. I drank a few times there, but with balance issues already, I learned... Ya, I don't really know how much to disclose. I am/was complicated with this who suffered a SCI 11 years ago. There's a lot I share with him. But I KNOW that isn't always the case.
  14. worryisamisuse

    Tell me more about you and risk management? For "worry is a misuse of imagination", ya it is for sure easier to say then do. For "I do what I have to, there's not really any choice" Yes!! It is so hard to do this, and also hard to not envious of others... Ya, I'm more limited, but with patience and understanding I can do a lot! It drives me crazy when other's force their impatience on me. And :) Asha and Sue
  15. worryisamisuse

    Asha! Ya I used to be more involved in this site, and I need to re-resume. I have been debating if my rebirth age should be marked by my first or last stroke (emotional or physical recovery kinda) *shrugs*