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  1. I used to really enjoy reading Robert Heinlein. His earlier works were pretty classic sci-fi but in later years he went in a more social commentary type of sci-fi. But, his stories always had a strange humor to them. I always enjoyed the character Lazarus Long, the immortal man. The novel Time Enough For Love made a good case that living too long carries a high cost.
  2. I have the same problem as Kelli, my eyes bounce up and down a sentence or two and it takes a lot of effort to reconstruct it into something coherent. I've found magazines work for my attention span and the narrower column width makes it easier for me.
  3. I'm on Cymbalta now to see how it works for pain. I casually mentioned it to the nurse at the docs coumadin clinic and was surprised to find that I need to reset from my stable monthly INR checks back to a weekly draw for a month or 2 as this combo can raise my INR significantly and will require a dosing change. They frown on spontaneous internal bleeds for some reason. So these two drugs don't play well together...
  4. HBOT results are generally found to be inconclusive. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK11904/
  5. I feel for you Susan, I'm in the middle of the medication dance now where they are trying to find something that works on the pain. I pray you find some relief soon.
  6. You just ain't right.
  7. Kelli, The numb/pain/shock all happen together, hard to explain the sensation but that is my normal state on my right side. A lot of the damage done was in my thalmic area which is where we process sensation. It's like that puppy that follows you around quietly then starts barking at nothing just because it can. I have a doctor who is working with me now so tomorrow looks brighter.
  8. Lomotrigine wasn't doing anything at all so we spent the last 3 weeks weaning off it. The neuro has prescribed 30 mg of Cymbalta once a day and call him in 3 weeks with any results. This reset to zero and start all over is frustrating at times, like 5 am when you wake up because one side of your body has that numb/pain/shock sensation. I can do 3 weeks standing on my head at this point or is it standing on my pointy head.
  9. Yes, that is spelled correctly. I have that over the right side of my body but worst in the arm. Stretching helps with the spasms and keeping the muscles mobile which is important as then can contract beyond the ability to stretch if not exercised. That stretching can be uncomfortable but it is well worth it to maintain some level of control. Also I use hand exercisers to squeeze which works the fingers and forearm.
  10. I went to a driving instructor who does only disabled instruction, he was very helpful. I found him via an internet search. There is a national certifying group I was surprised to learn.
  11. They did that with me but used rice with an assortment of objects I had to identify by feel.
  12. Steve, You are someone who is a source of inspiration for me.