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    Gardening (we grow alot of our own veggies), I worked in Engineering as a drafter/cad drafter for 40 yrs, then worked as a waitress in a tourist village for 2 yrs and had the most fun.
    I make pinecone flowers and glass plate flowers, bird feeders and totums when I can.
    I Love to fish, camp in a camper (no tent camping), and all outdoor stuff.
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  1. Here are just a few of my flowers, Hope y'all like them
  2. Along with the different hats we wear as a wife, mother and extrordinaire, the hats for caregiver are vast compared. I was that caregiver for 10 years to my late husband who had stage 4 lymphoma. Not the same, but not different either. Now that I am on the other side, I can see the hardships on both sides. I'm so sorry. But you may want to put that fishing hat on of your dads, throw a line out (no bait, you don't really want to catch anything) and sit back and enjoy the moment. Maybe make some turtle soup, but beware of the hare in it. Love ya girl
  3. absolutely Love it
  4. It makes me too uncomfortable with all the brightness. I don't know the computer very good anymore, so this confuses me even more than I already am. Which is a lot. Oh hell I'm just tired.
  5. Thanks Tracy, As early as april or as late as June. I am so stressed. I just know I will sleep for days once I get there. I have already warned my family. He has been hinting about spring break, knowing he is only off for a week. But I will have to hurry to mail my flowers beforehand. Once I get my flowers mailed, I will be able to relax.
  6. I have checked into Al Anon. Small town here. Nothing in this town is anonymous. I want him to keep his job. Actually I have told him he needs to apply for teaching positions. I don't know if he will but dang, he make less than min wage in most states. I'm tired of supporting someone who doesn't want to do better. He has made too many promises and never followed thru with them. I'm done.
  7. Thanks Tracy, My stress level is outa site rite now. He told me not to have any incidents at nite because he wouldn't be able to drive me to the hospital. he won't stop drinking and if he gets a dui, his teaching license may get revoked. The one he's "NOT" using. Oh shoot my life does not make sense right now. I feel like I am living so he can have an excuse to drink. Sad.
  8. Thats why I like making my flowers. I get lost in the moment. I just cannot dig in the dirt anymore. I tried last year to have that garden that "I" wanted and my husband made it much larger than I could take care of. So it got overgrown. I told him this year what I wanted in a garden. He said it was too small. Well, if its just me taking care of it, then I want it small. He just can't fathom a small garden. Its ok with me to not have one. Today my stress is too much. I slept most of the morning away. I just wanna go home.
  9. You have probably been here and paying taxes long enough for him to get social security disability. You need to start looking that over. https://www.ssa.gov/disabilityssi/ We applied online and didn't have to go anywhere, well, Bob was highly immobile, but I think it still can all be done online. I also applied on line. It was time consuming but if you have help, it could go faster. Just make sure you answer all the questions. And never say you think you're getting better. They will deny you. Best to you
  10. Thanks so much everyone. Ya know he says he's proud and supportive of my art, but it seems only if its on line or locally. Which I have tried. I like the personalization of a Gallery and being on public display. A plus is its in my hometown, where I can have family around me. The support of family is so important in healing, its a wonder that I didn't sink into dismay further.
  11. Bad news is I haven't told my husband. I'm afraid he won't be as excited as I am. I will send my flowers to my sons house then I will tell my husband about the Gallery. His drinking will keep me from telling him until my flowers are safe.
  12. Sue I was a caregiver for my late husband for 10 years when he had cancer. Everyday was a new day. Just get thru it. Wake up and start another new day. I gladly did it.
  13. My husband is drinking very heavily lately. 5-6 shots of tequila and 5-6 beers "every" night. You're right, its not fun to watch. Stumbles to bed, wakes up and does it again. Sad
  14. Well I stumbled across a Gallery on Facebook (in my hometown) that was asking for artists that dealt in glass/ceramics. So I sent pics of some of my work (Glass Plate Flowers) to them and they want to put my work in the Gallery. She (Gallery owner) said my flowers are wonderful. I am ecstatic. That is another dream of mine. I would love to display my work to the public. So I will send my art to my sons house. Then I can decide which ones will go in the Gallery when I get there.
  15. Resman, I can relate. I am also invisible. You have not lost your marbles. LOL. I've noticed that other people are uncomfortable around me. I fidget a lot. Also, people don't like to face the fact that it could happen to them. So they put their head in the sand. If they don't see me, they don't have to face it. What Lin said is also true. We are more sensitive since our strokes. I know it to be true, but its still very hard to take. Find something you can look forward to. (I'm still looking) A hobby maybe. I don't know. I do know you are not alone.