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  1. Hairdresser
  2. Nope. Back to broad Aussie for me!
  3. I don't do coffee but I'm gonna say definitely with milk. East or west?
  4. Ferret
  5. Odette
  6. Ogilvie Not technically a city...its near here.
  7. Melons
  8. farmer
  9. Did you know there were 40 failed attempts on Hitler's life? Bit somber sorry, I'm watching a doco about him at the moment!
  10. Why thank you Linnie! I lived near London for two years in the 1990s. When I came home, I couldn't believe how broad everyone sounded! What you get used to I guess!
  11. Seriously. Before my episode (for new lovely people I technically didn't stroke) I was right handed. I've had to teach myself to do everything left handed. Those of you in the same boat know this is much easier said than done. I now also get my left and right confused..."I write with my right" is what I used to tell myself. Well sometimes I have to write down if I'm left or right handed on forms for doctors etc. Do I put the technically correct answer of Right, or do I go with life as I now know it, and put Left??
  12. No that's old school MJ!! Sometimes I have no idea what my kids are talking about in texts to me. True, I have to Google things like BRB and TTYL...but when they spell a word wrong I'm lost!! Still have no idea what YMMV means. Going to Google now!
  13. My daughter Carrah is 15. The only thing that embarrasses her about my bad walk, funny arm, wonky face and stumbling over words is the hat I wear. True. She is so glad I'm still here, the things I don't like, she doesn't see as 'me' know? Enjoy the wedding as Mother of the Bride. Not Mother of the Bride Who by the way had a Stroke. She exists to you, not your know? We want pics by the way!
  14. I nearly had to ask you how Benni!! Thank you for suggesting it...
  15. I must admit Deigh, it wasn't awesome, but I gave it my best shot!