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  1. mlsmith022

    Hi Ruby, Glad you are here, Wishing you the best as you move forward with your recovery. I think you will find this site helpful and comforting, Michelle
  2. mlsmith022

    Hi Willis, Thanks for sharing. I also had a hemorrhagic stroke and I am left handed also. Early on in my rehab, the therapists tried to teach me to be right handed in because it was uncertain if I would be able to write with my left hand. Using my right hand didt work out too well and fours tears later, my left hand is the dominant one again. Not as strong as it was and still have the pins and needles sensation,but much better than it was. I wish you continued success in your recovery. Glad to hear from another hemorrhagic stroke survivor...we survived!!
  3. mlsmith022

    Hi Paul, I can relate to this. As soon as I reached the point where I accepted the fact that I would not have a full recovery and realized my therapists were teaching me strategies to live with my impairments not to return me to my pre-stroke self, I slowly started to see that I did still have a full and productive life to live, even if it meant giving up my job of 20 years. But as soon as I made the decision to keep moving forward and stop looking backwards, the sadness has been replaced with a feeling of hope. Take care, Michelle
  4. mlsmith022

    Congratulations! With each day more progress will come. Keep moving forward, one step at a time! Michelle
  5. Happy Anniversary mlsmith022!

  6. Happy Birthday mlsmith022!

    1. mlsmith022


      Thank you!! I am thankful to be here for another year. Michelle


  7. Welcome to the forums mlsmith022 :)