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  1. phones and laptops need to be removed from reach while you are drugged! Glad it went well. Hope the incisions heal well and quickly!
  2. Nice to see you back Janelle!!
  3. For unplanned hospital visits you expect a certain level of medication chaos. It's when you go in for a scheduled procedure and they won't let you have your meds even though you bought them in with you because "the doctor has not written it up yet" It makes me cross as, thankfully mine are not pain meds so it nuisance value only. You'd think they are more careful with pain meds as timing is so critical with those and you need to have them before you get breakthrough pain as it's so much harder to solve existing pain than to prevent it occuring. Pam you got through this and you will again. I just wish you didn't have to suffer. But the world is full of silly people who can't or won't plan ahead.
  4. More Hugs here Tracy. Hang in there you will survive this. So sorry to hear about your brother. It is about time the world gave you a break, but that's not always how it works. Just remember to breath and count to 10
  5. Hi Watson, All of that sounds pretty normal, you are just starting out on this journey that is going to profoundly change your life and expectations, So yes it's scary and painful! This is a long term condition with no quick fix and a real possibility that you may not get back to where you were before. We are here to listen any time you need to rant/whine, we've all been there in one way or another. It does usually get better/easier with time and therapy, so long as you work at it and don't give up. As Becky said talk to your doctor about the headaches and anxiety, you will need help to manage those. There are also probably effects from your stroke that may not have made themselves obvious yet too. Anything that is different to "before" is worth investigating. All the best -Heather
  6. Absolutely Tracy! There is no point comparing one stroke with another or one survivor with another. We all learn from each others experiences whether they are "good" or "bad".
  7. Good luck with it. Mine stopped working a few months back and the worst part was that I didn't understand what was happening. A new drug I was taking affected the SSRI take up. Once I worked out why I felt so crap it was not hard to fix, but it proved to me that I'm not ready to stop taking them. I'm sure it will be different for you, for a start you know that you're doing it.
  8. This sort of discussion always reminds me of a "Dr Who" quote from when Tom Baker was the Dr. "What's the point of being grown up if you can't be childish occasionally" Also this one although I don't remember where it comes from "Growing older is compulsory, growing up is optional"
  9. it's pretty scary the first few days in an office. But so long as you pace yourself and do things like half days at first, you should be able to do this and the pocket money helps a lot. Don't forget to factor travel time and energy into the calculation. When I first went back to work I was only doing half days from home and it was only once I was acclimatised to that that we got brave and converted 3 half days at home into 1 full day in the office and 2 half days from home. A half day in the office used the same energy as a full day because I was not allowed to drive at that stage. Fingers crossed you get the job and can make it work.
  10. Hi Tracy, nothing as specific as that, I'm afraid, but just because it's not rational doesn't mean you don't feel it. in my family we call it the "de ja dreads" My sister, my niece, and myself sometimes get that feeling that something nasty is on the way, it usually starts with particularly strong de ja vue episodes hence the "de ja dreads" thankfully none of us get it on top of GAD that would be really nasty. Hang in there and cuddle your cat! HUGS -Heather
  11. Ed I'm now 8 years post (well in 3 weeks I will be) and the fatigue is much more manageable. It's not an issue for my day to day life most of the time now although if I get overtired it takes me much longer to get back my stamina than I feel it should, I also get overtired much more easily. For me the secret seemed to be rest before it gets overwhelming and push the limits in little bits with adjustments made to the following days plans to incorporate the extra rest I knew I was going to need. It's hard when you've always been able to rise to any challenge you set yourself but "make haste slowly" and "plan to rest" have got me through it so far. Mind you I don't have and didn't have the dizzies and other mental/sensory challenges that seem to be the hardest to overcome of the common stroke deficits. Mind you I have heard of people with crippling post stroke fatigue who have not been able to overcome it. I hope you are not one of those, but don't give up yet. Not quite 2 years post is just starting the journey in post stroke recovery times.
  12. Being a bit out of it and "away with the fairies" is quite common particularly in the first few weeks. Whether this gets better or not is very hard to predict, it will depend on a large range of factors and his age is not going to help. The more "normal" you can make his environment the sooner he will get back to himself. Physical rehab actually helps with the mental stuff too. Hang in there and encourage him to work on recovery Good luck to you and your Dad beating this thing takes time and perseverance. -Heather
  13. That's great news hopefully you will also soon know what it is as well. Good luck to your Dad for his treatment.
  14. I can understand how that would wear you down over time. I don't have any advice I 'm single. But wanted to say "I hear you" -Heather
  15. It sounds a bit like when I have to share space with my Mum. I love her dearly but we don't do things the same way so I long ago learned if we are both in the same space for any length of time to just go with the flow and be the duck (Although I admit to exchanging the occasional eye roll with my Dad, which Mum hates if she catches us) If the carpet situation is stressing you out ask your guests to please keep food and drinks to the kitchen, and to take their shoes off at the door. Under the circumstances I would explain that it's creating stress for you and give them a solution you can live with.