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    Gardening (we grow alot of our own veggies), I worked in Engineering as a drafter/cad drafter for 40 yrs, then worked as a waitress in a tourist village for 2 yrs and had the most fun.
    I make pinecone flowers and glass plate flowers, bird feeders and totums when I can.
    I Love to fish, camp in a camper (no tent camping), and all outdoor stuff.
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  1. Thank y’all
  2. I can't remember what I just did. Lol what ya'll think
  3. Thanks for all the replies. I had to stop taking it as more side affects were happening. Like blood marks on the surface of my skin. Mostly on my hands and arms. Some on my face. Itching, confusion, nausea. It was just too much. I know it works. Dangit.
  4. Nope not me. No snake venom No spider bites No bugs No No No. I haven't learned to run yet. But if a spider gets on me I may learn real fast.
  5. NO NO NO. How many times do I have to say it? NO NO NO. OUCH
  6. Wow Deigh, 57. WOW Congradulations!!!!! WOW.
  7. I think I got it so far but I'm sure my short term memory will make it obsolete in no time. Lol Y'all enjoy
  8. Thank y'all. Lol it was humbling
  9. Hi all. Just wanted to update y'all on my plane trip to the east coast. I got to the airport, got my boarding pass (with the help of an attendant). Then got thru security with the help of the security officer and start for the gate. Now that was a long walk, down a long corridor, down the escalator, up an escalator, turn right, down another long corridor to finally the gate. Dang. (Escalators are not my friend). Lol. So I didn't have to do that again I requested a wheelchair every time. Without one I'm sure I'd still be wandering around Liberty Airport in New Jersey. Lol The attendant who brought the wheelchair also took me to my next gate for my next flights. I was so worried about having to change flights and terminals. But with the attendants it was easier. And I had a great time with my son and my mom. My son was promoted to Sergeant First Class. And graduated 4th in his class from a Leadership Class at Ft. Lee, Virginia. We got to go to Chincoteague Island where I was born. Ocean City to the boardwalk. My mom lives in Pocomoke City, Md. it's really beautiful there. The drive from Richmond to Pocomoke City is absolutely gorgeous. And across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. Loved it. On my flight home my seat was upgraded from row 20 to row 7 right behind 1st class. Bigger seats. More leg room. So the moral of this story is "just get a wheelchair to go thru the airports ". It's easier that way. Humbling. I'm not going to worry about traveling by plane again. That was my adventure for the summer. XOXO
  10. Help. I cannot seem to figure out how to insert pictures on here from an iPhone. Thanks in advance
  11. I asked the pharmacist when I went home forge hospital. The pharmacist acted perturbed that I asked about it. I was told to do what the dr prescribed. I was given samples at the dr office. So the pharmacist didn't have on file that it was on my med list. Apparently the drug is expensive. The ER docs, the pharmacist all said it was not the meds. But when I don't take them, the nausea goes away. I will keep taking them and see if I get used to them. If the nausea persists then I'll let my dr know. Since I know for sure that the med works, I must decide the lessor of 2 evils. It has been so uncomfortable to cry at odd times. So hard to control sometimes. Not just for me but others in my presence.
  12. Well folks my new doc in my hometown has given me Nuedexta for the pseudobulbar affect. It works. But I think there are side affects that cause nausea. After being on it for about 10 days the nausea was so intense that I had to go to the ER. They said it was not the med. However I stayed off of it for several days afterward and the nausea went away. Then started it again and the nausea began again. Although the ER docs said it was not the meds, there is no other explanation for the nausea. And after this many years, I think I know my body pretty good. Has anyone else taken it before? Just wondering if it's side affects or just me.
  13. Yes. My personality changed. I am now a very boring person even to me. I have had a very interesting life, but I have trouble trying to verbalize the story. Thankful for texting. Or typing. I doubt very much that my personality will ever be what it was. This is the new me. I sure hope I will end up liking who I become. Right now it's up in the air.