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  1. I think we would all be lost without our furry caregivers. We have a few! First up are our rabbits. The white one is my baby, Ivy. The black one behind her is Carrah's boy Archie. They are lying on Connor's poor boy, Buddy. Buddy died, and we let the others say goodbye. Everytime we tried to pick them up, they would fight us. Archie and buddy were brothers, and never spent a day apart in their lives. Archie kept licking Buddy, willing him to wake up. Very sad day. The next photo are our beautiful bed-hogs Lily and Macie. Lily is Wayne's cat. When our old cat Holly died, Lily fretted terribly. So we went back to the shelter and got Macie. They are two months apart in age and inseparable. Finally we have the light of our lives, Lucy. I don't think we truly deserve Lu, she loves us so unconditionally . How can that amount of love be reciprocated?? When we were away for five weeks...oh boy. It was tough! By the way, everyone's babies are gorgeous! Can't wait to see more!
  2. It is definitely something I need to mention to my doctor...I am one of these who forgets the actual thing I've gone to see him about!! Seriously need to start a list!
  3. There's been a lot on the news about this.
  4. Hi Tracy, yes I do indeed have reflux issues. I'm not sure if it would be called GERD, don't know if it's that bad. It's not something that I've really had an indepth conversation with my doctor about. There always seems to be something else slightly more important on the agenda! I am on medication for it, mainly because the aspirin affects me. Never ending!
  5. I used to make cards. I've started again and loving it. I've had to adjust big time the way I make them, but it's all good. I'm just glad I can do something that I love.
  6. I cannot believe it. I wanted to put a small frypan on the stove to make pancakes. After a few minutes of the pan not getting hot, I realised that I'd turned the wrong burner on. Take two. Carrah came over (this was taking a while) and asked me what I was doing? I'd done it again. Turned on the wrong burner. A different wrong one from the first time, but still wrong. I stood there, looking at the knobs, trying to figure out which one had my pan on it. In the end Carrah turned it on. The stove has little pictures so you know which burner you need to turn on. It's not rocket it??? What on earth was that all about???
  7. Thank you so much for your advice and tips and tricks. Heather I'm not sure what an endocrinologist is? I'll need to look that up. I'm type 2, caught early apparently. He's not going to get me to test myself, because of my useless hand. My dietitian comes tomorrow. Hopefully she'll make me feel by the whole thing!
  8. Cherub When you are able, please let us know how you are going.
  9. Pam, thank you. That was beautiful. And true. So very, very true.
  10. Exactly Tracy! Each thing I've done today, I've been thinking 'how many spoons would that task be?'
  11. I think our winter must look like your spring. Everything is green and lush...can't wait!
  12. Thanks Tracy, you've just brought happy tears to my eyes. You have so much going on yourself and yet you offer to help...hugs to you my beautiful friend. I am hoping once it sinks in, I'll start looking for information. At the moment I just can't even think about looking... I see a dietitian once every two months, and she's actually coming Wednesday. I've emailed her, hoping that she'll bring literature with her... I am still in shock...
  13. I went to the doctor today to get the results from my blood test, ultrasound and X-ray. My knees and pelvis are fine. Very pleased about that. I am certainly still struggling with sore knees, but there is no damage and no arthritis. Unfortunately, I have diabetes. I looked at my doc for like a solid minute, until he said "Looking at me like that won't change it," He knew I was in total disbelief. Except for the obvious, and having my gall bladder out when Carrah was a baby, I've always been healthy. No nothing. I'm still in shock. HOW do people cope...??
  14. You are quite right, Heather. There is a big difference between not yet and never...that's something I need to take on board...
  15. Becky, you've hit the nail on the head. "The type of day you've had may colour your response" That's exactly what worries me.