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  1. worryisamisuse

    Tell me more about you and risk management? For "worry is a misuse of imagination", ya it is for sure easier to say then do. For "I do what I have to, there's not really any choice" Yes!! It is so hard to do this, and also hard to not envious of others... Ya, I'm more limited, but with patience and understanding I can do a lot! It drives me crazy when other's force their impatience on me. And :) Asha and Sue
  2. worryisamisuse

    Asha! Ya I used to be more involved in this site, and I need to re-resume. I have been debating if my rebirth age should be marked by my first or last stroke (emotional or physical recovery kinda) *shrugs*
  3. worryisamisuse

    "Wonder Woman"

    Ya, ya, I'm amazing. I have and am overcoming a lot, and I have many able-bodied friend and family members, but I would like to make friends and share more BI hardships, or I met a guy who suffered a SCI who I have a lot of similarities with too... Basically if you're amazing (and you probably are) you should talk with me. What's the worst that could happen?
  4. Happy Anniversary worryisamisuse!

  5. Happy Anniversary worryisamisuse!

  6. worryisamisuse

    https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=fZly12eGpNA Pam, I am very sorry to hear about your misfortunes. Per the lack of physical therapy, you are a determined person and you can do your own physical therapy. I have had to before I know it is not the same but it's something. Here is a song that I recently found that I think is fitting. Of course it does not fit your scenario perfectly but possibly the emotion
  7. Happy Birthday worryisamisuse!

  8. worryisamisuse


    I haven't been in this site since February because I had another stroke 2/14 making my tally 3. I feel like overall it is getting easier to cope with because the deficits and ways to overcome them are familiar. I think the hardest deficits are the new ones. I have a lot more tremor in my right (so I am learning to be a lot more left handed). Also I have never had glasses before, but I need them for sure now, but because I have two more procedures to get rid of the AVM the doctors want to wait until everything is finished to get me a prescription, which makes sense, but still leaves me in limbo. I know it could be a lot worse. My 25th birthday is Tuesday, so I'm having over a bunch of people I haven't seen in months if not years tomorrow. I am also getting more to a place where I can be happy with not being as I once was, and still finding new things or adapting things so I can do them. I am hoping to resume Patient Advocacy classes in the fall. <3
  9. worryisamisuse

    What is the site for filing a complaint? I don't need it at the moment just want it for future possibilities
  10. worryisamisuse

    My biggest bureaucratic mess was having a doctor say he hasn't received a referral for a semi-urgent matter for 4 months and 3/4 times following after they said they sent it. I still don't know who's end the error was on, but it did finally go though. The insurance rep you refer to, is that similar to a third party (doesn't directly work for the insurance company) case manager I have? On multiple occasions she's found an auth we're waiting on is sitting on someone's desk who's on vacation. She's wonderful. I'm happy for you getting a walker! I'm between a walker and quad cane, so I understand completely the difference in feeling of security the two provide.
  11. worryisamisuse

    I am a big foodie so I have the same problem with not having the ability to spontaneously get stuff. Luckily I've always hoarded food and pre-empt my cravings. I'm gonna look for that first tea, it sounds good. What class do you have Monday?
  12. worryisamisuse

    I'm sorry your body isn't behaving, my incontinence is flaring up again. I don't know why and it makes me feel so out of control. Yay for up and coming normalcy!
  13. worryisamisuse

    I haven't been driving for a bit over a year. I just took my car keys off my ring, and I do have hope that I will get back to driving, I'm just not sure when. I feel the same about a similar jitney service here. What service did you use that was state funded for re-learning to drive? I have to keep telling myself at least I can't cause harm to others or myself too.
  14. I was happy and in a good place because I moved the shower bench out of the tub and just stand (and lean) now and as others have said can happen, my bladder problems subsided! Both of these things happened a bit over a week ago, and made me extremely happy and like progress was being made. Also I bought a bunch of the stroke bracelets and have given some to my therapists to give out, as well a few stroke survivors plus caregivers. This felt really good, I told the survivors + caregivers what they are going through is really hard and to wear the bracelets proudly. I'm also going to bring some to a new Stoke Support Group (which I really want to purpose helping to put together a resource list for, and I need to be careful this isn't part of spreading myself too thin...) I started an online Patient Advocacy a bit under two weeks ago, which I love the learning, but I can already feel it is a bit much for me and I feel myself making decisions of whether to do rehab exercises (Physical and Speech) or do course reading and homework. I think even without the rehab stuff I would have somewhat of an inferiority complex. The class is through UCLA extension and I'd say the average age of my classmates is +20 my senor. I like getting A's, B's are ok, and I really rarely get C's. I'm trying to get myself more comfortable and ok with getting a C in this. It's my first class post-stroke, doing rehab exercises are as or more important, and C's are ok. Yesterday I got really frustrated and emotional over the stress of a due assignment, then I realized I needed to eat and hadn't slept enough the night before and those two things were not helping. I told my PT this and he said it sounded a typical 20-something dilemma lol I like the idea of having a typical 20-something situation, even if it is a dilemma. Also I have an AVM still and on Monday I saw a new doctor about possible ways to precede. A bit under a year ago 2 embolizations of 4/5 were completed with the end aim to surgically remove a smaller AVM. The third one ended in a hemorrhage. The original statistics I thought that I understood was that there is a 4% chance of a burst aneurysm every year, and that seemed like it was more open to a choice of what to do. Especially when a 5% risk of surgical complication had already happened. Monday he conveyed the 4% risk compounds every year and I basically had to remove it, especially now that it's bled twice. Trying to warm up the idea of surgeries, I think the last time they were using a 2d camera and this hospital has access to a 3d one. Also this doctor has treated 1,200 AVM's. I just don't want to have to relearn everything again. I'm ready to move forward and past this. I was after the first one too. Thanks for reading.
  15. worryisamisuse

    Saying no is hard. I'm reading The Gentle Art of Verbal Self Defense, I recommend it.