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  1. GreenQueen

    This is beautiful. Smiling with the sun on my face. Love it.
  2. GreenQueen

    Will green is my absolute favourite colour! That’s a view I could handle! We live next to the Bush and most of it is dead in summer but during winter...glorious! Deigh, I have seriously been thinking about kiwiland for retirement. I’m over worrying about deadly snakes during summer! Becky...Appalachian mountains...I’m gonna visit you! Sounds amazing!
  3. GreenQueen

    Will that humidity doesn't sound fun. We live in a hot climate, which is humid during cyclone season up north. When we retire, we are definitely moving to a cooler climate.
  4. GreenQueen

    I haven't checked if I've previously responded, so forgive me if I'm repeating myself. I take aspirin, which causes bad reflux. So I'm on rebaprozole as well.
  5. GreenQueen

    Oh. Wow. I should be asleep. Seriously. So glad I'm not, that I decided to have one last look at the site before closing my eyes. Willis, this is amazing. Truly profound. Thank you so very much for sharing. I think it's going to be well received by everyone.
  6. GreenQueen

    They have also updated the website. youngoriginals.com.au If you scroll to the bottom, you'll see Carrah's piece. Click on it, and it will bring up her name and artist statement.
  7. GreenQueen

    So we have been to the exhibition! Six hour bus trip there, and six hours back the next day. The bus was fine, except for the stairs! Carrah had a slight panic attack at the exhibition, but pulled through!
  8. I bet, Heather. Hopefully he was convinced in the end. Coulda got a free sesh out of him! Tears or laughter, or teary laughter, people are never "happy" with how we are feeling!
  9. GreenQueen

    That's the trouble. For me anyway. I have such high hopes of things helping me be more normal... When I got my AFO, I thought I might be able to join a little kids tap dancing class, because I was SURE that it would make a world of difference. Hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha......*sigh*
  10. GreenQueen

    Becky, that's just it, isn't it? Accepting the way we look. People expect miracles with diet, but they are not in wheelchairs. I have no advice, but I do want to say we love you just as you are 💜💜💜 Consig, I understand the cooking problem. Don't beat yourself up about it. When you mentioned you don't have a support team at the moment...well, do what gets you by. I tend to have cereal for lunch, as it's quick and easy. Save my meal for night time, when family is around.
  11. GreenQueen

    Walking. So underrated. If only THEY knew.
  12. GreenQueen

    Definitely one day at a time, Will. I too, am thankful for my faith. For those with out faith, I'm very grateful they have found the thing or things that get them through.
  13. It's funny you say that about restaurants Deigh. Carrah and I are going to Perth for opening night of the exhibition. We are going to tea afterwards. I've been looking up restaurants nearby. She's just told me she'd like to go to grill'd, a burger place. All good. It wasn't until I read your comment, then Becky's about waiting for something to drink, that I realised I had totally forgotten about my aversion to restaurants. Becky sometimes I sit at the table and wonder what's missing...it's usually the fork, or milk at brekkie... We must be all in the boat together!
  14. You've got it in one, benni. Things become the new normal, and we become so used to the way we do things, we forget why we do them and we revert back... Well me anyway. I can't speak for anyone else, but I would be interested to know if we are all in the same boat.
  15. GreenQueen

    Will, I hear you regarding things not being about you. It can be a real blessing, not being the centre of attention. I have found there can be a downside to that, unfortunately. Acting normal, looking normal, talking fine. They can all happen at the same time, when I'm comfortable. That's when people forget I need help getting up, cutting my food...all sorts. Hope your brother in law recovers well.