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  1. Deigh

    Welcome Kris to this network. It is hard to believe that you have no aftereffects from your stroke, but good luck if it is so. Deigh Ah, I got that wrong! Just re-read your mail and you said "no serious effects". Deigh
  2. Deigh

    The video sequence explains problems I've had myself too. Often watching a video I have seen before I am surprised about what is happening and swear it is not as I remember it to be! Had a few arguments about it too! It could be a great way to have a look at all those old ones I know back to front and see if the story is as I remember. Perhaps the butler will do the murder after all ! Deigh
  3. Here in NZ the same thing takes place except that the hospital didn't tell me! I was advised not to drive but found out by accident that my licence had been automatically suspended. It took nearly two years before I could convince my doctor that I was capable of handling the road again and then I was road tested by a specialist examiner before having my licence re-issued. I had no problems except that my wife had changed our car to an automatic of a different make to the one I was used to and I kept indicating my turns by switching on the windscreen wipers! The examiner was very tolerant of this. Deigh
  4. Deigh

    Mark, Fascinating to hear that you have trouble remembering sequences! This has happened to me occasionally too but I just put it down to stupidity or forgetfulness! It is interesting to know I share the problem with other stroke victims. Now I can stop arguing with my wife about them! Good to hear of your improvements. Deigh
  5. Deigh

    Following Archibald's failure I planted a new Swan plant in the back garden. l fitted a shelf on the trellis behind the plant to encourage the Monarch caterpillars to use for becoming chrysalis. New Zealand is concerned about the shortage of Monarch butterflies this season and I have noticed a very low survivor rate locally, so a few weeks ago I cut a few stalks and set them up in a vase indoors. I transferred onto them six very tiny caterpillars before their enemies could get to them and tendered them carefully for a week until one got big enough to transfer outside to the main plant. At this time I found I had seven left, this does not add up, so there must have been some unseen eggs on the stalks! The first one has now taken advantage of my shelf and has become a chrysalis. The others are being transferred as they become big enough. I must maintain my status as a Butterfly Whisperer! Deigh
  6. Deigh

    Tracy, I've been avoiding reporting on this because he didn't survive. He was damaging himself bumping into windows and other gear in my den so I put him outside in a sheltered area. Unfortunately he tried to fly from there but it was too windy and cold for him overnight. I brought him back indoors the following morning and tried to revive him. Sadly I'm not skilled at mouth to mouth with a butterfly so he didn't respond. Deigh
  7. Deigh

    Yes. it is a very tricky problem. My wife often accidentally drops noisy things and I jump up and curse. She gets very annoyed with this complaining that she is not doing it on purpose. Yesterday we had big heart-to-heart about it and I had to explain that that is the way I deal with a shock and the abuse is not directed at her specifically. I think she understands this now. My cursing is very tame, mainly D@MN! and at the worst B@@@@R! but it is explosive and the anger is dissolved instantly! Deigh
  8. Goe, are you still bothered with this problem? There is a member of a British forum with the same problem wanting to know if it decreases? Deigh
  9. I see we are both in New Zealand. I live in Waiuku, South Auckland. Where are you?


  10. Deigh

    I did too, I was right handed but had to learn how to write and do other things with my left. I now claim to be ambidextrous and will automatically offer my left hand to do things that once I normally did right handed. Learning to use toilet paper was the first problem I had to solve! Nowadays I am gradually weaning my right had to do things again but my left hand automatically moves across to my right ear when it needs washing and drying since it is much more sensitive than my right. There was an amusing time when I had to hold a toothbrush with both hands, one for strength and the other for guidance. It didn't always work and frequently got toothpaste on my nose. My right eye got a bit of a bashing too! Deigh
  11. It seems to me that the naked truth is being exposed in these posts! Deigh
  12. Deigh

    Thanks for ideas. Not interested in compression sox, the legs are not really a problem to that extent. I like your idea about the mouth muscles though. Gadget comes with gloves and Valerie is using them to tackle her blue finger problems. I might try them around the chin and see what happens! Have a great new year Deigh
  13. Deigh

    Becky, Yes, you are probably right and although I'm not wheelchair bound I'm still off my feet an awful lot more than I used to be. If I went to the doc he would prescribe pills and I've got enough of those! Valerie's doc has pinned down her situation to a minor thyroid gland problem. We have undertaken this revitive thingy because it should improve blood circulation for both of us in the leg area and compensate a bit for our less active lifestyle. Deigh
  14. Deigh

    Four years ago when I was hit by the stroke Dragon, I was every morning aware that my lower legs and ankles were puffy and felt heavy. This did not seem a handicap and I just ignored it. After all it was very minor in comparison with the major problems I was facing and apart from the discomfort was ignorable. Recently my wife has been have similar problems so we decided to do something about it. We saw a TV advertisement about a product that can be used to use electrical pulses to remedy muscle problems and decided to have a look at it. Since the major shops were still in the post-Xmas mad sale mood we were able to save a large part of the price. Now we have got to get used to it! I use it for half an hour in the morning when I'm catching up with E-mail. It is a weird sensation, sending small shocks up ones legs. I've no idea whether it is doing anything to improve my circulation and well being but it is not too uncomfortable, the operator having the control of the output. I'll let everyone know after a month or so whether or not we are improved. Deigh
  15. My wife Valerie has weak fingers and some difficulty breaking pills out of the pensioner proof packaging from the chemist. To aid her I have created this device which I purchased as a kid's stapler from the local op shop. I have modified it so that thumb pressure on its head will press a pill out the packaging and make life easier!........It is known as Petra, the pillpopper. Deigh