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  1. mlsmith022

    I did...I was left handed before stroke and now I am not sure what would be my dominant side post stroke...difficult to write with left hand due to impairments with my left arm, but can not write with right hand, I guess my right hand/arm are telling me that they took the back seat all these years and they are not about to learn to lead at this point! LOL! But it's all good as I have learned to compensate for my impairments and I get by just fine 🙂
  2. mlsmith022

    Congratulations! With each day more progress will come. Keep moving forward, one step at a time! Michelle
  3. mlsmith022

    Hi, I can relate as I also experienced a similar struggle. I went through a period of depression when I as told I could no longer do my job. I did not want to apply for disability either. After a period of denial, I finally accepted the reality that I had impairments and they were correct in saying that I could no longer fulfill the duties my job required. Too survive, I had no choice and applied for disability. Fast forward to now, and life is better. I am alive, surviving financially and learning how to compensate for my impairments. Hang in there, friend. It's a tough road but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Wishing you the best! Michelle
  4. mlsmith022

    Hi Nicole! I believe you will find it very helpful to connect with other survivors here. This site has certainly helped me. Wishing you well, Happy Thanksgiving! Michelle
  5. mlsmith022

    Hi Mark, My stroke was in the right thalamus also. Mine was more on the severe side. My stroke was almost 4 years ago and I continually experience numbness on my left side. The numbness degree varies, but regularly occurs in my foot, often making it uncomfortable to wear a sock. I can not stress physical therapy enough!! Michelle
  6. Happy Anniversary mlsmith022!

  7. Happy Birthday mlsmith022!

    1. mlsmith022


      Thank you!! I am thankful to be here for another year. Michelle


  8. Welcome to the forums mlsmith022 :)