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  1. 25March2015

    Hi All, I am having issues with anger .....I seem to loose my patience and I tend to speak my mind fast....I tend to lash out without realizing what I am saying and feelings tend to get hurt....My Husband is very understanding and supportive and he sometime gives me a signal to let me know ....he does this in the cutest ways ....without hurting anyone's feelings....I mentioned it to my Dr....and He has said that they will all have to understand .....he refuses to put me on medication to stop me from hurting anyone's feelings.....My Husband family are so good with understanding, but people who do not know me I am scared that I may get myself in trouble or worst .....I might end up with my teeth kicked in for speaking my mind....that being said I stay home to avoid getting into trouble ....I am fine if I am with a family member you nudges me to keep me in line!......I looking for any advice I can get without been medicated .....are they other survivors out there with issues like mine! Thank You!
  2. Happy Anniversary 25March2015!

  3. Happy Birthday 25March2015!

  4. 25March2015

    I thought I was getting better and ready to return to work....now the thought of returning to work is scaring me....it was part of the reason for my stroke,. I told my Boss I am ready to start going back....but now I am so sorry I did....deep down I am terrified! The Job is fine it is the people I have to work with that stresses me out! I have no idea what to do here!
  5. 25March2015

    Coping after a stroke

    This is my first time ever Blogging! So here goes! On March 25,2015, my life changed because of my stroke. My right side was affected. I have the movement back , Thank God! It took a lot of hard work on my part. My body has gone through so many changes. I have bladder problems and bowel problems, worst than before. I am so very Grateful be be alive, Truly I am but I have to admit I really do miss my old life! I am unable to return to work because it is a stressful, turns out it was a part of what gave a stroke. I have shed so many tears in my steps to recovery but still I have more to shed it would seem. I feel so bad for my Husband , he is my rock for support! I am very lucky to have recovered so fast and most importantly to be here! Still my mind won't shut off with all the thoughts and longing for my family who live so far away from me....I have to constantly remind myself my life isn't over just on hold! My Life isn't Over It's Just On Hold! Thanks for letting me vent! I would love some input on to what to expect next on my road to recovery! 25March2016
  6. 25March2015

    Hi SweetMom, I too can relate to what you are saying. I have my good days and my bad still, but I really miss the old me! Take Care! 25March2015
  7. Welcome to the forums 25March2015 :)