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  1. GreenQueen

    Willis I LOVE the photo!! My kids had lessons for two years. Apparently Carrah didn't have time anymore and wouldn't go, and Connor wouldn't go without her... Oh well. Because they have the basics I'm really hoping they'll take it up again. 💚👑
  2. GreenQueen

    The good Lord has put this man back in your life for a reason Sue. Wonderful news. 💚👑
  3. GreenQueen

    Oh Willis! A flip phone!! You know I love you, but I really can't decide if that's way cool or dark ages!! If and when you do get a smartphone I hope you manage it well. I do EVERYTHING on my phone, from this site to banking to tv to reading a book. And listening to James Blunt. 💚👑
  4. GreenQueen

    LG that's a big step. So sorry that this decision had to be made, but good on you for putting your foot down. My first thought would be Google. I know you are time poor, so this might be easier than phone calls etc to start with. All the best with the search 💚👑
  5. GreenQueen


    Oh wow. Will2 I'm sure this will sound worse than what I mean it to; I'm very glad I don't suffer CPS. What a huge amount of suffering. It's not fair, all these deficits from stroke. 💚👑
  6. GreenQueen

    My three columns are Need Want Desire It's amazing what we think we really need actually is a desire. We aren't rich, but we don't go without. So I'm hearing you Kelli; it's quite difficult talking finances and it all sounding 'right'. But in the end, doesn't matter how it sounds. As long as you are happy with whatever living situation you find yourself, it's all good. 💚👑
  7. GreenQueen

    Hi Sarah I hope the start of the year has been amazing! 💚👑
  8. GreenQueen

    Hi Mark, yes most the weird sensations are on my good side. Sometimes the affected side of my face, like right now my cheekbone area is a little strange. But so is the top of my head on my good side! It's frustrating as the sensations don't have a permanent home, they turn up all over the place! Will2 bells palsy was my first diagnosis! My face has the definite droop and my right eye has real problems staying closed. The rubbish collection you mention, we call vergeside pick up. Before the rubbish collectors pick everything up, most of it's gone! Apparently you
  9. GreenQueen

    Mark that's awesome! What a privilege to meet the man himself! So very sad, all the deaths. No one is 'safe'. 💚👑
  10. GreenQueen

    Wanting to do stuff is definitely a problem Sue! Being a card maker yourself, you know that when the mojo is strong you have to run with it! Thanks Becky. Starting in your face, you would totally understand how I felt! 💚👑
  11. Absolutely Heather. I only had one major stay in hospital, and that was at the beginning. And only 5 days. That was more than enough. 💚👑
  12. GreenQueen

    Thankfully no, Kelli. The usual numbness etc, but the scary stuff has abated . Mind you, I've been listening to my body and sleeping, instead of getting up to an alarm. 💚👑
  13. GreenQueen

    Wayne could eat fruit mince pies till the cows came home! Kev, they look great! I'm not sure if it's because we didn't have a lot of money growing up, or that mum wasn't a cook, but we didn't have anything flash at Christmas. Except for trifle. Loved trifle and pav at Christmas! 💚👑
  14. GreenQueen

    Becky, seriously, do Americans get immune to it all? School shootings, uncontrollable Rona deaths... When we were having people die here it was so sad, families losing loved ones. I couldn't imagine having nowhere that's safe. I think of you all every day 💚👑
  15. GreenQueen

    Thanks ladies. 💚💚 Sue I was exhausted last night before bed, and planned on getting up quite early (for me) I guess it was my body telling me enough is enough. 💚👑