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  1. scottm

    Time and repetition are your friends. Keep working at it.
  2. scottm

    Ed, Glad to hear about the statin issue resolving. Here is a major issue with medical marijuana and its derivatives, no insurance coverage.https://www.wftv.com/news/local/out-of-pocket-costs-for-medical-marijuana-mounts-for-patients/823272514
  3. scottm

    One advantage of my now soft voice is that now people have to lean in to hear me. Although it is sometimes tempting to grab them by the throat sometimes I contain myself.
  4. scottm

    I do but at this point it is to research new meds they put me on so no side effects are ignored or to look up the latest research on central post stroke pain syndrome research so I can be an informed patient.
  5. scottm

    That is awesome. I work most everyday and it can be very hard at times but I've no doubt you will do fine.
  6. scottm

    Noted in my neurologists file...Patient retains his sense of humor.
  7. scottm

    CBD is still considered schedule 1 under federal law along with all cannabis extracts. To be honest the only ones 'recommending' this here in FL are the Marijuana Doctors but they can't prescribe it because of it's schedule so it doesn't end up in the prescription database. Right now it is the wild west here and the marijuana doctors are the new version of the pill mills. Show up, pay you're $200 and you're golden. Repeat every 2-3 months. How it is in other places I can't say.
  8. scottm

    Close to 4 years now and still improving, it's slow and still hard work but I'll suddenly realize I can do something I couldn't before. Patience is your ally, as is sweat but improvement is always possible.
  9. scottm

  10. scottm

    I've gained perspective on what is important and what isn't so much, as a result I'm much more mellow and pragmatic.
  11. Morning is unpleasant for me, sore and getting out of bed into the air conditioned air can trigger my CPS. I have my coffee and head to the office which isn't too bad if I remember to wear something to keep the air away from my skin. But there are worse things so I just go with what I have to work with.
  12. scottm

    That sounds interesting, keep us updated.
  13. scottm

    I've bridged with lovenox when I went off coumadin for a procedure. No problems with it, they just stoped the coumadin and started the bridge about a week before, 2 shots a day morning and night. Afterwards they maintained the bridge for about a week while I restarted the coumadin. Got my INR checked every couple days until it stabilized. My stroke was during open heart surgery but bridging wouldn't have helped as mine was caused by debris breaking loose in the arteries being bypassed. One of the side effects is my entire torso from roughly nipple to a bit below the navel navel has no sensation so sticking me in the midsection is no problem.
  14. scottm

    I had to call the credit card company this morning, I got a fast talker. I had to ask her to stop and speak slower as I have a brain injury and I can't understand when they talk fast. She was nice apologized and slowed down, that is why I hate the phone,I get confused easily. When they did my recent speech therapy sessions they documented me as having a rich vocabulary but slow and thoughtful when I speak. I guess that's good. Has anyone else noticed a difference in how people react when you say you had a stroke vs. I had a brain injury. They don't seem quite so dismissive with the second vs. the first.