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  1. So much can be done with virtual togetherness. Sounds like they should have sent you a list of items you want to have handy for your painting session so you could have been better prepared. They are things the session leader would have bought along to an in person event. So glad you had fun.
  2. heathber

    Sounds like a great trip. will be worth the "cost"
  3. Absolutely Jana, Statistically x% of people will die crossing the road, but we don't stop crossing roads. Anxiety is hard to shake off. Some of your anxiety could be due to the rewiring of your meat computer, some people find knowing that helps. Many find the serenity prayer helpful. I tend towards mindfulness and the practice of taking the debilitating thought when it occurs, looking at it logically and thoroughly and then putting it on the "top back closet shelf " This gets easier to do with practice and with knowing I'm doing all the things I can to live a full and healthy life, and wor
  4. heathber

    Sounds like you are getting to know your spoon count and using them effectively. Looks like a big job!
  5. heathber

    Sometimes things do just work out, I do hope this is one of them.
  6. heathber

    HI Kev yes slow and sometimes boring but worth persevering.
  7. heathber

    Looks good. A lot of us need a haircut at the moment, but in the mean time your headband works to keep it out of your eyes so you can work. And if you pull it down it acts as a mask if needed 🙂
  8. heathber

    Increasing deficits such as numbness spreading should be discussed with your doctor. That one year thing is a myth though, things will usually keep improving over time especially if you keep working for change. However sometimes things do reconnect in unhelpful ways and you can get scrambled nerve signals that cause pain and other strange sensations. All the best with it. -Heather
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    There aren't too many good sides to this thing, so grab the ones you can. Sounds like a side effect of your surgery caused your stroke (one of those things they warn you about in the pre-surgery discussions.) Overall you had a pretty good outcome. even though strokes suck. Nice to hear from you, welcome to the club no one chooses to join. -Heather
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    Sounds perfect! go for it.
  11. heathber

    I do hope no one is offended by that cartoon, but it does help you keep calm when you pass them in the street. Like the public speaking thing of imagine your audience is naked, to decrease your anxiety.
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    Love that photo Mark, He looks like a real charmer, no wonder you miss him. Janelle for your Riley I guess it's like training about going in the car or for any sort of walk. Maybe start with putting her lead on as if going for an ordinary walk and then letting her ride with you when she gets tired, but she's not allowed on Henry except when she has her lead on. She'll work it out quick enough. Lead on She can come with you. lead off shes not allowed on Henry. Just like she doesn't leave the yard without her lead on. But I guess it also depends on what rules she already knows. Will be
  13. heathber

    Hi Sue yes it's getting harder, Fingers and toes crossed we will be getting out of stage 4 lockdown soon. Although with numbers still in double digits each day I'm trying to tell myself it won't be long, when I know it could easily be another month. My compassion/patience for people who don't follow the rules is very much gone. I feel like the kid in after school detention because the rest of the class was rowdy. And the rest of the class isn't even close enough that I can beat them up tomorrow. 🙂 The idiots who held/went to those anti lockdown rallies yesterday better get the book thrown a
  14. heathber

    Nothing like that love is there. A pity she couldn't go to the doctors with you. Just had a thought about your exercise goal and using your legs more. Maybe Riley can ride on Henry with you to the park and then you can both have a play/walk and ride home. Good for both of you. But it will make it harder to stop her coming with you to the appointments she mustn't go to.
  15. heathber

    Yep some morning just getting onto the bike is the exercise. So if you just do 1 minute or even 30 seconds it counts. There is a thing called micro habits. That may be the way to go. They say do a very short thing every day and if possible link it to an activity you already do. So if your goal is to floss your teeth every day, start with flossing one tooth every time you go into the bathroom. and once you are doing one tooth every day increase to 2 teeth. etc. https://hbr.org/2020/01/to-achieve-big-goals-start-with-small-habits
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    Fingers and toes crossed Janelle and Sue. But right now I just want to get out of city lockdown here in Melbourne.
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    Tracy good luck with the PT, and the steroids etc. It does not sound like fun. 😞
  18. heathber

    Alan it's not what it's for that's a problem, it how it appears to work (I'm not a doctor) my finger muscles and tendons are not shortened, they just aren't under my control.
  19. heathber

    Probably not Road worthy as in registerable in Aus Janelle. Would not meet ADRs for crash test safety etc. But certainly looks fun.
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    I'd love to know what heiny gears look like too. But I think I've found mine again too. I got "the lecture" from the physio on Monday, because I've been slacking off on the walking practice. I've been ordered to do 2 small walks a day, even if they are only 500m (10 -15 minutes) Also my gym group have a regular September step goal to get us moving after winter. We call it Laketember, because the goal is to walk or run around one of our local lakes every day for the month. Those who don't live close enough to the lake try to do the same distance where they are. So it's really can you accumulate
  21. heathber

    Congratulations. Lots of little things help, but the main one is keep working on it. Are you also working on core muscle control and strengthening off the treadmill? That should allow you to decrease the ab bracing/support over time. bridges, step ups, 4 point crawling, high knee marching etc. ask your PT for suggestions too. Think about the stages a baby/toddler goes through when building up to walking, you are now a toddler who knows how much falling hurts 🙂
  22. heathber

    It's a balancing act. I think of it as energy conservation and choosing your battles to fit your energy. I'd be trying to not drag your leg around at home. i.e. work on improving your at home walking which will flow to the out of home walking and increase your strength mobility and stamina. So spend some extra energy at home on exercises etc. and don't feel guilty (lazy) about doing the outside home stuff the easy way. Once walking around at home is easier then you can get brave and start to wean off the assists. Give yourself grace and time, If you can't do everything, do the thing
  23. heathber

    Janelle maybe start with a window box in your kitchen, for things like cherry tomatoes, lettuce and herbs. Things that you can see everyday and snack from. Window boxes also mean no heavy digging or bending to physically challenge you. I have a cat who eats plants so I don't do it myself, but occasionally I think about it. Another easy one to grow close to the house is strawberries in a hanging basket.
  24. heathber

    Hi Janelle, yes that is a musculoskeletal deficit. Called shoulder subluxation. You shoulder joint is actually held together with muscle, unlike most other joints where the bone structure holds it together. The shoulder joint can't be done that way because it needs to be able to move in so many different ways and directions. So your shoulder needs the rotator cuff muscles to be functional. After stroke it is very common to have a weak shoulder joint. This is one reason they like to put us into a sling during acute care so that the muscles don't become over stretched. God I hated that s
  25. heathber

    I never got that bad with the hard landings. But I can tell you that the swing around to get the foot past/through safely, is a very common adaptation. It means you are hitching your hip rather than using your knee. Ideally you want to see a physio to get your gait analysed, and then they will prescribe exercises that will strengthen where you need to so that your gait can be more normal. It can also be a result of not being able to get your weight over your knee, which could be because of curled toes, or a shortened calf muscle, or ... Your body is very good at finding ways to keep doing th