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  1. All the end to end scoping indicate no bleeds or at least nothing they can see. This matches the blood work I just got back which while it shows some anemia it is better than 3 months ago, also my A1C is 5.7 and continues it's downward trend. Cholesterol is 135 and BP remains stable at < 140/80. Blood chemistry is normal. Had an echocardiagram and stress test. Both show no changes and my heart is fine so they don't need to see me until next year. I can report that trying to do the 20% grade at a fast walk for 5 minutes was a brutal willpower test as I just refused to stop and my right leg took a couple days to recover. Overall the best report I've had since this all started.
  2. When they ask me which handedness I am I respond with Yes, it depends.
  3. I understand the worry, I had it to when I was first home. Thanksgiving was coming and our son and daughter-in-law were expecting us for dinner at their place along with her parents. I begged to our son off explaining that I still had not mastered silverware and was not someone you wanted to see eating. He graciously accepted that and we stayed home. Then came Christmas and when I tried to get out of it our son told me his wife had something to say. She proceeded to give me such an earful about thinking I would embarrass her. I've not done that again. I just chose my meal carefully and avoided those things I knew could be problematic. She just wanted us there and if I was a hot mess, so be it. We were there and that was what mattered to her. That said, I did practice my picking up and manipulating silverware skills quite a bit before that dinner. Go and enjoy the moment, it will mean a lot to her that you went. Practice, the walk and posture should improve. That funny walk is the badge of a survivor. It sounds like you have a good PT team.
  4. Being a Florida resident who sees doctors here many of which are specialists who have no qualms about referring to someone who can help, I have never been directed toward this doctor. None of my doctors have ever mentioned these breakthrough 'cures' that would bring those dead brain cells back to life. If such a thing existed they would be right on it. Beware of miracle cures that need cash to work...
  5. I had to think on this one awhile. The ability to feel things as in sensations. Having CPS you would think that not feeling the pain would be my choice, but having no other sensations on my right side just makes that seem worse plus I miss the feel of petting the cat or having my wife stroke my right hand. She rubs my right leg to .ease the spasms, I wish I could really feel it.
  6. Going upstairs is difficult, especially for my right leg but it is still getting stronger. Downstairs is an exercise in concentration and a definite technique. Foot goes down until it touches the step then slide foot back until heel hits the riser then finish stepping down. I dread a misstep going down which could cause me to fall. Always I maintain a firm grip on the rail with my good hand.
  7. Myjade, That is how I get in the passenger side, not just because of my leg but because I can't reach the seat belt unless I'm sideways then spin into position. I can then fumble the seat belt into position. I hate it when my grip slips and I have to start over. D'OH
  8. Well, I got the results. I have no active bleeding anywhere in my digestive tract. I've been scoped and filmed from input to output, with and without my normal warfarin dose. The doc is sending me for another blood workup to check my hemoglobin and iron levels. Standing orders remain as any unusual bleeding, shortness of breath or pain in the abdomen is get the the ER and notify her office. I'm a project...errr, complex patient. But it is reassuring to know I do not have any active bleeds, maybe my body just does things differently and anemia is my native state and it just went undetected all these years.
  9. The thing I still have a hard time with is getting into the drivers side of my truck. Have to raise the right leg and get it inside first, I probably look like a wounded animal as I stand there trying to get my leg to first lift, then get into the cab. I make it work but it ain't pretty. I did have someone laugh at me once doing my dance in the grocery store parking lot, glad I could provide the entertainment to their existence.
  10. I've gotten better at returning to cooking. I used to do most of it at home. Now I wear knife safety gloves for obvious reasons but have acquired a set of welders gloves which someone here recommended to help with burn prevention. Still working on advancing beyond the hot dog/hamburger stage.
  11. That sounds like a good meal to me, yumm.
  12. Lin, You present an interesting idea. I don't know how strokenet is structured but could Steve or someone apply for a grant to fund such a program? Only he can answer that. It actually sounds like a rather large project depending on the scope of where you would want to put them and which doctors would be willing to display them.
  13. Lin, I have a set of forks in the size I use, I believe they are called salad forks but I was never formally trained in the dark art of silverware. I just know enough to not stick myself in the eye.
  14. I remember this list because it was one that my speech therapist at the time gave me and suggested that I share it with some of the people around me so they knew what to expect. I sent it to my co-workers before I returned and several said it really made them think about what I might be going through.
  15. Warfarin does not have any sort of discontinuation syndrome, I've been removed from it and restarted again due to procedures where there was concern about bleeding such as a colonoscopy. They have let it fade and bridged me with lovenox and one time just gave me a vitamin K pill which wipes it completely out of your system. Vitamin K is crucial to allowing clots to form and warfarin negates its ability to do so. Not all clots are bad, my stroke wasn't caused by a clot but rather plaque debris from cardiac bypass surgery.