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Stroke Survivor - female
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    Gardening (we grow alot of our own veggies), I worked in Engineering as a drafter/cad drafter for 40 yrs, then worked as a waitress in a tourist village for 2 yrs and had the most fun.
    I make pinecone flowers and glass plate flowers, bird feeders and totums when I can.
    I Love to fish, camp in a camper (no tent camping), and all outdoor stuff.
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  1. Love you girly. Thank you 💕💙
  2. OMyGoodness. The cursive is really hard to read and makes my brain hurt focusing on it. Maybe it’s my eyes or the color but I can read the printed words fine. Sorry. Just so you know. I have stomach problems too. GERD. Gallbladder or something is giving me extremely bad indigestion. I know I have gall stones. So I am going to a gastroenterologist. He wants to look inside so surgery is in my future. Lucky me.
  3. Hello Bill. You’ve been thru the ringer. So sorry. I had 3 strokes and have aphasia and pseudo-bulbar-affect plus a host of other maladies. There is a medication called Neudexta that really works for emotional lability. I took it for a while but I didn’t like some side affects. It does work tho. There are a bunch of us that has either separated or divorced after the stroke/strokes. Its heartbreaking but: One thing at a time....... One thing at a time........ Best Wishes SweetMom
  4. And.......when they say “I forget too”. Ok, forget I said anything. “Here’s your sign”.
  5. I use a sledgehammer. 6 pounds
  6. Now wait minute y’all, it is as complimentory as we Southerners can get under the circumstances. Lol
  7. Hello all. It’s been a while. I’m still in Texas. I’m still making flowers. I went to my dr here and had an X-ray. The pain in my hip has gotten worse. I thought it was my sciatic nerve. Nope. Doc says I need a new hip. I’m really scared about being put under anesthesia. But he assured me that they cannot do it while I’m awake. So in the not so distant future I will get one.
  8. My personality changed. I’m no longer the person I was.
  9. Tracy you just keep hanging in there. The blas don’t last as long as they used to with me. So maybe they won’t with you either. A lot has happened in my life as well.
  10. Thank y’all
  11. I can't remember what I just did. Lol what ya'll think
  12. Thanks for all the replies. I had to stop taking it as more side affects were happening. Like blood marks on the surface of my skin. Mostly on my hands and arms. Some on my face. Itching, confusion, nausea. It was just too much. I know it works. Dangit.
  13. Nope not me. No snake venom No spider bites No bugs No No No. I haven't learned to run yet. But if a spider gets on me I may learn real fast.
  14. Wow Deigh, 57. WOW Congradulations!!!!! WOW.