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  1. In 2015 I had internal bleeding they could not find, they finally figured it was from the warfarin causing me to leak blood into my intestines, etc. Lost enough blood that my 02 was in the 80's and it took several units of blood to top me up. Hasn't happened again...
  2. That was what they put me on. It is quite effective for turning the volume down while also tweaking my mood to be more consistent.
  3. I have a page I maintain on FB and have tried a number of their stroke groups but found them all lacking one way or another and just dropped them after a few weeks of trying them out.
  4. When you reach a certain point, 'just say no' is not an option. Sorry Nancy.
  5. I used to hear about not looking at the floor when walking in rehab. I'd point out that lifting my head was still quite painful because of the muscles in my neck being in a state of contraction which wasn't being addressed. We finally got that resolved, then one day I had to point out that I would be much more likely to succeed if they raised the cone obstacle course to eye level if they didn't want me looking at the floor.
  6. Warfarin is what is in dCON rat poison. It overdoses the rats and they bleed internally.
  7. My wife assures me that women do not ever pass gas.
  8. The last few months I have found myself deleting my posts as soon as I submit then or shortly thereafter. I go back an read them and just get the sense that I didn't really add to the conversation or that my post didn't really have any value to add to the topic at hand. I don't know why but I'd say I delete 80% of my posts within a few minutes of posting them. In looking back I think it started about the time I started with the cymbalta for the CPS. Then again, maybe I'm just showing better judgement in my postings.
  9. I know what you mean. I still tend to start blundering around if I try to look up to far. The tightness of my neck muscles helps to keep me from doing that. I always enjoyed looking into the sky at night. More than once the wife and I took the boat out and anchored in the middle of Tampa Bay to just watch the sky. These days not a lot of people can say they have seen the milky way except in pictures.
  10. I'd love to only have 4 meds, I'm at 12 but my stroke occurred as a result of emergency heart surgery side effects. I'm on warfarin or my daily Dcon as I call it. I'm happy with that because it is easily reversed in an emergency. Does everybody else wear a medic alert for your blood thinner?
  11. Mike, I'm sorry to hear about that. My doctor once lectured me about being cautious standing up and moving around for precisely that reason because of the blood thinners. Glad to hear you are on the mend if slowly and prayers that you recover soon.
  12. Each stroke is different with different recovery profiles. But I think you will find that 3 month limit is nonsense. I a little over 3 years and still progressing, it isn't easy but I'm still moving forward. A doctor once made a simple statement which over time I have found to be mostly true. " if it can be fired, it can be wired", the technical term is neuroplasticity and it is how our brains attempt to rewire after injury. Time is often a friend for people who have had strokes.
  13. Ever read a post on here and then realize you don't remember when you wrote it...awkward.
  14. I can't even guess how many times we've had the 'we saw this, do you remember?' conversation. We usually move on to something else and I'll try to remember to go watch it later...
  15. After 3 years they finally diagnosed my reading difficulties as alexia or acquired dyslexia. My problem and what took so long is that while I have trouble reading because of my eyes hopping around numbers are where I fall down badly. I've been taking a navigation course and struggling and making silly mistakes. Was talking to the therapist and she suggested some tests. Turns out I can't read a sequence of numbers properly. They get all jumbled up and out of sequence. Even if she read them to me and I wrote them down when I read it back it was out of order, although what I had written was not. So while I will continue with the class, it is all based on numbers and numeric notations on a chart. I've decided to forgo the final exam, there is no way I can do the 20 hours of chart work required even if it is open book if I can't understand numbers.