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  1. Sorry for causing such a problem.
  2. The other day at the local stroke support meeting the guest speaker was a stroke doctor and she said there are more types of stroke than Baskin and Robbins has flavors. Has anyone else heard that and what are the others?
  3. As long as they don't follow the games they shouldn't be getting emails.
  4. I added the games to give everyone a little break from the drudgery of living with a stroke.
  5. Glad I was able to give y'all a chuckle. It made my day.
  6. ATD-at the doctor. BFF-best friend fell. BTW-bring the wheelchair. BYOT-bring your own teeth. FWIW-forgot where I was. GGPBL-gotta go pacemaker battery low. GHA-got heartburn again. IMHO-is my hearing aid on. LMDO-laughing my dentures out. OMMR-on my massage recliner. OMSG-oh my! sorry, gas. ROFLACGU-rolling on floor laughing and can't get up. TTYL-talk to you louder
  7. I'm not an expert but IMHO it's never too late
  8. No, this device sends electrical impulses up into the brain and down the neck.
  9. ts4759

  10. bored

    I'm just sitting here bored out of my mind. there is no one down in the Social Room I want to visit with. (I live in an Independent Living Senior apartment building-I'm the youngest one here by a few years). There isn't anything on tv except for all the controversy surrounding "you know who" for a while until baseball comes on. was supposed to have an MRI yesterday but the machine broke Monday night so now I have to wait until May1. Have a 48 hour EEG coming up next Mon-Wed. decided to stop my volunteer work with the local bus company because I was concerned about being out with a group and having one of my episodes. I was a Mobility Mentor-we go with seniors/disabled on the bus to appointments/shopping/outings. We show them how to ride the bus and help them get there and back home. I'm also the Activities Coordinator for the Mobility Travel Club I set up here in my building-I look for things for the travel club to do and schedules the outings. having one of my episodes and not feeling to hot but don't want to go be alone in my apartment. I will be so glad when we figure out what is going on with me and takes steps to resolve these issues. of course that may not happen, but I am hopeful.
  11. my understanding is the 48 hr EEG will show brain activity when I am both awake and asleep. I will have to remain in a hospital bed except to use the bathroom. sounds like a whole lot of fun. got to make sure I take something with me to pass the time when there is nothing on tv.
  12. I saw a new Neurologist a couple weeks ago (I refuse to see the one who wouldn't see me until 8 months after my first stroke) and she wants me to get a MRI and 48 hour EEG. I had slight facial weakness after my first stroke and a few other issues, then a couple days before thanksgiving last year I had the facial droop associated with a stroke and an odd feeling that ran down my left arm and now the left side of my face feels like I got into a fight with Mohammed Ali. There is more weakness, puffy feeling.
  13. I received an Alpha Stim device from the VA last week for my frequent headaches. I use it multiple times a day and it has helped some. It hasn't helped with the insomnia yet. The devices are used to treat depression and anxiety also. You choose either a 20, 40, or 60 minute treatment and use it as often as you want. I do get a sleepy, mellow feeling.
  14. I have had problems with frequent headaches and since I started Alpha Stim treatments the headaches are fewer and further between
  15. Happy Anniversary ts4759!