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  1. scottm

    My younger brother who is almost 60 now still races flat track on a Suzuki 400 on the weekends..
  2. My damage was diffuse in many areas but mostly in the parietal lobe and thalmus. The parietal causes perception problems such as auditory and visual overstimulation as well as some aphaisia. The thalmus is the brains switchboard for routing sensation, this causes me to feel things that aren't there and not feel some things that are. Sensations like cold and touch are misrouted and perceived as pain.
  3. scottm

    I was on it to control my CPS but it had no effect for me.
  4. scottm

    Indeed. Just came back from the docs who discontinued a medication due to side effects being worse than the symptoms.
  5. scottm

    Deigh/W2, We were married on New Years Eve. I do have a set of kevlar knife proof gloves I wear around knives that I got from Amazon. They've saved me many times.
  6. scottm

    I survived the day with no blood loss or stitches thanks to our son who got to be the turkey carver for the first time. The grandson (his son) was a delight and we all had a great time. Now back to the wife as today is our 25th anniversary of her putting up with me.
  7. scottm

    Doc called this morning after my blood draw yesterday to tell me my INR of 4.7 is more than twice my therapeutic range of 2. So no coumadin for 2 days and under doctors orders to avoid anything sharp that could cut me, if I hit my head go straight to the ER for imaging, blood in urine got to ER. Apparently they are concerned with my blood being so thin I could have internal bleeding from most anything. Guess who isn't carving the turkey tomorrow...but I get to spend our grandsons first Christmas with him.
  8. scottm

    I seem to recall that ended badly for him...
  9. Been a bit but seemed like a good time to check-in. The neurologist has discontinued all my meds for pain a few weeks ago. Too many side effects or they were ineffective. I've had 8 different medications trialed and all discontinued mostly as ineffective, 2 had very bad side effects, one had me end-up wearing a cardiac monitor for a month after it made me severely tachycardic. I know he is doing his best and he has expressed to us that this is very hard to treat to begin with and I'm an edge case in that my response to brain meds is atypical and I react at very low doses. There are still some things that could be tried like ketamine or high dose opiates but those have there own baggage and would destroy my independence, such as it is. So for the moment I savor the days like yesterday when my pain was very low. But we solider on because next week may bring a new breakthrough and treatment. I cover my legs in flannel pants or scrubs in public, a sweater sleeve on the right arm but for the face I'm kinda stuck because covering one side would be kinda creepy in a super-villian sort of way.👀
  10. scottm

    Will2, Not something I often discuss but while I was in a coma I remember having to make a decision to go on or go back, I chose to go back and woke up shortly thereafter. What that means I don't know.
  11. scottm

    We can accept where we are and move on taking our victories where they come or just be resigned to it admitting defeat. I prefer the former over the latter.
  12. scottm

    Will2, My surgery came about because I took an antibiotic the dentist gave me that day, somewhere along the line I had acquired a severe allergy to it and went into full anaphylactic shock. Note: being intubated while awake and throat is swelling shut==not fun. Anyway, it so stressed my heart and triggered afib which made clots. Off to the cath lab where they found my arteries mostly closed off. At some point in the surgery they knocked some plaque loose and it went to my brain. This is what I've been told as my memories end before EMS even got me into the ambulance. They restart vaguely about a month later. I'm that 3% chance of bad outcome they talk about during informed consent...
  13. scottm

    I can sorta see their point as my case was unusual in that my stroke happened while I was having openheart surgery so it wasn't until the next day when I hadn't woken up that they realized something was wrong. By the end of the week and I still hadn't woken up my survival chances were rated < 10%. I came back but it has been a long road I'd just as soon not relive. Thanks for understanding everybody.
  14. I had an appt. with my neuro yesterday who like most of my doctors I really like as both a doctor and a person. Then he said the thing that everyone of my doctors has said at some point that just really upsets me. "You shouldn't be alive, not many would survive what you went through yet here you are and you can walk and talk, even if you don't always feel lucky". I know that they think it is supportive but it really disturbs me. For some reason having that pointed out to me is both unnecessary and insensitive, I was there and lived it in real time. I embraced the fear and pain and made it a part of me to drive me forward. Believe me, I'm aware of how bad I was and how far I've come, don't make me remember that dark road. Please?
  15. FWIW, I shed 25 pounds and the cardiologist cut my BP meds to 1/4 of what it had been because my BP was too low. My primary told me a couple weeks ago she may soon recommend another reduction or elimination. My wife lost 45 pounds so far and is completely off BP meds now.