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  1. I have put a few messages on this forum about something I read in another forum and is parallel to a problem of mine. I keep getting flashes of bad things that have happened to me in the past. Someone cheating me, embarrassing situations, being put in place by a superior, all sorts of things, some of them quite minor, but they are not easy to get rid of and at times I've got quite upset and angry over them. It sounds as though you could be having similar flashbacks! Deigh
  2. I have dreamed regularly since about four years old. Anything from mildly pleasant ones (pretty rare) to super nightmares which can take some recovery from. Sometimes I've dreamt about situations that were so real that it took most of the following day before I recognised them as being a dream and fully believed they actually happened. Over a period of a few months once I found out how to fly in my dreams and that made things a lot more comfortable. I don't fly nowadays but two things are really interesting. One is that I still smoke and get annoyed that I will have to give it up again. The second thing is that I don't recognise my stroke and behave exactly as I did unhandicapped! If I could take a pill to stop me dreaming I'd be very pleased to take it! Deigh
  3. Deigh

    Yes, but the titles shown here are not the same as the ones I have listened to and I'm not keen to spend good money on something that I'm not sure about. If only I could listen to the Amazon ones I'd probably find something suitable but this isn't possible. I don't want to get one that is going to include sounds like rivers running or I'll be up all night dashing to the bathroom! Deigh
  4. Deigh

    No, we don't have stores like that here. There are probably equivalent ones somewhere but I live virtually in the country and the thought of driving to Auckland to shop fills me with horror! I have no objection to buying on line but I can't find that particular title anywhere on Amazon. Just had a try at downloading it and it was a disaster, I can't guarantee internet connection long enough. Deigh
  5. Deigh

    Yes, I can probably do this but the problem here locally is the internet. It is very unreliable and often slow and clumsy. I try to avoid serious downloading for this reason. Hey, do you still have local music stores? They have all closed down over here. Even the rental DVD places have gone! Musical instrument shops still exist but in the last few years half of them have closed. Deigh
  6. Deigh

    After three years as a stroke victim I sortof know where I am going and am taking regular exercise to all my weak points to improve the situation. I don't think I have any surprises to come. I am a subscriber to three forums and take satisfaction from helping newcomers through their initial problems, as others helped me in my early struggles. This is not proving easy at the moment, The Australian forum 'Enableme' came into being about two years ago and dumped the previous forum which was well used, replacing it with a clumsy unflowing one. Now the British forum 'Mystroke' has done the same there and set the system back some years. That leaves this for the only forum I take part in and enjoy, but it has its problems and that is a shortage of newcomers. Despite USA having no reduction in stroke victims, they seem to be joining the organisation but not contributing to the forum. I think I may have the answer to this. As a lurker one can read mail back for years and get all their comparisons this way. I'd like to change the rules so that a reader can only go back a certain amount of time (say six months) unless they have recently contributed. This could solve this problem. Deigh
  7. Deigh

    Yes, I could but a CD would be preferable. I want to keep the jazz USB so I can swap over to whatever I require at the time. I mainly use the radio which I have tuned to NZConcert programme. Most of the music played on this site is boring enough to send me to sleep and between midnight and 6 am nothing is spoken, everything is pre-recorded so no irritating disc jockey's voices can be heard. Marvellous! I do not have a lot of spare brain power available in the early hours so it is great if I can switch from one to the other without thinking. Deigh
  8. Deigh

    Yes, I saw that but I don't want it on my computer and I'm not sure I could transfer it onto a CD, these laptops are rather insular! I use the FM radio quite regularly to provide music to my pillow speakers when trying to sleep and have a USB with 900 jazz tunes on when I just need entertainment so the CD player is the ideal spare area to use for the sleep music. Deigh
  9. Deigh

    Does anyone know how I can purchase a CD of The Best SLEEP Music? Deigh
  10. Deigh

    Over winter a caterpillar from a monarch butterfly on our Swan plant slowly got fatter and fatter, eventually turning into a chrysalis about five weeks ago. Following a gale it got blown away and the umbilical chord was broken. I replaced this with a length of cotton and superglued it to the ceiling in my den. Eventually, on the last day of winter the butterfly emerged and I'm trying to teach it how to fly. It is very weak and not keen to show its wings, but it is very stubborn to have survived this long. Here is it on an ornament in the garden. Deigh
  11. Deigh

    Thanks for that , I found it about five minutes after asking you. Now I need to get it in CD form or alternatively get it on USB so I can listen to it via my 'pillow speakers'. Deigh
  12. Deigh

    That is a very sensible decision to take. I spend far too much of my time trying to get back to where I was before the stroke. I should accept the 'New Me' policy and consider the old life gone for good. Deigh
  13. Deigh

    What was that particular music called? I've found the site but not that actual piece? Is it specially for people wanting to sleep? Deigh
  14. Deigh

    My wife has recently purchased a seat/walking stick for me. I use it when in public places when I might need a seat. It is a bit clumsy for walking but extremely useful for a temporary seat. If you are interested I'll add a photo of it, they would be available in a shop near you. Deigh
  15. My wife and I have different sleeping habits, she is late to bed and late to rise. I am the opposite and nowadays am exhausted by nine thirty. We have solved the problem by me retiring to bed and she staying up watching re-runs of Antique Road Shows. This works very well and allows me to settle and be asleep long before she enters the bedroom. There are times when it fails and last week was one of these times. When preparing herself for bed realised she had to take tablets from a new prescription and was faced with the problem of opening a 'Pensioner Proof' plastic container. She does not have the wrist strength for the twisting technique and was hesitant on disturbing me, so she resorted to a McGyver trick and attacked the bottom of the container with a kitchen knife. ........Here is a pix of the result.....
  16. Deigh

    Had some excellent night views of the space station recently with clear skies. Everything went wrong with the blue moon observation though, we had a storm earlier and I only got occasional glimpses of it through the clouds . I find that it is very pleasurably being able to look above me without falling over. For the first year or so after my stroke this was impossible and my evening searches for satellites was rather frustrated. Deigh
  17. Deigh

    Here in New Zealand it is mid winter but from my kitchen window when I'm doing the washing up (just to let you know I'm a well trained house husband)! I can see no less than nine different flowers (including roses) that are still in bloom from summer. There are lemons on a new tree which are nearly ready to pick. We are finding the weather cold with a few frosts but the native trees and bushes stay green all year round and the grass still has to be mown. Only the imported deciduous trees loose their leaves. We emigrated here fifty years ago, Initially we found the winters to be a bit of a joke. Now we take them more seriously! Deigh
  18. Deigh

    I made a plan a few weeks ago to improve my talking skills by learning a new language. Maori language lessons are readily available via a local TV station. I started last week but have had to give it up because I can't remember the words I learned the day before! I may try again sometime but am pretty discouraged. Deigh
  19. I have been in discussion with a fellow survivor through a British forum. We have decided that the tiredness everyone complains about is not the brain re-wiring as explained by authority, but because like your old mobile phone, your battery is dead. We believe that one day someone will discover in the brain itself a re-chargeable/re-placable battery cell which has become short-circuited by one's stroke. In the meantime we have invented a hat for solar recharging the brain and will contain wires to pads which are attached to each side of one's head. This product will be on the market soon under the company name of 'Adderlube' and we are offering a 50% discount to members of this forum. Deigh
  20. Deigh

    Keli........Here is a pic showing the delights of grandparenthood.......Enjoy. Deigh
  21. Deigh

    Hey Janelle, What's this new profile picture about? Got me puzzled. Deigh
  22. Deigh

    Brilliant news, Valerie decided she was to be called GRANDY and the family accepted it. I have a feeling I am called GRUMPS but no-one has said it to my face! Deigh
  23. Deigh

    Welcome back, we have all missed you! Deigh
  24. Dave, Welcome to the forum. I sympathise with you risking putting your eye out. In the early days my right eye was very painful and this was not helped by the fact that I would regularly hit it with the toothbrush when trying to clean my teeth. Even trying to blow my nose could end up with my thumb in my eye. I had completely forgotten about that problem and it was only reading you lettter that reminded me! Deigh
  25. Deigh

    Sue, About fifteen years ago my wife and I had a series of financial disasters which resulted in a loss of our house and business. All we had left was our campervan, a twenty year old 6 metre Japanese bus which I had converted into a mobile home. We lived in it totally for six years and it was the best time of our lives. We would make trips to the trout fishing centre of the NZ and I would spend as much time as I could in a rubber ducky trying to catch fish. Then we would return to Auckland, park on our son's driveway and spend a while doing repairs and saving up enough to fill the tank.....then away again.... Nowadays I dream regularly of winning some cash on lotto and buying a camper again! I think I have my stroke problems under control enough to handle the plan again as long as I take it very easily. Deigh