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  1. GreenQueen

    True, Heather. I am seeing the doctor next week because of the pain in my side issue, so will mention it to him. With the exercise bike, I may be able to stay off the baclofen. I'm on pariet for reflux, which is caused by the aspirin. I need to take the blood thinner due to having a lesion. The thin blood plays havoc with my cycle, so I have a merina... Never ends! 💚👑
  2. GreenQueen

    We've been talking about spasticity lately, and I mentioned I'm on baclofen. My clonus in my bad leg has been getting crazy, so I talked to the chemist about when to take baclofen ie before bed and before my afternoon nana nap, as opposed to in the morning etc. The next step will be to increase the dosage, because the change in timing hasn't made a huge difference. Anyway, I have a cold (why I've been absent; I feel terrible) and haven't updated my medication box, you know the ones. All set outso you take the correct tablets each day. Well my
  3. Ok, so for the last month or so, I've been getting all this pain in my right side. Like, continual stabbing pain. It was coming and going, then just coming. Crying coming. I went to the doctor and he had a feel of my guts but couldn't find anything specific. So I had a blood test and a wee test. I had a urine infection, and antibiotics sorted (hopefully) that out. The doctor also ordered a CT, as I had no symptoms of anything, really. Turns out I have an umbilical hernia. Okey dokey then. Obviously why I'm in constant pain. I've al
  4. GreenQueen

    Sounds awesome Heather! 💚👑
  5. GreenQueen

    Pam! Hello!! So lovely to hear from you!! I cannot believe they felt it was ok to call your stroke a TIA!! Yes, I would be very annoyed by that and demand the record be changed! You are quite right in doing so. So glad you are enjoying the gaming, and a new phone! That will make things easier! Take care 💚👑
  6. GreenQueen

    Heather I find that too. A lot of people say they don't notice I don't use my arm. Very weird, as I feel it's very noticeable. The joys of seeing it from the outside, I guess. Are you enjoying your new freedom? 💚👑
  7. GreenQueen

    Paul day by day is a great achievement. Hopefully the issues caused by covid19 can be resolved. 💚👑
  8. GreenQueen

    So True!! But yes...they really don't care! 💚👑
  9. GreenQueen

    That's an interesting point, Deigh. I didn't think of it from that angle. 💚👑
  10. GreenQueen

    I joined a pommie site once. Very very confusing! And not as friendly as this one! 💚👑
  11. GreenQueen

    Jim. You are definitely in a bad situation. I'm just sorry you find yourself in the middle. We sign up for certain things: sickness and health, good times and bad, richer or poorer... We don't sign up to be treated so badly, it affects us emotionally. We don't sign up to be miserable. I'm not a caregiver, I'm a survivor. I'm grateful every day for my husband and children. They are amazing. Other caregivers may say different...but what's keeping you from going? Love? Happiness? Commitment? Hope? If you can find goo
  12. GreenQueen

    Mark...nice. Love the car, very cool. The steering wheel is definitely on the wrong side!! The bike is mint...loving it. Looking forward to Kelli seeing it. Thanks for the share. 💚👑
  13. GreenQueen

    Onward and upward indeed. James, you are so right. Being thankful for the new me is very important. The new me is a lot more spiritual, which I'm extremely thankful for. 💚👑
  14. GreenQueen

    Oh Jim. What a dilemma you are in. Definitely need Me Time. You know, I'd probably have a go, if it was me. You totally do not deserve to be treated badly. Sorry, I think your wife is behaving like a spoiled brat and she needs a wake up call. I reckon you could do a list of pros and cons of living with this. Some people will learn the hard way that they are doing the wrong thing. I also think your kids would want you to be happy. Glad you have gone off Facebook. Besides the fact it's a timewaster, there's not many people who are brave enough to
  15. Asha, that's so inspiring. You are amazing. 💚👑