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  1. scottm

    I was surprised how hard it was when I started back and to this day my staff remind me to stop when they see me fading in the afternoon. Time is your best friend in so many stroke related issues.
  2. scottm

    So, I'm completely off the cymbalta for a while now. I am very aware of the effect it had, right side of face burning, right arm stings like a bad sunburn, right leg alternates between ice/fire and ache. Woke up this morning when I rolled onto my right side, not sure I want to do that again soon which really sucks because that is the side my wife is on. But there is good with the bad. My mind is free of the fog, my thoughts are clear and I am more aware of my surroundings. Also the non-stop fatigue is fading. I'm still tired but in a non-drug induced way if that makes sense. I also remind myself regularly that regardless of how it feels, there is no damage to my body and it is all an illusion caused by a signal processing error. Now I continue to wait and see if it escalates and if so, how much. If someone asked me what my cutoff is for dealing with the pain is, I guess it is like pornography, I can't define it but I'll know it when I see it. I'll wait a couple weeks then update the docs. My neurologist told me he is pretty much out of pharmacological tools to try. Be the 🦆
  3. scottm

    Deigh, As long as it wasn't lung capacity you were studying.
  4. scottm

    My pain level is often like now about a 6 with spikes to 7 or 8. My doctor once asked me what I would consider a 10, a bear chewing a limb off for me. For others it could be wildly different, it is a function of your life experiences and attitude to a large degree. My past experiences required me to be able to stand outside discomfort and continue to perform at high levels.
  5. scottm

    Pre stroke people who knew me said that I was the poster child for never sleeping. I've since turned it into an art, Now I take a sleeping pill and in 2-3 hours it has some minimal effect. They tried xanax and several other benzos and they do not have any effect on me. No I just tell the doctor when they ask about my sleep that sleep is something other people do. Counterpoint is my fatigue level which is always high, maybe the weaning from cymbalta I'm currently doing will help.
  6. scottm

    Right now it is wait and see but perhaps a trial with effexor next. Depends what happens when I completely discontinue with the cymbalta.
  7. scottm

    Sitting here at 2 AM because my leg and face have decided to exercise their ambush predator skills. One of the advantages of having been a caver, pain is an old friend, not one you invite in but familiar.
  8. scottm

    I can't think of any particular word or letter I have trouble with, but in his notes my neurologist noted that my vocabulary is rich while my speech is slow, thoughtful and flat.Apparently other people think I speak in a manner that I am carefully considering every word...nope, just trying not to sound like a dolt.
  9. scottm

    I have found myself to be much more resilient to criticism than I used to be. Part of it is the knowledge of how hard it has been to get to where I am, most of those complainers would have surrendered long ago. Remember you survived and thrived something that most of those folks wouldn't have.
  10. scottm

    Sometimes when I swallow I get a spasm in my throat and have almost blacked out a few times. Primary wants me to see the cardiologist just to be sure...
  11. scottm

    That is great to hear Tracy. The disability I mean, not the vertigo, that is one of the most miserable feelings there is.
  12. scottm

    Well, the pain is beginning to ramp up while the fatigue declines, but I have a month to go on this half dose until I am able to stop completely. Interesting that my thinking is getting clearer already it seems. Eventually I'll end up with a Hobson's choice of pain or side effects. Right now I wake up with my leg, arm and face burning, take 30 mg of cymbalta and 4-6 hours later it is better controlled until about 8 PM when the cycle starts again. I hadn't expected it to all restart so quickly. We troop on and deal with it because it is the hand we were dealt and we don't get to fold nor did we get a vote. It just is so we cope and lean on our friends for support. Thank you my friends, it really does help to know you are here.
  13. scottm

    i don't have an answer Deigh but that is an interesting question indeed.
  14. The neuro says he wants me to wean off the Cymbalta and see what happens. My fatigue level is off the scale, I just want to sleep.The medication has been helping with the pain but the fatigue is a real issue. Sleep study when I'm weaned in a month. I have to admit to more than a little concern about the level of the pain when it starts ramping back up. Steady state now is 4-5 with peaks to 7-8. 10 for me would be a bear eating an arm... We wait and see, if it gets crazy I can always restart and take the trade-off of fatigue.
  15. Brilliant use of an existing product. I was going to use an emoji but there are too many.