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  1. Yep what everyone already told you and you already know in your heart. This was a "little" thing to them but it hurt you big time. And when we are hurt we react. The main thing is you were able to put it aside and be rational after the fact which helps a bit. Hang in there and remember "this too shall pass".
  2. Found the how to setup video. Looks easy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2EvbJQ_zJzw
  3. There's only one way to find out with this stuff. Good luck and glad to hear you're combining botox with exercise.
  4. How frustrating and upsetting after all that you don't know why your foot swelled or if it will do it again, only that the "cure" this time did more harm than good. But you did the right thing to get it to the Doc as soon as possible.
  5. Tracy you could/would do it again if you decided it was necessary. Hot weather certainly doesn't help, neither does cold. There's no pleasing some of us . Here, we are just getting to the coldest part of the year. Winter solstice is only a week away. In the last week the cold has finally hit. Not that it's what you would call cold we only get snow in exceptional winters. But in the last week the wind has turned bitter, and cuts right through you. So far not much rain, which is a problem for the farmers, many of this years crops have been dry sown and everyone is crossing their fingers the rain comes before the seeds and soil blow away. Fingers crossed we do get some real rain so that the dams fill up for next summer,
  6. I've not had seizure thank goodness If I did they would take away my driving licence again and I'd go really crazy. But there was one lady in inpatient rehab with me who kept having seizures. In her case I believe it was to do with toxin build ups where the stroke had affected some of her liver functions. Barb i'd be very careful about taking your husband off seizure medication, you'd want to talk to him and his doctor about the risk/reward equation in your case. Ellen it sounds like they haven't found a good medication regime for your husband yet, so keep asking until they find a mix that works for you both, medications have different effects for different people, each brain and each stroke is different so sometimes you have to try many things until you hit on the one that works for you. Don't just accept a compromise solution.
  7. It sounds like you are just about ready to kick yourself in the ass and decide to make a change. It's not easy to do and there's not much point until you are ready to do it. Remember start small and make a little change each day, and find ways to reward "good behaviour". Maybe use that expansive driveway to practice your walking and build your confidence. 1 lap of the driveway allows you 15 minutes on the verandah doing nothing. and then build it up a little each day as you feel up to it. The more exercise you do the easier it becomes and the better your mood will be, both because you are actually moving and because you are taking charge again. Also if you can get yourself moving again the insomnia should be less of an issue. Hoping you can find the mental strength to make the changes that are necessary for getting on with life after it's kicked you in the guts. -Heather
  8. Hang in there Tracy it is actually getting better, even though some days are still too much. Fingers crossed for your Dad both for quitting the smokes and the biopsy.
  9. Steve that is one of the situations where I could understand someone doing it. When you're at an "anything to stop the pain" situation that's where people do what they wouldn't normally contemplate, Thankfully you managed to hold out until a new pump could be fitted and you knew that it was a solution that would work you "just" had to endure until it could be done.
  10. Botox only helps if you combine it with an intense exercise and stretching program. Botox is worth doing if you are already working on keeping full range of movement and are not dealing with muscle shortening. Long term tone will shorten the muscles as they are contracted for extremely long periods of time. Also my understanding is Botox is great for countering spactisity but not so useful for tone. My rehab specialists check for "catching" and muscle spasms before prescribing botox. Sometimes I get a good reaction to botox sometimes I don't. But I do like that when I've got botox I get the intense therapy at the same time. Therapy without the botox is much less effective for me. But I'm now 8 years post and have not had use of my hand/arm for that long so I'm also dealing with atrophy. So any work on that arm takes intense energy.
  11. I too hate to feel that there are people who get so hopeless about life that they see death as the best option available to them. I can understand it in some situations, and do think that people should have the right to die the death of their choice when their quality of life is unacceptable to them. However I also have to agree with Asha in that most of the time things will change if you wait long enough and make the effort to change things or your view of them. People need to not feel that they can't ask for help when things get that desperate, but we place such a stigma on wanting to die that people in that situation are more likely to hide it than share how they feel so when they do suicide it's a shock to those left behind, and that's the saddest part.
  12. Oh Dear I've heard it does this to some people! I have the opposite problem. nearly 8 years post and I'll still sleep 14 hours a day if I don't stop myself. I used to be a morning person now I'm doing well if I'm up and about before 10am. Try not to worry about it (both the sleep and the appointment). I know easier said than done but try.
  13. So long as the limb is otherwise healthy there should be no need for amputation but a limb that is unused is very susceptible to injury and complications especially as it has reduced lymphatic circulation (this is why you get the swelling). As well as atrophy of the muscles reducing the strength of the limb over time you need to watch out for excessive tone causing the muscles to shorten so regular stretching and range of motion exercises are vital to maintain possibility of future recovery and use. You need to be very careful to avoid burns and pressure sores which can become infected and lead to problems/complications where amputation could be a possibility. The biggest risk if you have tone in the fingers is actually your fingernails digging into the palm of the hand. A splint especially for night time is a good idea. I go through periods where I am very good at wearing the split and other times I get tired of it and don't bother. A splint during the day prevents you from attempting to use the hand so is not generally recommended although there are circumstances where it may be done. If you are wearing a split during the day it is wise to also use a sling so that the shoulder does not sublux. With all this stuff everything's connected and it comes down to risk/reward assessments. Talk to your OT and PT and make sure everyone is on the same page with your goals and decisions. -Heather
  14. So good that you chose to laugh. We've all been there. You feel like a real duffer when it happens but as you say there's no point getting mad that just makes a hard day harder.
  15. Jade's favourite toy/game at the moment is an old gym shoe lace. It's large enough that she can see it easily and having a little stretch makes it extra fun. Of course I don't leave it for her to play with when I'm not around. She got bored by the "laser" light very quickly she worked out that she can't catch it. But she does go nuts when I point it at the ceiling. Another great favourite was the catchable bubbles, they are great fun but do leave a slightly sticky residue.