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  1. Deigh

    To return to this subject......Here in NZ the disaster has dominated the news for more than a week. There has been an opening of hearts all round. Mosques have been open to everyone throughout and non-believers have been welcomed to enter and pray. The perpetrator of the slaughter had been hoping to start a wave of bigoted hatred for the Moslem fraternity but he has created the reverse and it has resulted in a bonding between the newcomers and us never before experienced. The government has declared that there is no place for automatic weapons in the community and they will be banned. Deigh
  2. Deigh

    That is great. Again the difference between our strokes is that as a keen photographer the first time I tried to take a picture my finger was unable to press the button on my Pentax and having lined up a great shot I had to get my wife to press the button! For a while my phone was my main means of taking anything because it required practically no pressure to operate. Good luck with the job. Deigh
  3. Deigh

    New Zealand is completely shattered by this event, Every town has sympathetic bouquets of flowers around its clock towers or Memorial columns. Nobody can even guess on 'Why'. the only thing that has promptly emerged is a demand for complete banning of this type of weapon. We have a strong gun registration system but licenced guns are used quite regularly by the hunting fraternity and in only rare occasions in crime. There are only a very few shooting accidents since the licencing includes gun handling training. The country is still reeling from an uncharacteristic murder of a young female tourist a few months ago. Demonstrations of sympathy were held throughout the entire country. Thanks for concern about me and family but we live at the opposite end of the country and since none of us are Muslins we would not have been a target anyhow. Deigh
  4. Paul, Congratulations on your reply to Ed's mail. I was trying hard to find a way of saying the same things but gave it up and had to walk away from the problem. Your reply would be the answer to many other reader's situations and I'm sure most of them would also be appreciative of your response. Deigh
  5. Deigh

    Not being a Christmassy sort of person I am glad to see the back of it! Bah Humbug. Deigh
  6. Deigh

    I'm finding it pretty good so far! Deigh
  7. Deigh

    Fortunately I've had a few years of Windows 7 Deigh
  8. a hand surgeon I met told me to hold a guitar i my lap and keep trying to get my left hand on it, the brain will take over.


    ive been trying, but the hand slips off mostly, still gotta keep trying.Ive got an offer from a band if I can get it going...

    1. Deigh


      I think you should hold your hand on your hand surgeon and see your brain makes your hand slap him around the head!


    2. alansd


      He's quite a fine dr.  To many athletes and musicians but the answer is further out for me, my hand just slips offvthe neck...very frustrating..will I ever play again? Still think so....

    3. Deigh


      I apologise for my reply, I should expect with the amount of effort you are putting in, you should play again but we have different problems, My left hand was still able to do most of the things it did before except for a 10% loss of strength and that meant that getting the right hand to hold a plectrum was the major concern for me.


      I've oversimplified that a bit, building up the strength is only part of the problem, the rest is re-learning how to get  it to do what is expected of it. But the point I'm making is that the left hand is the most important part of guitar playing, I've met a muso who could strum with just a stump instead of a right  hand.

      Keep at it.





  9. Deigh

  10. Deigh

    Right, I've got a new computer, picked it up yesterday and have spent many hours cursing it and trying to get it to obey me. (Fat chance of that} Should be able to have a go at chatting but have to work out times for Noo Zillun Deigh Tried out new HP computer windows 10 and still nothing! Help
  11. Deigh

    I find you can't look directly at it, it seems to be not central. Last year a mobile phone company was using a picture as an advert which was similar to what I see, Next time I see it I will photograph it, I've been trying to explain it to my wife too. It is difficult to pin it down to tiredness but it could be. Like you said it doesn't interfere with what I am looking at, just superimposes itself and as you say it goes after about half an hour. A few years ago I had cataracts replaced in both eyes, I wonder if that could be tied up with it? Have you had new cataracts? Deigh
  12. Deigh

    Hey Paul, I get this too occasionally. Quite weird ! if I shut either eye it is still there, and if I shut both it is still visible! It doesn't interfere with my vision and is just an amusing feature, I've not blamed it on tiredness because I'm always tired! It goes away in its own time. I'm not sure it's a stroke related issue. Deigh
  13. Deigh

    I've visited Melbourne and found it much hotter than NZ! I did exaggerate a bit in my mail but the point I wanted to make was that over here the weather can change quickly. I've had days when before dawn you could freeze to death, by midday die from sunstroke and mid afternoon drown in the rain! Deigh
  14. I can relate to that! Every Wednesday I work in the local museum. Well. I don't do much work but I do attend and thoroughly enjoy my workmates. They are intelligent and we hold some great conversations. Your plan comes in very handy there because to get my voice heard I have to be quick, something I'm not these days. I have to plan what I'm going to say and in the least gap of conversation, get my word in! I carry on talking even if I hear someone else saying something and mostly they recognise that I am GOING TO BE HEARD, so back off and allow me to continue. They are a great bunch. At home the pressure is not so great, Valerie will wait while I struggle for words but doesn't finish sentences for me. She recognised a long time ago that I have to do things myself and she only assists when I'm obviously out of depth and in danger of drowning. Deigh
  15. Deigh

    Reading the serious weather problems you are all facing makes me so glad to be in moderate New Zealand! Well, it is moderate where I am, just a little too hot for my comfort in the day (bout 26-30 outside) but pleasantly cool at nights. Other parts of NZ are either having either early snow or late bush fires and even some parts are in drought or having floods. Whatever you want WE GOT IT! We blame the gummint for everything. Deigh