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    I think this what they are talking about https://www.researchgate.net/figure/The-turning-based-treadmill-The-handrail-provides-to-subjects-to-grasp-and-the_fig1_317986245 Although I also think the non motorised curve track treadmills look interesting I'll have to ask my gym owner to look into them. https://originfitness.com/knowledge-and-advice/what-is-a-curved-treadmill-and-why-you-should-use-one/
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    yes but where does one get a curved treadmill??
  3. heathber

    Wonderful! Enjoy Mimi
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    The most sensible response to this that I have seen was Waleed Aly It's worth listening to his response. https://qz.com/1574225/watch-waleed-aly-on-the-new-zealand-mosque-shootings/
  5. Hi Tom, yes anger and a short fuse are almost certainly related to the stroke/tia. Sometimes our feedback and control circuits get stuffed up by this thing. The first step is always to recognise the problem and then try to rebuild those circuits and unfortunately that takes a lot of repetition and effort. Start with trying the count to 10 in your head before you open your mouth thing. Although even saying to your family "I've realised I'm doing this and I want to change" can make a huge difference to family dynamics. I am sorry to hear you have lost your folks. I know how much I rely on mine to tell me when I'm being unreasonable. However we are all here and happy to be your sounding boards. There is no need to feel alone -Heather
  6. heathber

    Good luck on the walk to and from exercise class. Every year I swear I'm going to start walking to my gym sessions (at least in Summer when it's light) but so far I haven't managed it. I know I can walk there and back I do it sometimes to go the pet shop on the opposite corner, it takes about 20 mins each way. So far walk to gym and do training and walk back has been too daunting.
  7. heathber

    I have a recumbent bike in my bedroom that I used everyday when I was starting out but is now seldom used. In the hospital rehab gym I use bike, stepper, cross trainer, total gym, mini tramp, stairs. In the ordinary gym I use the assault bike, rower, ski erg, TRX, agility ladder, ... My "ordinary" gym is a functional fitness gym so they have lots of free weight equipment such as dumbbells, kettle bells, medicine balls, dead balls, jump boxes etc. My trainers get quite creative with how we use the available equipment. At home I have an assortment of foam rollers, massage balls, balance mat, yoga mat, yoga blocks, yoga bolster, calf stretcher angle step, resistance bands, ... Anything I have used in the rehab gym that was not too expensive or bulky to have at home. The main thing is to be doing something regularly and if a home gym helps you then it doesn't matter how crude or unpretty it is. I get "homework" from my hospital therapist that I fit in around doing ordinary things.
  8. heathber

    yes lots of core exercises needed if you are going to carry a backpack properly. remember if using a pack not a body vest to adjust straps so the weight sits on your hips not your shoulders. use a framed hiking pack rather than a basic cheap pack if you can. and if you do that get your therapist or a expert to help you fit it. I have a really nice hiking day pack that has all the adjustments of a full pack.
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    it they don't want to spend the money a backpack full of dumbbells works too. certainly better than what you described
  10. heathber

    Post stroke people especially those of us with stroke fatigue must not compare ourselves to others of our weight/age/activity levels. comparing yourself to yourself is the only safe measure. The "normals" at my gym do a 12 week ramp up - testing - recovery cycle. we worked out long ago that I can't ramp as fast as them without triggering a hit and I need about twice as long in the recovery phase before I can start ramping again. One of the "standard" tests they do is assault bike 50 cals for time, If I watch their leader board I just get depressed, I used to be able to do that. I'm pretty sure I could not do 50 cals in one session now. My equivalent "test" is 10 cals for time. My record on that is now 6 minutes 9 seconds! It's taken 3 months to get to that. When I started I could not do more than 30 seconds with both feet and both hands operating, either my foot would fall off or my left arm would lock up. But my trainer kept me doing just a few minutes each session. When I was able to keep both feet on while using only my right hand for 5 minutes he got me to increase the speed and time by little bits each session until I could do 20 cals in under 10 minutes. Then we added the left hand back in and basically started again.
  11. That Janelle is true wisdom. Ed I do hope you can finally reach the place where acceptance of the "new you" is possible. I was lucky and found it fairly early in my journey. The key for me was facing forwards and doing the things that would take me forward rather than trying to get back to the old me. Would I like to be more like the old me? you bet I would! Is current me OK? yes she is. Does she do the things I used to do? sometimes although not as easily or as prettily Does she do things the old me never did? absolutely life never stays still.
  12. heathber

    More hugs Tracy, Mum means well but she's not helping. In such situations Kitty is the better confident. "you just have to ... " would be easier to take if they left the "just" out. there's nothing "just" about it! I mean "you just have to use your left hand" makes me want to hit people with it (I wish I could) "you have to use your left hand where possible" is a completely different thing.
  13. heathber

    weighted vests are pretty common equipment in the functional fitness gyms like the one I go to. The vest is adjusted with velcro and the weights are inserted into pockets. so it doesn't move around and no duct tape required! My PT had me wearing it while doing step ups for a while. It's so nice when you take it off. But I haven't used one regularly for a long time. Although I've just had another change of trainers so it may well make another appearance.
  14. heathber

    That all sounds really positive Tracy, although the arguments about medication don't sound like fun.
  15. that just shows how many people need the service. They are scared of being completely overwhelmed and having a waiting list of years. I'm told the public housing wait list here in Melbourne is now 15 years, scary!
  16. heathber

    I'm one of those people with very pale skin and every bruise shows! I've always had random bruises that I could not explain. but now with the daily 100mg asprin that's increased crazily, now I can get pressure bruises if I lean on an "edge" for too long.
  17. Fingers and toes crossed the list is not too long and you get a place quickly.
  18. heathber

    Windows 10 is not so bad if you got used to Win 7 first. If you are jumping straight from XP it's a bit of a learning curve
  19. heathber

    oh yes all the time. This thing does nasty things to your immune system.
  20. WOW!!!! terrific especially on getting that program done! Looking forward to more updates.
  21. Paul I know you said you don't need an answer but I do want to say I read this and I hear you. Some days it's much harder than others and as Tracey said acceptance is sometimes a daily decision. Do try to remember that you get your disability payment because you can't work. So pushing yourself to do something you can't do is going to have a negative affect on your mood, and that will also affect your sleep patterns. I recommend meditation for those horrible mornings when you wake at crazy o'clock and you head is so busy trying to solve the world that you can't get back to sleep. So I do hope you sort out the spreadsheet/program or outsource it to one of your kids? (sorry I don't remember their ages) And either way hugs and hang in there you can do this.
  22. heathber

    Hugs Sue! Tough times. But knowing first hand how stroke impacts, you already know it's worth taking the risk on the aneurysm surgery. Fingers crossed whenever I can spare them and non faith based prayers for you to find the strength you need for this. love and more hugs -Heather
  23. worst case when that happens you both end up laughing at yourselves 🙂
  24. Janelle (GreenQueen) is right about helping physically when he really needs it, but also be aware that sometimes we want or need to do things for ourselves. You want to help not take over and sometimes you will need to do the "tough love" thing but take your queue on that from Shannon and his therapists. Learning to ask do you "want" help with that before taking action to help is important. And help him to understand that wanting help and needing help are not necessarily the same thing too.