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  1. heathber

    yep happy happy joy joy. It feels like an early Christmas present to get you all back
  2. heathber

    Very true Nancy, you have to keep smiling the alternative is too hard to live with. Enjoy what you have and try not to dwell on the might have beens. Glad Dan is feeling better, tummy bugs are no fun when you can't run easily (they aren't much fun when you can either 🙂 )
  3. heathber

    So relieved to see the site back, Thankyou to all those who worked on and fixed the problem. I'm well and it looks like Melbourne might finally be coming out of this last lockdown. Fingers crossed out patient services at the hospitals will reopen soon too, I miss my therapy sessions.
  4. heathber

    So good to see the site back online! I had just about given up. Not sure why I tried again tonight. I hope everyone has been well and thriving while we couldn't "talk" -Heather
  5. Can you call it out of lockdown when we still aren't allowed to go to other peoples homes at all. If it wasn't for being on NDIS and needing on site carers I would never see anyone in person, other than my weekly visit to the shops for necessities. p.s. I have moved out of Melbourne and am now Regional.
  6. Making a plan and doing the risk assessment in your head before you say yes is a good idea but also don't only go out when there's no risk, it would be lovely but it's not realistic, and you do need to live life, especially as you can at the moment (with Covid 0 status all around you, make the most of it while it lasts) and if it helps ask for help with the expected risks before you accept the invite.
  7. Yep agree with the full time vs intermittent thing. I've been falling quite a bit the last few months. The physio says its probably because I'm now living in a more physically challenging environment. So the stabiliser muscles, which are the small ones that I have most trouble with coordinating properly are over worked and sometimes they just don't function 100% and because most of the time they are fine when they quit unexpectedly the larger muscles don't compensate like they should, so with my propriaception issues that means I fall. I just say rude words and hope I haven't done any major da
  8. heathber

    Brains do weird things and if your lesion is visible in the MRI chances are it doesn't matter what caused it in the first place. Do try the estim on the shoulder, if you can persuade your sub-conscious to do it's job and/or learn to pull it together yourself it will make a huge difference. Fingers crossed. The estim i great for "finding" the muscle you need to engage as well as for strengthening it gradually. The main thing to watch out for once you have reading in the bottom of your multifocals is don't look at your feet through your glasses when you're walking. You have to lea
  9. heathber

    ((HUGS)) Glad it's mostly good news. Sorry to report problems with close up vision are a feature of our age. Once you get past about 45 your arms need to grow a few inches to keep up with the eyes. I do recommend graduated multi focal glasses. Mine have 3 areas, close up, computer, distance ( required for driving the car and watching theatre etc.)
  10. heathber

    Not going to happen we are to sensible 😝
  11. heathber

    Booster shots for the countries with money and resources to do it are inevitable, especially while there are countries unable to vaccinate large parts of their populations. The variants happen where the virus is spreading most, more chance of a mutation with each new host. If we ( the world) are going to get this thing under some sort of control we are going to need to work on whole world population vaccination not just each country looking after it's own. The more it mutates the more often we will need boosters and the more likely it is that the next mutation/variant will be one that the vac
  12. heathber

    evil spirit
  13. Oh goodness US 13, I have enough trouble with US 11, I highly recommend Mary Jane styles with either velcro or buckle strap. I find them a great compromise of style, comfort, and ease of putting on one handed. My most common brands are Keen or Merell, I have no idea if you can get 13s in them though. Good luck with the hunt 💜 I also wear Merell brand sandals, lots of options, I've found best to look for structured heel enclosure, rather than super strapy looks.
  14. heathber

    many colours
  15. heathber

    Main thing I'd be saying is remember there are any many types of disability, not just those in wheelchairs, also companion seating is just as important as our access. they want to cater for limited mobility, low vision, low hearing, over stimulation, ... So quiet places for those who need to get away from too many people and too much light/sound. Not too many steps up or down and rails on steps available on both sides, or down the middle works really well too, a couple of the newer mebourne venues have this, although you need places to get through the rail every few rows as well, so you can