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  1. Sounds like he or she is a great surgeon, but I see u felt the fear and went for it anyways! We can all learn from that perspective and we sometimes have to take risks, or we'll be bogged down by regrets.
  2. Ok that makes sense, that sounds like u had a lot to overcome. That's amazing your calf and ankle are doing that well after muscle shortening. Luckily my stroke wasn't that severe, but thanks again for sharing your experience it's so hard to figure out the right way to go sometimes when recoveries so subjective. Which is why I love to here other survivors takes on these things.
  3. Thanks for the feedback, I have a bioness, used it religiously for a yr. I've even got several rounds of botox, so maybe this will do the trick.
  4. Becky1 yes that sounds god awful, I have to say u and Heathers response has made me a little less optimistic but imo what do I have to lose. Literally nothing else has gotten me to where I want. So I'm hoping I can get something good out of using, even if it only makes my walking look more fluid out in public. Which is where I'd only use it.
  5. How does their walking look in the articulated afo's? Heather would u say your Afo had any positive benefits? Or was it just a nightmare to use and did nothing in regards to improve your gait?
  6. Thank you I'm hoping it'll be useful
  7. Your running program physio sounds like they're describing me to a tee, literally my foots lack of eversion is my only big issue. Which also causessome knee instability, I've also used the l300 and it just wasn't correcting my issue. I definitely won't allow myself to become dependent on it, I'm just hoping an Afo can help me get more range of motion in my ankle so I can get this foot stronger.
  8. This could probably help your toe curling problem https://www.flintrehab.com/2016/how-to-fix-curled-toes-after-stroke-causes-treatments-and-tips/
  9. Thank u Bella, it's been a tough journey I literally have been obsessed with recovering. So the hard work has paid off, for your knee bending have u tried bodyweight squats? I used to hold on to something and do 100 everyday which really got my leg stronger. And yes I'm on a few Facebook groups also
  10. Do u have any strength in your foot?
  11. So I haven't used an Afo since about a month or so after my stroke. But a sports rehab therapist who I just started working with claims it can help normalize my gait. I can walk pretty decently in my opinion. I don't need a cane but only when around a lot of ppl. I can jump and even run though it is sloppy. The afo I got fitted for is a custom polypropylene and articulated. Now I'm pretty skeptical of this thing being able to help me but am willing to give it a try and have read they can help with range of motion. Does anyone have any positive experiences with afos and did it help your overall walking?
  12. Slight movement can lead to substantial movement, so keep trying and good luck
  13. Have u tried to passively move your foot? There is evidence to suggest it can help get the muscles firing
  14. There just squeezing your toes and releasing them
  15. T Thanks I've tried some of those, I can activate the muscle but there's no control over it. So I'm occasionally dragging my foot. I feel if I can gain control over it my walking will be almost normal. I've read toe squeezes can help with your foot doing that. That does sound very frustrating, how's your overall leg function?