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  1. If you have a look above Perth you can see all the roads going inland then they stop. Where that last road connects to the coast, that's my town. There's islands just off the coast. Takes 16 hours to get from there to Hedland. About the same to get down to Esperance. Go there if you ever get the chance. You can pat kangaroos on the beach. Magical.
  2. Just don't do port hedland...the absolute hottest place on earth!!
  3. I have been absent, yet again, because of my need to do things in order. I love to make cards, but can't even think about it until the house is tidy. Same goes for watching tv, reading, posting here. It drives me insane. We've been to Perth to see a neurologist, I'm dying to tell of the outcome here, but when other things are in order. Its kind of like my treat...can do fun stuff once the boring stuff is done. Am I the only one?
  4. Kelli my son follows the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Friendly Foods diet due to many intolerances. I'm sure that you are the same...we let him eat what he wants within the allowed foods and skip the things he doesn't like. It's gotta be his body telling him something. Even though he can only eat pear and absolutely hates veggies, he's the healthiest out of all of us!!
  5. Hey Jan! Glad you are here for support, compassion and friendship.
  6. Fred and my Macie girl would make pretty babies with a very mean streak...
  7. Aaaahhhhh....yet another topic we all 'get'....
  8. My daughter hates it when a good book ends, even if there's no more to tell. Her latest is To Kill a Mockingbird. My point, Deigh, is just keep writing. We all need to do what keeps us going...
  9. Councils.....
  10. Awesome!!! Glad the pooch is getting to go with you. My dog loves coming with my on Henry!
  11. I have so much trouble remembering the 'cool' ones don't think I could remember these as well!! Very funny though!!
  12. Thank you Benni! Glad to hear about the grab rails!
  13. Myjade the shoes!! Oh yes, miss them! I've lost both my grandparents, father in law and an aunty in the space on 15 months. Plus three beloved pets. Dress nice for funerals and have this great big leg brace attached with the world's most boring shoes on my feet.
  14. Kelli the kids and I are watching Walker Texas Ranger. Gotta love Chuck Norris. Anyway besides the awesome fashion and bad hairdos, the first thing that they noticed was no mobile (cell) phones!! It's interesting to watch shows before mobiles, everyone is conveniently sitting right near a phone when needed!!
  15. Kelli, I love the spoon theory!! I should keep a few copies in my bag to share with non believers!