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  1. Glad to hear it Benni 💙
  2. Benni...are you only 4'10"???? Seriously???? Girl, I got a foot and more on you! I love sharing this kind of info! Makes everyone seem more 'real'!
  3. Glad to hear Benni, that's exactly what I need to do. I have had a sneak peak at a neurologist report on me from April last year. My doctor put a heap of stuff together in an envelope for me to take to my next Neuro appointment. And yes, I opened it. None of this steaming it, I ripped that sucker good. Anyway, the comments I read were about the lack of rehab. I think I'm going to get my own, realistic, rehab plan going.
  4. Benni my parents have just been'll be pleased to know I had clothes on. Proper clothes! I think he was surprised!!
  5. My husband thinks I'm depressed at the moment. That's not strictly correct. I'm sad. All the time. Maybe not to the depths of despair, but never really 100% happy. Some days are easier to smile than other days, that's all. I'm usually more sad when I have a neurologist appointment coming up, or after have a D&M with my doctor. I have a Neuro appointment in July. And Wednesday just gone I had one of those conversations with my doctor. So yes, today is not a smiley day. But no, I'm not depressed.
  6. Exercise is such a dirty word... Yesterday I did some arm exercises after a huge break...not a good move to start full rip. It has however convinced me that exercising my arm at least, is required.
  7. Just yesterday I posted on my Facebook page how sad I was that I could no longer hug my children with both arms, hold my husbands hand and walk at the same time, no longer tap dance... I received so many encouraging replies. One friend said because I seem to cope so well, everyone forgets I face little battles daily. It made my day...someone recognised that.
  8. Awesome Benni! Just love the enthusiasm!! So glad we can share the journey with you!
  9. We bought a flash walker, but being one handed it was no good at all. I'd stick to the walking stick (no pun intended) and someone next to you.
  10. tastes normal. This is great, except my waistline is getting bigger...
  11. We've been in Autumn since the beginning of March, technically. We've only had about three or four cold nights, and hardly any rain. Which makes it odd that Carrah has had the flu. In bed for 10 days. Wayne had a cold with a really bad ear infection when ch kept him off work for a day. Connor has a cold, but seems to be 'ok', one day off school. I've got a cold too. It's not even a bad one. Runny nose, sore throat and that's about it. It's knocked me for six. Sleeping all the time, lethargic when I'm awake. Foggy head yet not a headache... Just wondering if it's because of my lesion, which is in my left thalamus and hypothalamus. I've coped with much worse 'before'....this is just cruel and unusual.
  12. It used to upset my dad, but he's learned to roll with it!!
  13. I seriously do not like being the centre of attention. I don't like Mother's Day or my birthday. There is so much pressure for everything to be perfect and hassle free. Too much pressure to be happy and bubbly all day. When it's supposed to be all about me, something comes up, and it never is. So even if I try to appreciate the attention, the day always goes pear shaped. Because I'm like this, I try my hardest to not let every 'How are you?' question to be about me. I might say I'm good, how you goin? And make the conversation a two sided affair. My problem, however, is to make everyone feel better about my predicament. I get so damn annoyed with this kind of thing: I wish there was something I could do How do you cope It's not fair you have to go through this I wish...(insert almost anything here) I feel so sorry for you Sorry I haven't...(insert anything here too) People mean well, they do. But these kind of questions and statements turns my stroke from being about me, into me making them feel ok about me having a stroke. It's like they need assurances that whatever they are saying or not saying, and doing or not doing is absolutely the right thing for me. Also when people do actually come and do something for me, it seems everyone I've ever met finds out about it. Which shows that they aren't really helping me to help me, they are doing it to see how many pats on the back they can get. So again, it's not about me. It's about how awesome they are. And how many times I tell them how grateful I am, for having all this awesomeness at my beck and call. I fall into a pit of despair, like they have reminded me, once again, how awful my situation is. As if I need reminders. I live it every day.
  14. 25 overnight??? Wow that's way too hot to sleep. Be beautiful during the day but.
  15. We are sensitive Deigh. Very good point. One thing I hate is when people ask "What have you done to yourself?" Knowing what it's like, I'm now very careful how I word things to other people.