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  1. Since my CPS really kicked in I don't really feel heat, especially on my right side. I can't tell when I'm getting overheated unless some points out that I'm bright red or that sweat starts dripping in my eyes. I've learned to be cautious of the heat.Cold like we have coming Saturday and into the next week, I definitely will feel that.
  2. When I wrap presents it looks like a demented weasel found the paper.
  3. I wouldn't say I'm over it, but I've learned to be patient with how long it takes me to do some things. Used to be I could turn a bolt with a screwdriver in my sleep. Now it takes several tries, drops, pickups, try again, lather rinse repeat to get it done. One 1 inch screw too me 10 minutes a couple days ago. Embrace your inner duck.
  4. I do quite often.
  5. Happy Birthday Tracy. I used to get my age wrong all the time and now just say I'm 59ish.
  6. Jay, That often happens to me, the what ifs start and I worry about what the results could say. Then I realize I'm already broken in strange and wondrous ways and still here and still pushing through whatever gets thrown at me. It's all about perspective.
  7. Ken, I can really feel for you, I know that ice-fire burn well. Never had the pressure in the head. Gabapentin never did anything for me but fog my brain however the Cymbalta my neuro started me on a couple months ago was a godsend. I still feel it but it isn't so all consuming now.
  8. I talked to the doc about baclofen a while back, I am apparently very sensitive to some muscle relaxers like tizanidine in that they drop my blood pressure below 80/50 with minimal doses (1mg) and she doesn't feel it would be safe. Makes for some long nights.
  9. I've had a few questions tossed my way that made me wonder about some people intelligence Do you still have a stroke? Not since they took the cast off Does it hurt when part of your brain dies? I really wanted to ask them the same question Can you still think ok? Squirrel!!! I tend to just chalk it up to them being curious but not thinking the question through before they ask. If only I could master that look my parents had when you asked a question too dumb for words...
  10. The day you first free walk is a big moment and a bit scary but a landmark. My PT program largely changed that day and became about balance as much as strength.
  11. Kelli has it. It isn't exactly a compliment.
  12. In the south we would respond with 'well, just bless your heart'.
  13. I always hate it when that happens and it always seems to happen with an audience. At least you weren't seriously injured.
  14. You've all been my best supporters through this and kept lifting me up when every trial didn't work and I got frustrated. Well, this trial with Cymbalta (duluxatine) has worked. 30 mg in the morning and I have a 25-30% reduction in the pain. I initially called the neurologist after 3 weeks and told him no effect, he said give it a couple more weeks, within that period I noticed that the pain was dropping somewhat then wokeup one morning and realized the AC wasn't burning my skin. To be sure I still feel it but the difference between a 7/8 and 4/5 on the pain scale is much more tolerable. Thanks to you all for the support and putting up with me through this.
  15. Mine changed also, I used to be a real type A, now I'm very laid back and don't really get too excited about things.