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    I make pinecone flowers and glass plate flowers, bird feeders and totums when I can.
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  1. I asked the pharmacist when I went home forge hospital. The pharmacist acted perturbed that I asked about it. I was told to do what the dr prescribed. I was given samples at the dr office. So the pharmacist didn't have on file that it was on my med list. Apparently the drug is expensive. The ER docs, the pharmacist all said it was not the meds. But when I don't take them, the nausea goes away. I will keep taking them and see if I get used to them. If the nausea persists then I'll let my dr know. Since I know for sure that the med works, I must decide the lessor of 2 evils. It has been so uncomfortable to cry at odd times. So hard to control sometimes. Not just for me but others in my presence.
  2. Well folks my new doc in my hometown has given me Nuedexta for the pseudobulbar affect. It works. But I think there are side affects that cause nausea. After being on it for about 10 days the nausea was so intense that I had to go to the ER. They said it was not the med. However I stayed off of it for several days afterward and the nausea went away. Then started it again and the nausea began again. Although the ER docs said it was not the meds, there is no other explanation for the nausea. And after this many years, I think I know my body pretty good. Has anyone else taken it before? Just wondering if it's side affects or just me.
  3. Yes. My personality changed. I am now a very boring person even to me. I have had a very interesting life, but I have trouble trying to verbalize the story. Thankful for texting. Or typing. I doubt very much that my personality will ever be what it was. This is the new me. I sure hope I will end up liking who I become. Right now it's up in the air.
  4. Lookin Good!
  5. Hellooooo all, goodness it's been a while and I'm sorry I haven't given y'all an update on me in so long. I have been busy making my glass plate flowers. And I'm working on a display for the gallery. I found an old copper pot that looks like it could have come from a moonshine still. I'm going to display my flowers in it. Its going to look fabulous. I am still in my home town and I've been here since April 1. I am really loving it here. But my best friend that I'm staying with somehow got a bug (chest cold with a bad cough) and like true friends she shared it with me. Now we both have it. Lol. What are friends for. Lol I have been going to thrift stores, antique stores and garage sales to find the glass for my flowers. I have 7 flowers finished and ready to put in the gallery. I'm so excited about that. I am staying strong about my husband. He has not asked when I'm coming home. He has however, apologized for everything he did to make me leave. All the heavy drinking, all the fighting. Making me feel less than I am. But I am not ready to go back yet. Not even to get my stuff. I need to be stronger. I still don't know what's going to happen. Only time will tell. I need to heal my mind, my heart and my soul. I really hope everyone is doing well. I will give more updates soon. XOXO SweetMom
  6. Oh Tracy, you are never alone as I am in your same boat. I haven't moved my stuff but I escaped. I've been gone 2 months now. It gets easier the longer I am away. That is my saving grace. Finding something familiar to hold on to or do at your dads may help with the empty feeling. It did for me. But I also try to find different and new things to do. I sit outside and wave to people driving down the street. And my friend lives on a busy street. So it's funny watching those people. They are wondering why that goofy old woman is waving like she's on fire. it's fun, try it. You are not alone in your quest for life. I am on your side. Be safe SweetMom XOXO
  7. Omygoodness Tracy, I thought I posted a note to you and apparently I didn't post it. I'm in awe at your strength. My heart is breaking for you and swelling for you at the same time. I haven't got answers as I am going through the same thing. Just take one day at a time. If you need to talk, I am here for you. With Loving Thoughts SweetMom
  8. Thanks y'all. It means so much.
  9. O my gosh, you all are so awesome. Thank y'all for all the well wishes. I am now at my friends house. We were best friends in high school and we have literally picked up where we left off. Much more relaxed here. I have a place to work on my flowers. I garden, attend festivals, outside music nights, meet new people. Do different things. But most of all I rest. My flowers are in a gallery. It's so surreal. I still have a hard time believing it. It's called Sparrows Gallery in Denison, Texas. They haven't been put on the website yet. They are not properly displayed. They want to make sure they don't get broken. I will let y'all know how I'm doing as I go thru this new journey in my life. I don't think I would be as strong as I am if I hadn't found this website and y'all. Knowing that y'all get it. Thank you for being here. Until later SweetMom
  10. I have osteoporosis in both hips and legs. I had the bone density test. My left hip hurts more than my right. So far the Drs haven't done anything or given me meds for it. I assume there is nothing that can be done. Exercise and being very careful not to fall. I also have 'Graves Disease'. It's a type of hyperthyroidism. Had to treat my thyroid with radioactive iodine to kill it. Or it would have killed me. Per an Endocrinologist. Now I am hypothyroid. Confused? Me too. Lol I gotta rest my brain.
  11. Me 3. But I take seizure meds.
  12. O shoot Lin, dangit. I'm bawling again. I think everyone agrees that you are so important to us too. I would also like to bring my sister back. But what I would like to have back that the strokes took: my brain, maybe. Everything stems from there. If my brain wasn't damaged in those parts then I wouldn't have the deficts that I have now. As you can tell I am still having trouble accepting myself. So if it hadn't happened then I wouldn't have met all of you. Which I'm not wanting to trade for. Even unrealistically. I believe everything happens for a reason now. Just wish I knew the reason later
  13. I'm sooooooo sorry. Lol