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  1. heathber

    🙂 that grin is for the joys of auto correct not for having spacticity in your back. But it does make sense that a spastic episode in your back muscles would interfere with the controlled breathing talking requires.
  2. I'm pleased to report Victoria's outbreak now seems to be pretty much under control. 14 day average is now 6.2 cases/day They extended our travel circle from 5km to 25km on Monday. But they are keeping metro residents separate from regional still. So while I can now arrange a meet up (outside) with my metro based family members, we have to do a meet in the middle as 25km doesn't quite get us to each other homes and anyway home visits are still very restricted, I still can't visit Mum and Dad or go to the country house. The situation in America is very scary, this thing grows expon
  3. heathber

    HI Janelle I can't work that typo out "bag"?? But if it's affecting your talking/breathing then no wonder your dad was freaked out. Hugs
  4. heathber

    Fingers and toes crossed that the new start helps and you can both take a breath. I think there's no harm in him seeing how this is breaking you up.
  5. heathber

    Working from home fulltime at the moment because of government and company Covid-19 restrictions. Was working from home 2 days a week and in the office 3 days prior to Feb. I like it and will be happy to keep on doing this once things calm down too.
  6. heathber

    How is any experience not a good thing? Some people have asked me if I could go back would I do anything differently? Which is a variant of your question. My answer is it has made me the person I am now, just like all my other experiences. More often than not I'd rather not have the do over, I would lose so many other things as well. I mostly enjoy my current life,yes as Sue said it is different to what it would have been without the stroke, but many thing I have now are also because of the stroke and I'm not sure I'd want to lose those things either.
  7. Hang in there Marcia, this is a safe space. Even if your world does not feel very safe at the moment.
  8. heathber

    Deigh Spasticity is where a muscle contracts uncontrollably, it usually happens where the muscle is not receiving clear nerve signals from the brain. It can present as either general muscle tightness that you can't relax or as spasmodic contractions (clonus) It is a protective reflex but can result in damage to and shortening of the muscle and pain. It's usually tested for by doing a slow passive extension of the joint/muscle to find the possible range, followed by quick extension to feel for the "catch" point. It you get the catch where the reflex triggers the muscle on then you have spacti
  9. heathber

    Fingers crossed for the town Janelle. We have to hope that the systems are ready for this sort of thing, it's going to happen unless Australia closes all its ports and I can't see that happening, there are too many things we don't make locally any more. On the bright side it looks like Victoria is finally winning our battle with the invisible enemy. We will all adapt as we have to other things. Hang in their and try not to live in fear.
  10. heathber

    So true Asha. We grow when we push out of our comfort zones. Although sometimes it needs something we can't control like stroke to give us the push we need to try. I find it is that I need to do what has to be done. When there's just you you find a way. It may not be elegant or efficient but the job gets done. (not saying I don't swear about it, or have a little weep occasionally, but overall the things get done) Taxes usually turn out to be not as bad as you thought they would be. First time is hard, but after that you start to build filing systems to put things you know you will need w
  11. heathber

    Once again life slowly improves Kev. Even when you can't put your finger on the improvements they are happening. The capsicums look great. Personally I prefer them fully ripe (red) but the greens are great too. A pity the frost isn't going to let them ripen. Enjoy the harvest
  12. heathber

    I had major problems with spasticity and clonus in my left calf for the first couple of years. It goes away if/when you can get the muscle working. One of the main reliefs I had was using the bioness (FES) for walking. Spasticity is a muscle self defense mechanism when the nerve signals are not fully received. the muscle turns on and stays on because that is "safer" than relaxing. So the more you can rewire/use and make the muscle feel safe the less spasticity you should have. Meds like Baclofen make the muscles relax in the whole body, which can create other problems, like difficulty walking
  13. Yep Jade's attitude to me being home fulltime varies from day to day. Sometimes she insists on being under my feet, and gets her paws trodden on, and/or sleeps on my desk while I'm working. Other times she very pointedly ignores me for hours, but then comes asking for grooming and play time.
  14. heathber

    Here's the proper link to it https://butyoudontlooksick.com/articles/written-by-christine/the-spoon-theory/ it wasn't working the other day when I looked for it
  15. heathber

    Pretty much Janelle. the lights are designed to emit full daylight spectrum unlike most artificial light. The idea is you sit under them for a couple of hours a day, but like daylight you need to be careful of UV etc.