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  1. Sorry Becky, I'll try again. Lie on the edge of the bed with your good leg on the bed out straight and your bad leg hanging off the bed with the knee bent and the foot on the floor. Now imagine you are getting into bed and you want that foot on the bed beside your good foot. So you lift from the hip and use your hip abductors to bring the legs together. You want to end up with your good leg out straight and your bad foot on the bed beside your good knee with the leg still bent. now slide/push your bad foot down to be beside your good foot so you are lying straight on the edge of the bed. Then reverse it. pull your bad foot along the bed until it is beside your good knee so you have the bad leg bent. now keeping the knee bent lift your foot until you have the foot level with your knee. Keeping that angle in the knee (preferably with the foot flexed) take the knee out over the edge of the bed and lower it until your foot is again on the floor (as slowly as you can, don't just let it fall), this uses hip abductors and quads. Once you can do it prone you're ready to start trying it standing ie for stairs Hope that's clearer -Heather
  2. Oh Lin so scary. I hope the wait list isn't too long. A note on Calcium. Many supplements don't really help much, calcium is a mineral and as such is not readily bio-available you need other elements to process/absorb it properly like vitamin C. Good food sources are white beans and green leafy veg. Milk and cheese while they have high levels of calcium and are therefore advertised as Calcium sources are low in the co-factors needed to extract the calcium. Your body will rob calcium from your bones if it needs it for other things. The best way to keep the Calcium in your bones is weight bearing exercise. So those of us with lack of use of some limbs are at relatively higher risk of fractures in our affected limbs.
  3. Oh yeah Jan that JUST word again. Why don't you JUST open your fingers and practice opening doors. Because I JUST don't have all day that's why I love my sister and I know and understand what she means, we both know about the dangers of learned non use, and the importance of visualisation/trying to do everyday things. I did give her permission to nag about it but some days I JUST don't want to hear it.
  4. I've had a couple of stumbles the last few weeks. Both entirely my own fault. First was doing a 5 km trail walk where a silly fool didn't think to take her stick and lost it going down a rocky outcrop on her own. I fell backwards and landed on my *beep* and right elbow. Getting up again was interesting as at that point there was a nearly shear cliff off the side of the track down to the river on my good side and I did wonder if I was going to go swimming. I ended up with a completely circular bruise on my elbow joint that lasted about a week. Second one was Tuesday (Anzac day holiday) I did a charity bootcamp training session. It was great fun and nice to join in a general class (I do modified versions of most of the drills) The last exercise of the session was deadball slams and I was obviously more tired than I thought as I stumbled leaning over to pick up the ball and landed hard on my bad knee. So I have another circular bruise, this time over my kneecap. Why is it that once you have a bruise on a joint you keep bumping that joint into objects and rediscovering the bruise?
  5. chilli wine or cocktail
  6. I think it needs to be a world cruise so we can pick everyone up and go to all the places we've never been. It's going to be at least 3 months isn't it?
  7. Its always about the money isn't it. Which remind me I must buy a lottery ticket (not that I ever do buy them, I know too much about statistics) If we are dreaming lets dream big and get a suite on a cruise ship and a second suite for our favourite therapists
  8. That's so the truth Donna. Yes sometimes life sucks but if I we went back we'd have to lose the stuff we have now. So like you while part of me would like that old life back a larger part would not like to give up the new things and people I have that I would not have had without this.
  9. Lin those sayings are not mine they come straight from the physio's mouth. ( if not my physio then my friends and family's physios, I love the one to help you remember about stairs, that came from a friend who'd had a hip replacement.) Fingers crossed for the house Benni, it will make such a difference.
  10. I do love the sound of that. But so many things would go downhill if we just turned our back on the world. And I don't think the hotel would let us bring the pets
  11. Hmm this is so hard to answer. I guess the ONE thing I want back is my scuba diving. Not the actual diving so much as the community that went with it. I'm still friends with most of the people but it's not the same when I don't participate any more. The reality is that it wasn't the stroke that took the diving away, my lung issue would have stopped it anyway, I should be glad the the stroke happened when it did, as the consequences of the undiagnosed lung issue and continued diving would have been very similar to where I am now if not worse. I would love to have a functioning arm again it would let me do so much more of the physical stuff I miss. But would I want to do obstacle racing at all if the stroke hadn't pushed me into the functional fitness gym community? The reduction in disposable income is probably the hardest bit of adjusting to post stroke life for me, I got so used to having everything I wanted. These days I have to plan carefully to make sure that all the bills and therapy get paid for, with some left over for the silly things. Overall I think I've been very lucky, and I've made the adjustment to this new life.
  12. As usual Tracy I love your poetry, the world is not all sunshine and emotions have to go outward or you'll curl up around them which is very bad for you. So glad you have found a way to send this stuff out of yourself. We hear and love you "this too shall pass" I know you'll find a way forward. Hugs -Heather
  13. Exactly Janelle, I love her to bits and she rules me with an iron paw. And while it would be nice if she was a lap cat I would not choose to be without her. -Heather
  14. Milo is a brand of chocolate Malt flavoured drink, it's sold as a "powder" that you are supposed to mix into milk, to make chocolate milk, but it doesn't fully dissolve unless heated so the crunchy froth on the top is the best bit, when you mix it into cold milk. And if you are feeling wicked you just put the Milo onto your icecream like topping. It very sweet and certainly not recommended for diabetics. Janelle, as a kid my Mum had a thing about Milo so we only got it at other people houses, at home we had Akta-vite, it's not the same but you might want to try it. One of my favourite nostalgic desserts is vanilla ice cream with sliced banana and Akta-vite. Although as a banana-phobe, these days I skip the banana unless Mum is watching.
  15. Tracy those Local Sayings are more Pom than Aussie and I don't agree with quite a few of them in Aus. Scoff is a verb not a noun and means eat fast (nothing to do with quantity) Nippers are Kids/children not Mossies, Never heard of Maggoty used in this way either