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    v My wife and I are scrabble enthusiasts. We play a game most evenings rather that watching TV. Our set is over 50 years old with wooden tokens and stands. The box has been repaired three times and the board recently swapped for an almost unused one from the local op shop. The token bag I knocked up quickly from the leg of a pair of old jeans and has also been repaired many times. It is now dangerously close to collapsing completely. Valerie is an exceptionally good player, I am fortunate to win two games out of five from her. She is also the terror of the local scrabble clubs so I am not alone. On top of being a good player she is incredibly lucky, and has beaten me on the last eight games straight. I say lucky because three of them she started off with a seven letter word! Yesterday was the ninth game since I'd last won and I was comfortably ahead. As we neared the end I had three tokens left and she had seven. To my horror I saw that the Z and Q had not been played and after counting the tokens on the board I could see she must have a U and an I in her hand, A triple number box was unused so with her luck she could score 66+ using the word QUIZ. I was doomed. Then Lady Luck (rather unusually) turned against her, she could put down not even a single token and had to pass. I was able to win using my three letters DIE. What a relief. Deigh
  2. Deigh

    We are trying hard to keep our brains active. We do the Guardian (U.K. Newspaper) crossword between us. It lasts a week and we seldom complete it. Playing scrabble is a pleasant break from watching TV. I have just started going to an Ukelele club to challenge my musical skills. I'm in my 90th year and my wife in her 80th year (Cradle snatching by me). So keeping both the body and brain working is essential. Thanks for mail. Deigh
  3. Yesl there is a box there but it doesn't work! Deigh
  4. Had another go this morning at 9am NZ ,this should tie up with your EST 4-5. Got as far as joining in but screen was blocked with an instruction in etiquette and couldn't get past it! Deigh
  5. Deigh

    Just to continue with the 'LUCK' theme, I had a short burst of winning games and was the victor for five of them before her luck struck again and shoved me off the motorway. In that last game she played four (Yes, I say again FOUR) seven letter words. That must be a world record. Deigh
  6. Double D, welcome to the site, going back to work will be ideal treatment for your aphasia, lots of opportunity for conversation will really make those face muscles work. After four years of struggling to make myself understood I had a great compliment payed to me after a computer problem sorting session with a local librarian who has known me from the beginning, She said that my speaking had improved. Now, this is excellent because it was unsolicited, asking friends and relatives whether I've improved is unsatisfactory because their reply is automatically favourable. Regards Deigh
  7. Deigh

    I just had a look at the Sculptureum site, Didn't even know it existed and that is a part of the country I used to visit frequently as a campervanner. Marvellous, thanks for introduction, will add it to my bucket list. Deigh
  8. Deigh

    That would be too hot for me! Our flat has mesh screen doors front and back as well as proper wooden doors. In previous years we would occasionally have both wooden doors open to allow a draught through. This year that is the normal daily set up and at this time we are even keeping them open overnight! Deigh
  9. Deigh

    Aha, cheating is allowed between us, we are allowed to use an electronic dictionary to sort out anagrams! How is the heat getting to you? Got to 33 degrees in my den this after. Too hot for comfort and am using a water cooler fan to help keep it down! Deigh
  10. Yes, this is what happens every time I try to enter the chat. My computer did say once that it was not equipped for chat, but I had used it once before in a chat forum and got away with it. Will have another try tomorrow. Deigh
  11. Deigh

    Thanks Madade, I can't explain the oversized font, I wrote it using another program and used cut and paste to get onto the forum. I went back trying to correct the fault but failed. It rather looks as though I was shouting it! We don't take it too seriously usually but in one session when I was being utterly thrashed and just couldn't draw anything but vowels I exploded in anger, played the stroke card and refused to finish the game! I had never done this before and hope to not do it ever again. Deigh
  12. Deigh

    I'm still waiting to watch highlights of superbowl, not having Sky. Unfortunately I know the score because radio announcer blabbed it out. Darn! Deigh
  13. No, It doesn't work. I just get onto a site called MINNIT (or something) and it demands I sign an agreement to pay them. Deigh
  14. Mamade, When I tried once before my computer claimed that it did not have chat facilities. Despite this, encouraged by Asha I had another go and the result was having to face a bill to make contact. I'd still like to try, the time fits in nicely with me but I am waiting for someone to put me right on how to do it for free! Deigh
  15. Had a try at it but didn't realise that I would have to pay for it, so not for me!, I'm too mean! Deigh
  16. Would love to but my computer does not support chat program! Deigh
  17. Deigh

    Welcome Kris to this network. It is hard to believe that you have no aftereffects from your stroke, but good luck if it is so. Deigh Ah, I got that wrong! Just re-read your mail and you said "no serious effects". Deigh
  18. Deigh

    The video sequence explains problems I've had myself too. Often watching a video I have seen before I am surprised about what is happening and swear it is not as I remember it to be! Had a few arguments about it too! It could be a great way to have a look at all those old ones I know back to front and see if the story is as I remember. Perhaps the butler will do the murder after all ! Deigh
  19. Deigh

    Mark, Fascinating to hear that you have trouble remembering sequences! This has happened to me occasionally too but I just put it down to stupidity or forgetfulness! It is interesting to know I share the problem with other stroke victims. Now I can stop arguing with my wife about them! Good to hear of your improvements. Deigh
  20. Deigh

    Over winter a caterpillar from a monarch butterfly on our Swan plant slowly got fatter and fatter, eventually turning into a chrysalis about five weeks ago. Following a gale it got blown away and the umbilical chord was broken. I replaced this with a length of cotton and superglued it to the ceiling in my den. Eventually, on the last day of winter the butterfly emerged and I'm trying to teach it how to fly. It is very weak and not keen to show its wings, but it is very stubborn to have survived this long. Here is it on an ornament in the garden. Deigh
  21. Deigh

    Following Archibald's failure I planted a new Swan plant in the back garden. l fitted a shelf on the trellis behind the plant to encourage the Monarch caterpillars to use for becoming chrysalis. New Zealand is concerned about the shortage of Monarch butterflies this season and I have noticed a very low survivor rate locally, so a few weeks ago I cut a few stalks and set them up in a vase indoors. I transferred onto them six very tiny caterpillars before their enemies could get to them and tendered them carefully for a week until one got big enough to transfer outside to the main plant. At this time I found I had seven left, this does not add up, so there must have been some unseen eggs on the stalks! The first one has now taken advantage of my shelf and has become a chrysalis. The others are being transferred as they become big enough. I must maintain my status as a Butterfly Whisperer! Deigh
  22. Deigh

    Tracy, I've been avoiding reporting on this because he didn't survive. He was damaging himself bumping into windows and other gear in my den so I put him outside in a sheltered area. Unfortunately he tried to fly from there but it was too windy and cold for him overnight. I brought him back indoors the following morning and tried to revive him. Sadly I'm not skilled at mouth to mouth with a butterfly so he didn't respond. Deigh
  23. Deigh

    Yes. it is a very tricky problem. My wife often accidentally drops noisy things and I jump up and curse. She gets very annoyed with this complaining that she is not doing it on purpose. Yesterday we had big heart-to-heart about it and I had to explain that that is the way I deal with a shock and the abuse is not directed at her specifically. I think she understands this now. My cursing is very tame, mainly D@MN! and at the worst B@@@@R! but it is explosive and the anger is dissolved instantly! Deigh
  24. I see we are both in New Zealand. I live in Waiuku, South Auckland. Where are you?


  25. Deigh

    I did too, I was right handed but had to learn how to write and do other things with my left. I now claim to be ambidextrous and will automatically offer my left hand to do things that once I normally did right handed. Learning to use toilet paper was the first problem I had to solve! Nowadays I am gradually weaning my right had to do things again but my left hand automatically moves across to my right ear when it needs washing and drying since it is much more sensitive than my right. There was an amusing time when I had to hold a toothbrush with both hands, one for strength and the other for guidance. It didn't always work and frequently got toothpaste on my nose. My right eye got a bit of a bashing too! Deigh