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  1. heathber

    Coping exercise or not fingers crossed it works, or at least doesn't make things worse. Naked is not socially acceptable in many places and is not practical in colder weather or in the air con. When we can't win all we can work at is coping. Fingers crossed for both Pam and Scott to find their inner duck. Hugs to you both (at least virtual ones don't trigger pain). I can't imagine anything worse than not being able to be touched. Heather
  2. What you can get does depend on where you are. I have an unlimited fibre connection too these days, and even when I didn't I always preferred to go with a throttling plan rather than a charge for overuse plan. If you used too much the last few days of the month might be annoying but it was always a fixed cost.
  3. heathber

    What Paul said! Fingers and toes crossed for your Dad Tracy. I do hope you all pull through the current crisis.
  4. heathber

    Not good news but at least they now know what it is and can treat effectively. Sending Hugs and healing thoughts to all.
  5. heathber

    Hugs Tracy. I do hope you sorted whatever it was out. -Heather
  6. heathber

    So hard to feel so helpless and be so far away. Fingers and toes crossed for continuing good news
  7. That's a lovely story Deigh! But yes that dateline does my head in every time I cross it!
  8. Hi Tracy, as of today Sue should be in UTC +10, we were UTC +11 until Sunday because of DST. NSW is same timezone as VIC (where I am) Janelle in WA is UTC +8 Deigh in NZ should be UTC +12 sorry I don't know NZ DST periods. US east coast should be UTC -5 which makes NZ 17 hours ahead of US EST not 16 UTC is usually easiest to work with which is why it exists 🙂 add 5 to get to 0 and then add 12 to get to NZ if you cross 0 from negative to positive add a day. and if you cross 0 from positive to negative lose a day. This is the fun part of flying to the US from here, you arrive before you left having spent 22 hours in the air, and coming home you lose a day. so you arrive the day after you expect to.
  9. Great and its something fun to do when you have the oomph that has a useful end result.
  10. heathber

    Congratulations to all the stroke people who completed their goals today. Particularly Tracy and Travis! Today here in Melbourne is the "Run 4 the kids" You can do either 5 km or 10 km and the course takes you over the Westgate bridge, which gives you a stunning view of the city centre. The bridge is not normally open to foot traffic so I would love to do it, but this year I wasn't in training and a 5 km is more than I felt game to do (I walk, I'm not yet running or even jogging), and you need to do it in a "sensible" amount of time as they can't close the bridge to traffic for too long even on a Sunday. That bridge is the primary crossing between the east and west of the city. My gym had a team in the 10 km. Run 4 the kids raises money for the Royal Melbourne Children's Hospital, which is one of the leading hospitals for children in the country.
  11. borrow a sewing machine and make yourself a colourful quilt either for the bed or your couch. I have a lovely one my Aunt made for me that lives in my recliner it's so comforting to snuggle under when watching tv at night, and it brightens up the room.
  12. heathber

    I have to agree with Michelle, the key to this is to keep looking forward not back, but grieving for the lost you is part of making that decision to go forward from here. Neuroplasticity is a thing and when they work out how to really make it happen that will be wonderful. But the reality is that for most of us getting it to do what we need/want takes more consistent effort than we can manage. The other aspects of life still have to happen as well.
  13. heathber

    I have to admit I was not very happy to be suddenly sent to the Psych with no warning and no explanation. I'm not sure I would have gone if it hadn't meant I'd lose my other therapies. It was one of those things where you think you're doing OK and it hurts to be told you aren't. In hind sight I know they did the right thing, but at the time I wasn't very impressed.
  14. heathber

    HI Alan dry needling is very helpful it can release muscles much quicker and less painfully than deep tissue massage which is the other way to get at these things. My physiotherapist uses it, it needs specialist training and certification.
  15. Fingers crossed but doing it is the reward! So glad you are taking part