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  1. Today was EXTREMELY hot for this time of year. Usually the real heat doesn't kick in until after Christmas. Today I sweated at least my body weight, and slept for three hours this afternoon due to exhaustion. I know the cold weather is not kind to all, but does everyone suffer in the heat as well?
  2. Perfect, Benni. I really really love it. The list of what I can do is so much shorter than what I can't do...but doesn't matter, the can do list exists!!
  3. Thank you everyone for the support and comments. Everything makes so much sense. I think I'm over it now. If I continue to hang on to things I feel bad, and that's no way to live. Kelli my husband totally gets how they treat me. I feel bad complaining to him, but at least he's on my side.
  4. Thank you everyone for the support and comments. Everything makes so much sense. I think I'm over it now. If I continue to hang on to things I feel bad, and that's no way to live.
  5. Last Sunday we finally laid my father in laws ashes to rest. Afterwards my mother in law insisted we went bush to his favourite camping spot for a picnic lunch. Background: my MIL has never ever ever heard the word No. Ever. My SIL is a real snob. The only normal one in the family besides my husband was my FIL. The whole time I've been "part" of the family is 21 years. I have always turned the other cheek, believed in "If you can't say something nice..." and Do as you would be Done By. It's who I am. Can't/won't change now. Anyway we get out to the picnic spot and they expect me to go down a sandy, uneven slope to this 'amazing' spot. I couldn't say anything. Speechless. Thankfully Wayne and the kids had a bit to say. My SIL says, "It's not THAT steep,". Okaaaay..... So after finding a new spot, my MIL kept saying to no one in particular, "What a pity we can be down there," My problem is that I cannot stop playing it over in my head. I just cannot let it go. Move on. This is normal behaviour from those two. I can usually be annoyed then get over it and move on. This time I can't. They attacked the one thing I can't change. I can't explain how I feel, about my disabilities to them, they don't care. My question is more...Should I forgive them?
  6. I hear you ladies about the choosing. My husband isn't really happy that I'm sleeping more. Which is odd, as he's always telling me to rest. I cannot win.
  7. I mentioned my spasms to my doctor the other day. First time in three and a half years!! Even though they bothered me, even to the point of being painful, I never once thought to mention them. I'm now on two baclofen a day. They increase my drowsiness but the near lack of spasms, and definitely no painful ones, is totally worth it. WHY do we put off telling our doctors about the little things?
  8. So we ALL have an avid dislike of the throw away comment... I know how you feel... It could be worse... My cousin's hairdresser's next door neighbour's lawn mower man had a stroke...he completely recovered... Well for me, this one takes the cake (I coulda shoved it fair down her throat!) I went to a focus group recently, and the woman in charge asked us all what we missed the most. Totally not wanting to say Self Worth and getting all emotional, I decided to say the tangible thing that utterly guts me I can no longer do. Tap Dance My true love. I danced for 35 years. You will never ever guess what she said to me. Never. Ever ever ever. Ever. "Can't you dance with your other foot?" Now, what shattered me the most, was that she only commented on my thing. And...wait for it...she's disabled too. Yep. And can no longer do the one thing she loves, skiing of some kind. I was so upset that a few weeks later I emailed her and let her know how inconsiderate her comment was. She then said "Sorry, we try and concentrate on what disabled people CAN do, as opposed to CAN'T do," Which begs the question: Why *#?!%^ ask what we miss????????? I give up.
  9. Apparently things hanging on walls (pictures, signs etc) are only noticed for two weeks then no more... You need us to come sort it...we there, Pam.
  10. We are currently going cruelty free in our house. It is way way harder than I thought it would be, which is so sad.
  11. Linnie, my lovely, maybe it's an Aussie thing, but I can imagine many people saying "nothin's wrong with ya!!!' Only because nothing is visual. That must be very difficult to deal with!
  12. The main thing I don't like about phone calls is holding the phone. My arm gets so sore holding it to my ear. I can't hold the phone to my ear with my right arm. Thank goodness for the speaker.
  13. Sue, late to the party, but I hope you went out and had coffee!
  14. GreenQueen

  15. Exercise is such a dirty word... Yesterday I did some arm exercises after a huge break...not a good move to start full rip. It has however convinced me that exercising my arm at least, is required.