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  1. Well done Tracy and keep at it! we can make a difference
  2. heathber

    Of course Pam! Crazy Cat Ladies unite! how many cats we actually have is about how many cats are compatible with our living arrangements/abilities, not how many we want.
  3. heathber

    Hi Pam enjoy what you have now for as long as it lasts no point in borrowing trouble you have plenty without that 😘
  4. heathber

    Yes they are doing you a favour, right now, by letting you have a room. but as Pam said that doesn't make you Cinderella. Don't let them guilt you into thinking you must repay them with household chores. Hooray for the crazy cat ladies with only one cat!
  5. heathber

    Living alone is great Tracy. OK so the neighbours think I'm the crazy cat lady. Who cares! Yes there are some things where I get stuck and have to ask my sister to come rescue me, but that goes both ways. I hope you have someone you will be able to call when needed, but right now it sounds like you are on the give end of the equation all the time and that wears even the fit and healthy down.
  6. heathber

    Extra hugs coming your way Tracy. My back went "out" for the first time in my life last Monday. So I now know what that's like. I've been battling to keep moving and finding a spot were you can be comfortable for more than a few minutes is so hard. How you managed to look after others while coping with that I don't know. My hat's off to you. Fingers and toes crossed that you get good news from your disability hearing and are able to get out of that environment soon. It isn't good for you. Hugs again -Heather
  7. It is very interesting to read all these stories. I had a major illness at the start of this year and I now realise this is a large part of why my neuro physio has been so careful and concerned about me pushing on with my physical goals this year. He has mentioned a few times that if my immune system is too strained it's really not good. And I know from experience that something simple like sunburn can be a major trigger for stroke fatigue. So far, thank goodness, I've not had any major setbacks or recurrence of other stroke symptoms.
  8. Hi Sue I had a similar problem with the voice and I still have problems with reading aloud and getting my tone and volume to vary appropriately. Speech therapy and practice will help. A lot of it is also in breath/lung control. I also worked for a short time with a music therapist, which was a great help. try humming along to tunes as a way of retraining. I had a problem with reading at first but it was not short term memory or comprehension. It turned out that my visual scanning was not reliable and I could not reliably move my eyes from the right side of a block of text back to the left without loosing my place on the page so I was skipping whole lines of text. The solution to that one was covering the unread text with a sheet of paper that I moved down the page as needed. Which created both a barrier to seeing what I should not and providing a guide for the eyes on how to get back to the correct spot on the next line. I only had to do it for a couple of weeks before my brain and eyes were retrained.
  9. heathber

    Pam you are braver than you think. Hugs and wishes for the perfect outcome. If you can get the pain under control who knows what you can do afterwards.
  10. heathber

    Oh Pam HUGS. I'm sure your son would not be so mean as to cut off your phone, give him time to calm down and then try to explain to him that pain brings out the worst in people so no matter what you said/say he needs to know you love him and appreciate his help and compassion. I do hope this can be resolved for you. and know that we love you too and would help more if it was possible. -Heather
  11. heathber

    yes I get that too, while most of my face has remobilised over time I don't always notice anymore if I get something on my face. I've gotten into the habit of using my napkin when eating out. And my family know to let me know if I miss a bit.
  12. heathber

    Janelle yes the public system doesn't want to know about us but if you want to you can work through your private health to access out patient therapy for no out of pocket (other than yearly excess if you have one). how many sessions you get each year depends on your health fund and level of cover. to do it you need to locate a private hospital with the services you need/want who has an agreement with your health fund. You'll have more luck finding out about it through the hospital than the health fund. The health find claims people don't seem to know this is done. it is hospital cover not extras cover so I assume that's why they don't know as the phone people are all about extras usually. The cover outpatient services as inpatient somehow. Once you find a program you need to get a referral from your GP. But I do recommend starting by finding a good neuro physio who is out of pocket or partially covered by extras. I use mine to coordinate my care program and advise my gym trainers. He also helps with that dreaded M word when I need it. Also don't forget you are entitled to your 5 medicare subsidised care plan allied health sessions each year. Yes it's a drop in the ocean, but its better than nothing. You now qualify for those on 2 grounds, diabetes and neuro injury, as they are both considered chronic health conditions. Although the government is stingy and you'll still only get 5. ask your GP if you haven't already. There are also non means tested ways to get a Health Care Card. I have one as I get a mobility allowance. It may be worth checking if you qualify for one, but I think you need to be working and/or studying. It's the in between step for those of us who aren't disabled enough for disability allowance, the government recognises that keeping us working as long as possible is cheaper in the long run.
  13. heathber

    Hi Benni anything is possible. It does sound like a lot of screen time each day. Which means you are being quite sedentary which I find does reduce your overall energy levels. I'd be trying to break it up a bit more even if it just with some gentle walking around the yard for 10 minutes every hour or so. try rewarding yourself with a lap of the house each time you complete a puzzle, remember they are designed to be addictive and to make it hard to put the game away.
  14. heathber

    Janelle time for a vinegar clean of the microwave I think. https://www.practicallyfunctional.com/how-to-clean-a-microwave-vinegar-steam/ smells like that get into the pores of the seals etc. so something like this is needed to get them to dissolve.