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  1. GreenQueen

    Falling over Will, not good. Hope you have recovered.
  2. GreenQueen

    Yes, Renzo. It could definitely be worse. You could remember the news! So much sadness going on out there...
  3. GreenQueen

    Glad you had a great time Asha! Sounds awesome! You won't believe it, but we have recently been in Singapore! We probably bumped into each other and didn't realise it!
  4. GreenQueen

    With so much sadness in my world at the moment, I'm so very happy to read you have reconnected with your daughter. Very happy for you Pam. As you mourn the loss of your dear friend, there is much to be grateful for in her friendship.
  5. Hi Patti Scott's story may be more relatable than mine, so I won't bore you with the details! Prayers for you, your son and the family.
  6. GreenQueen

    Kevin that's great news!
  7. GreenQueen

    Will2, I am a terrible prayer warrior. I forget to pray all the time. I have good intentions, but sometimes that's as far as it gets. I found this awesome prayer app, and I set a notification alarm so that it reminds me to pray daily. Hopefully this will soon become part of my daily routine.
  8. GreenQueen

    Yes, Pearls. Yes it would. I used to love mocha, and can't handle it now. Can still chocolate though. Not sure if that's a good thing or bad thing but!
  9. GreenQueen

    James, I agree. There’s no way I would discuss this with others off this site. I tried once, and received pity. I don’t think pity is what we are all after. Probably more understanding.
  10. GreenQueen

    I have learnt that throw away comments, such as ‘you look great’ are for the birds.
  11. GreenQueen

    Deigh! How wonderful! Happiest Of birthdays to you, for your special 90th!! Congrats to Valerie for pulling off such a wonderful surprise!
  12. GreenQueen

    Will2, it would never happen, my dude. We all entitled to our beliefs and opinions. I'm Christian as well, and definitely believe in miracles. Scott, thanks for making the choice to hang around. I know your family are glad.
  13. GreenQueen

    Paul, I got you. Wayne and I are in the middle of a huge family feud because of how his sister talks to me. Well, actually at the end of the feud, because there is absolutely no going back. It's Wayne I feel for. I only tolerated his sister because she's family. Wayne doesn't talk to her anymore either. Very difficult situation. So yes, if you want to avoid arguments, keep silent.
  14. GreenQueen

    And that right there is the problem. We all trying to move on, to accept. Every "you so lucky," or "you look well" DOES remind us of that dark road. Not fun.
  15. Thanks for the kind thoughts, Willis. We've had a couple of fires in town, lots of Bush areas in town. Thanks no evacuation needed, and no one injured. Pretty scary stuff, considering it's only November. Going to be a very long summer, as it's hot all the way through to end of March.