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  1. heathber

    Oh such fun, NOT The old barter systems do appeal sometimes, but then I think about carrying either that pig or the corn and whiskey and it doesn't appeal so much. I'm also not sure where I'd keep the pig, or what I'd use the corn for. We are so far distanced from subsistence living these days... Hang in there hopefully once it's all done it can stay that way for a while. Next time you change phone suppliers remember to ask to have your number ported, you don't have to have a new number, although it's probably to late to try and get your old number back now too.
  2. heathber

    Thanks Mark, So good to hear a first hand account. So far I'm clear but reality is most of us will get it eventually. I've heard don't push too hard too soon as that seems to be a trigger for long covid, but then no one really knows yet, and how that will translate to those of us who already have to manage brain fatigue from other sources is a very complex question that I doubt anyone is looking at seriously yet. Fingers crossed you continue to improve and just think how much worse it could have been if you hadn't had your shots. -Heather
  3. heathber

    fire alarm
  4. heathber

    old socks
  5. heathber

    show bag
  6. heathber

    yep Dad is great but he's not young any more so I try not to ask him to do things that need bending, reaching etc. And yes some things get lost in translation, especially with those closest to us, so getting a tradie in makes for a less complicated life.
  7. heathber

    the nice thing about the drawers fitted inside the cupboards that I did is that they are fitted by a handyman/DIY person, no actual trade needed. Although I did get it done by someone else to save Dad's knees and sanity.
  8. heathber

    yep that's like convincing my mum to wear her emergency pendant, she "doesn't need it"
  9. heathber

    Working on footwork, balance and reaction times is a great idea. My PT does it to me sometimes by getting me to stand on the foam and then he walks around me randomly pushing at different part of my body so I have to react by stiffening position/core while my feet are on the unstable surface, if he's feeling very mean I have to keep my eyes closed rather than being able to pick and hold a focus point. Make sure you have plenty of room and preferably crash mats around when you first start this drill. Finding a PT who's willing to work on safe falling rather than just falls prevention also hel
  10. heathber

    Hi Sue I have many cruising friends in America and they have started going back to travelling on the ships. Cruise ships have always been a virus risk, I was on one where norovirus went through and it was not pleasant, but they also are aware of the risks and are pretty good at onboard virus management most of the time. In some ways a cruise ship is both the best and worst place to be when it comes to viruses. (they are really good at surface transmission management but not setup for airborne virus management. I'm not sure I could/would be happy with an inside cabin these days as ventilation i
  11. heathber

    yes the "curse" of "interesting times" We will all eventually learn to live with this thing, in the mean time enjoy the ride if and where you can
  12. heathber

    Not worth not getting them done. a day or 2 of discomfort versus potentially weeks in ICU, I'll take the jabs, doing my best to stay clear of people now I'm back in the city, the case numbers are depressing I'm trying not to look and worry over what I cannot control. What I can do is have my shots, wear my mask, keep fit, eat right, avoid crowded places, wash my hands, ... and admit I'm probably still going to catch it, but the shots mean you get it with less symptoms.
  13. heathber

    Happy New Year all, I was so busy over Christmas that I didn't get a chance to come online and wish you all Merry Christmas, and now we are a week into the new year and I'm only just getting in here to to say Hi to you all. Here's hoping that 2022 doesn't have too many nasty surprises, but it does look like we are still on the roller coaster so far.
  14. heathber

    Hugs for Valerie that sucks but it does seem to be how these things work.
  15. heathber

    Hi Loni, nice to meet you. Glad you are getting on top of your physical deficits early. Thank goodness TPA makes that possible. But as others have said watch out for the more subtle clues your body/brain will be giving you. Its the mantra of all the physios that we all hate to hear. "Make haste a little more slowly" Even with TPA and minimised brain damage you brain took a hit and will need time to physically repair and while it's doing that all sorts of unexpected stuff can trip you up if you aren't paying attention to the signals. Rest is as much a part of recovery as hard work, although fi