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  1. scottm

    Learning to run again... It went like this, I sprayed a wasp nest outside and they were of course angry and wanted to take it out on me. I tried to run and realized I completely lacked any form of coordination for quick movement. I did however have the ability to fall and availed my self of it since I was next to the pool. Use the tools you've got.
  2. scottm

    I just give them the list of what I want with a note on the bottom that no substitutions accepted. Usually I was developing large complex systems long before they were born. A couple years ago post stroke I developed a boating simulator and did it with my parietal lobe tied behind my back. It just took longer.
  3. I do have occasional sensations of wet, both warm and cold. Always make me check... The knife in the back of the calf leaves something to be desired.
  4. scottm

    My stroke was caused by bypass surgery, I'm the 3% they warn you about when they do the potential bad outcomes speech to get consent. I had never has afib prior to the surgery but did after and they couldn't control it for about a month or so. They finally put me on amiodarone and you don't want that if you can avoid it, nasty to your body and takes months to get out of your system when they stop it once you have a normal rhythm. At this point I'm considered a coumadin lifer because of the combined cardiac and stroke issues and they are never sure if I might go back into uncontrolled afib even though it has been almost 5 years.
  5. Most of my taste preferences now are based on my hyper-acute sense of smell.
  6. scottm

    Prayers sent.
  7. scottm

    My neuro and primary sort of shrug their shoulders but agreed with my rationale for not wanting to use it 1) No formal dosing is available, how do I know if I'm getting 5 or 50 mg. 2) Their is very little high quality evidence from clinical trials about its efficacy. 3) Still illegal under federal law which can introduce all sorts of potential complications.
  8. scottm

    I haven't updated this recently...We are now backing down the amount of the medication due to it causing visual disturbances. It sometimes feels like both eyes are focused on different points in space so I am seeing 2 entirely separate images. Very disturbing and led to a very hard fall from about 3 feet to flat onto my back. As the dose goes down the pain is ramping up slowly. We just have to wait and see, but I can attest it was working well until the side effects started.
  9. scottm

    They know not what they say or how it affects us. Like the "You must be all healed up by now".
  10. scottm

    When I get overstimulated visually my eyes tend to lock onto a single point as a coping mechanism to cut out all the 'noise' in my field of view.
  11. 4.5 years in I still get the fatigue, but not as bad as it used to be. Check your possible medication side effects as I found these made it much worse to the point where I said no to certain ones and the doc had to find alternatives. Worst are the actual neuro drugs but sometimes lowering the dose and accepting the consequences was the better option. YMMV.
  12. scottm

    The wife and I are ecstatic to see our new grandchild and they only live 30 miles away. Seems I've caused a problem with the DIL though. She wanted me to hold the baby (1 week old) but I have declined since I can't predict how my arm will function and general weakness. She is offended and I am afraid of dropping or hurting the baby. I had expected that as a nurse practitioner she would understand that I have to live with certain deficits one being that I don't want to chance injuring him. Love the little guy but his safety comes first.
  13. scottm

    Looks nice, I would have expected girly pink on the bed covers.
  14. scottm

    I got selected for one of those studies but rejected at the final review when imaging showed that my stroke was diffuse with no single point for them to try. So watershed type strokes are not viable.
  15. scottm

    I had right hand shakes for the first year but I kept forcing myself to use it and it slowly settled down. I still have moments but it did get much better with use.