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  1. No, it was my fault that I missed your message, I don't look regularly on the site busy doing other things and suddenly the other day saw that I'd missed you. I try to work out the best times but get confused quickly.!!!! just at this time of day or even a couple of hours earlier would be good for me. Regards Deigh
  2. Sorry Tracy I missed your latest message, read it too late to realise that I could have joined in. Hope that next time you are on at that time I will know in time to switch over and chat. Deigh
  3. Very nice, but data is expensive in NZ and there is no way I could afford the luxury of fibre. Using free wi-fi is an essential part of my computer use plan! Deigh
  4. Problems! Have managed to get through to chat with my new computer but find it eats data and data is expensive here in NZ. I do most of my internet work when using free wi-fi from the local public library and that stops overnight and Sundays, so unless someone starts chatting in the early hours I will have to give it a miss. Deigh
  5. An amusing little story for you Heather. in 1976, my mother, a 70 year old, living on her own back in the UK was reported as being extremely frail and would not last six months. Over a series of phone calls my wife and I I invited her to move to New Zealand where we could care for her. We couldn't help with the fare but would support her afterwards. At this age she earned her fare by selling all her furniture and moved out .She came by air in a wheelchair by Air New Zealand. They looked after her well but she got fed up with leaving the aircraft when it made its refuelling stops (three days journey then!) Eventually they arrived in Auckland but she caused a bit of flurry by refusing to leave the aircraft despite the hostesses trying to convince her she had arrived. No she said "My watch says it is the seventh and I'm not due till the eighth!". They had to call the captain in to explain it! She loved it here and the three grandsons enjoyed their Granny Gosport..........and she lived for another twentyfive years. Deigh
  6. Deigh

    wOW, That looks like mid winter! Deigh
  7. Bit of a mess up this morning. according to my computer the EST time quoted should be 0700 to 0800 my Friday morning. I got up early to be on at 07.30. Couldn't find anything happening so gave up and put a message out for Keli. Then at 0800 I had a notation that things were active and I went back and had another go. This time I got through but was handicapped by a new keyboard and found contact tricky. Will do better next time but will have to overcome the time difference. I am a day earlier than you are, which adds to the confusion. If I punch the schedule box a chart comes up showing times. there are also small black boxes shown with a different time on them. Is this my local time? Which room is the most likely to be active? Deigh
  8. Hi there Tracy, I got up early to try the chat site but it looks as though everyone has gone to bed!


    1. HostTracy


      Hmmm I'm not sure who hosted today Deigh but I can see what may have happened. Have you been able to get in the chat room at all yet? I k ow you were having problems I'm talking with Steve and hopefully we will come up with a solution. I'm excited that you tried this morning 🙂! We will figure it out. 

  9. Ann, One of the most important things about this site is the 'Following' box which is at the top right at the beginning of the conversation. Tick it and you will get an email notification of any replies. I was a long time finding this out and missed a lot of replies! Deigh
  10. Yes, that was a rather stupid brag, when I rethink how in the early days I'd forget everything! Now, routine doing of jobs has taken over and although I do forget occasionally it is not the problem it was. Thanks for reminding me, we all know each other rather well in this forum! Deigh
  11. Deigh

    As a resident I can confirm that the country's heartfelt horror of this occurrence has gone on and on. The death yesterday of the three year old shot in the massacre added fuel to the situation. New Zealand is such an easy going country that we just can't understand it happening here. This is recognised as one of the safest places in the world. When I first came to live here fifty years ago we had one murder a year!,usually a local female hitchhiker. I can remember that first case because it is still unsolved. I think the police in those days had so little experience in these events that a murder investigation caught them unawares. In those days one left their keys in the car ignition in the driveway and the front door was frequently left unlocked! Deigh
  12. Hi Anne, Glad to see you here. Told you it would be OK! Memory loss not one of my problems but how can I tell? I am now in my fourth year and have overcome many handicaps. Now my biggest problem is speech. This is making me avoid phone conversations. Deigh
  13. Deigh

    Wow, I thought I was having problems till I read your mail! Here it is early autumn but in actual fact weather wise it is late summer and still there is much pollen around. My nasal troubles started at four years old when Mother, pushing me in a wheelchair stopped to watch a wedding. I was chatting to a small girl who had a bicycle bell in her hand. Suddenly she swing it and hit me on the nose. I bled profusely, but what was worse was that she did irreparable damage to my nostrils and I didn't breathe through my nose again for seven years! In fact it wasn't till I was 18 and joined the RAF the hard physical exercise they had me doing forced me to breath through my nose again regularly. The upshot of all this is that I've had to face nasal problems all my life and catching colds and throat infections was a standard practice. I took up smoking a pipe to teach my jaws to stay shut rather than hang open. I smoked for 44 years but twenty years ago gave up and now my jaws are reverting and I have to remember to breathe through my nose again. Deigh
  14. Deigh

    I agree with everyone about head colds. I've always been subject to them but since my stroke they have become a lot worse and to add to the problem I have become a lot more sensitive to pollen and am having a hard time dealing with the autumnal seed bearing winds. Deigh
  15. Deigh

    To return to this subject......Here in NZ the disaster has dominated the news for more than a week. There has been an opening of hearts all round. Mosques have been open to everyone throughout and non-believers have been welcomed to enter and pray. The perpetrator of the slaughter had been hoping to start a wave of bigoted hatred for the Moslem fraternity but he has created the reverse and it has resulted in a bonding between the newcomers and us never before experienced. The government has declared that there is no place for automatic weapons in the community and they will be banned. Deigh
  16. Deigh

    That is great. Again the difference between our strokes is that as a keen photographer the first time I tried to take a picture my finger was unable to press the button on my Pentax and having lined up a great shot I had to get my wife to press the button! For a while my phone was my main means of taking anything because it required practically no pressure to operate. Good luck with the job. Deigh
  17. Deigh

    New Zealand is completely shattered by this event, Every town has sympathetic bouquets of flowers around its clock towers or Memorial columns. Nobody can even guess on 'Why'. the only thing that has promptly emerged is a demand for complete banning of this type of weapon. We have a strong gun registration system but licenced guns are used quite regularly by the hunting fraternity and in only rare occasions in crime. There are only a very few shooting accidents since the licencing includes gun handling training. The country is still reeling from an uncharacteristic murder of a young female tourist a few months ago. Demonstrations of sympathy were held throughout the entire country. Thanks for concern about me and family but we live at the opposite end of the country and since none of us are Muslins we would not have been a target anyhow. Deigh
  18. Paul, Congratulations on your reply to Ed's mail. I was trying hard to find a way of saying the same things but gave it up and had to walk away from the problem. Your reply would be the answer to many other reader's situations and I'm sure most of them would also be appreciative of your response. Deigh
  19. Deigh

    Not being a Christmassy sort of person I am glad to see the back of it! Bah Humbug. Deigh
  20. Deigh

    Right, I've got a new computer, picked it up yesterday and have spent many hours cursing it and trying to get it to obey me. (Fat chance of that} Should be able to have a go at chatting but have to work out times for Noo Zillun Deigh Tried out new HP computer windows 10 and still nothing! Help
  21. Deigh

    I'm finding it pretty good so far! Deigh
  22. Deigh

    Fortunately I've had a few years of Windows 7 Deigh
  23. Deigh

  24. Deigh

    I find you can't look directly at it, it seems to be not central. Last year a mobile phone company was using a picture as an advert which was similar to what I see, Next time I see it I will photograph it, I've been trying to explain it to my wife too. It is difficult to pin it down to tiredness but it could be. Like you said it doesn't interfere with what I am looking at, just superimposes itself and as you say it goes after about half an hour. A few years ago I had cataracts replaced in both eyes, I wonder if that could be tied up with it? Have you had new cataracts? Deigh