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  1. Thanks Bella in my opinion anymore movement I get is a positive and I definitely will share the results. Benni yes I don't blame u from my understanding it can be frustrating but it's definitely something worth considering as u get back more movement though
  2. I was just curious to know if anyone out there has done constraint induced movement therapy. I'll be trying it out within the next month or so and would like to hear some experiences. Right now I have pretty much full use of my arm with limited supination and hand extension.
  3. Happy Anniversary ksilvia!

  4. Happy Birthday ksilvia!

  5. Oh okay thanks for the insight I know for myself using the h200 for at least 3 hours every day sometimes more has made my hand very loose plus botox. Yes this recovery process is daunting to say the least good luck also and hopefully this glove does us both some good.
  6. Numnah would you say the saebo glove is better than the h200? I've been using the h200 since Oct of last year and just bought the glove since the h200 sucks for functional tasks and should be here on Monday
  7. Happy Anniversary ksilvia!

  8. Happy Birthday ksilvia!