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    Gardening (we grow alot of our own veggies), I worked in Engineering as a drafter/cad drafter for 40 yrs, then worked as a waitress in a tourist village for 2 yrs and had the most fun.
    I make pinecone flowers and glass plate flowers, bird feeders and totums when I can.
    I Love to fish, camp in a camper (no tent camping), and all outdoor stuff.
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  1. I have osteoporosis in both hips and legs. I had the bone density test. My left hip hurts more than my right. So far the Drs haven't done anything or given me meds for it. I assume there is nothing that can be done. Exercise and being very careful not to fall. I also have 'Graves Disease'. It's a type of hyperthyroidism. Had to treat my thyroid with radioactive iodine to kill it. Or it would have killed me. Per an Endocrinologist. Now I am hypothyroid. Confused? Me too. Lol I gotta rest my brain.
  2. Me 3. But I take seizure meds.
  3. O shoot Lin, dangit. I'm bawling again. I think everyone agrees that you are so important to us too. I would also like to bring my sister back. But what I would like to have back that the strokes took: my brain, maybe. Everything stems from there. If my brain wasn't damaged in those parts then I wouldn't have the deficts that I have now. As you can tell I am still having trouble accepting myself. So if it hadn't happened then I wouldn't have met all of you. Which I'm not wanting to trade for. Even unrealistically. I believe everything happens for a reason now. Just wish I knew the reason later
  4. I'm sooooooo sorry. Lol
  5. Thanks y'all. I'm wondering what the good lord has in store for me. Say a little prayer for me. SweetMom
  6. Welcome Lisa and Jan, we are here for our fellow stroke survivors and caregivers and family. It's not easy to go thru but with the help of others who have gone thru it can help immensely. I am 2 years out with 3 strokes. 2 on the left brain and 1on the right brain. I didn't get the tpa early enough to counteract the 2 on my left brain, but I did for the right brain. You will find the answers for the many questions you may have. This support group saved me and made me a better person with the wealth of info and the loving caring people who will sit by your side and hold your hand for however long you need. The people here and me really do 'get it'. We have been where you are. Different but the same in many ways. I hope you will share your feelings however bad or good. We love it when you feel good. But we will be here even if you don't. Blessings SweetMom
  7. I wish I still was. Not so much now. Trying to destress again. Its not even my husband, it's my dil. She has her own drinking problem. And it's way worse than what I ran from. She's abusive when she drinks to say the least. Not to me, but even tho it's my sons house, I won't stand for it. They are not married anymore but they are together. He told her that she can't do it anymore. That she could cause me to have another stroke with the stress it causes. And that is not acceptable. So far so good. I hope I'm not being overly optimistic. It's only been a couple days. I do have a friend who has offered to let me stay with her. Well hoping it gets better sooner rather than later. Until then, SweetMom
  8. Thanks so much y'all. I'm going to stay for a long while. I'm home to me. It's my land so I can stay for a while. lol I feel so much better now being around my grangirl and granboy. The lake is so welcoming. My family and friends are thinking I'm all better. But when I get tired, I have trouble talking. Go figure. Then they can't figure out what's wrong with me. Their problem. I'll try to write more soon. Knowing you all are here is heartwarming. XOXO SweetMom
  9. Hi everyone. I am still in Texas. My stress level is still pretty high. I was hoping it would be lower by now but have been busy visiting family and friends. Some of them don't seem to think I am affected by the strokes. It's just normal aging. Right. I look normal. I'm glad about that. Anyway I wanted y'all to know I'm ok. I am going to make more flowers which should lower my stress. We'll see. I'll write more later. SweetMom
  10. Hi y'all. Just wanted to let everyone know that I am safe and sound at my sons house. My stress level has diminished so much. Lin-I figured out how to get on the site but not on the private message part. I'll spend the day with my daughter in law and she will show me. I hope My grangirl got baptized this morning and it was so beautiful. I will be back more often soon but I want to thank y'all for your support. It means so much to be validated. XOXO SweetMom
  11. Thanks ladies. My art right now is very important to me. I am very excited about putting these in a Gallery. SweetMom
  12. Here are just a few of my flowers, Hope y'all like them
  13. Along with the different hats we wear as a wife, mother and extrordinaire, the hats for caregiver are vast compared. I was that caregiver for 10 years to my late husband who had stage 4 lymphoma. Not the same, but not different either. Now that I am on the other side, I can see the hardships on both sides. I'm so sorry. But you may want to put that fishing hat on of your dads, throw a line out (no bait, you don't really want to catch anything) and sit back and enjoy the moment. Maybe make some turtle soup, but beware of the hare in it. Love ya girl
  14. absolutely Love it