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  1. GreenQueen

    That looks worthwhile Heather. Hope you used government money. Think I'll get one. Alan so glad you felt stronger after using the bike. My poor girl has cobwebs on her. I seriously need to get serious. 💚👑
  2. GreenQueen

    Odd remark
  3. GreenQueen

    That is odd, Deigh. Hopefully a one off 💚👑
  4. GreenQueen

    Might have to read Marty McFly's book! Love what his father in law told him, one to live by 💚👑
  5. GreenQueen

    Makes sense about the hip pain, Heather. Sometimes I do wonder why my hip hurts so much, but having to work hard to walk...yep. Of course everything is going to hurt. 💚👑
  6. GreenQueen

    Oh Pam. Life is not fair. I'm so sorry to hear you have to cause yourself pain to fix another issue. Hope it works for you 💚👑
  7. GreenQueen

    Birthday card 💚👑
  8. GreenQueen

    Wow Pam, you certainly do have it all going on! All the best with your next procedure. Take care 💚👑
  9. GreenQueen

    Oh Tracy...thanks for sharing. I don't suffer emotionally like your stroke deficit, and I must say that it must take up a huge part of your day, overcoming emotions constantly. Keep fighting the good fight. Heather you go girl! He did say get comfy!! It's interesting that you say about people hearing what they expect to hear. When I'm stuttering over words, or searching for them, it's amazing that when people try and do me a Molly Meldrum, just how wrong they can be!! 💚👑
  10. GreenQueen

    Not sure if I'm just getting old (I definitely feel like it!) or if this is just one of those things... My affected ankle swells heaps, especially when I've done too much walking or even standing. Apparently my leg would be out of the socket like my arm is, but because of gravity it's all good. But even so, my ankle pays for the weight of me standing on it. Also, I'm trying to 'walk' on my foot, not drag it along and sometimes I slap it down on the ground so hard (without realising) I'm in massive pain. Anyway, my calf hurts too, may
  11. GreenQueen

    At the moment the shoulder is the least of my physical problems!! I cannot believe that more shoulder, which is painful a lot of the time, is not top of the list!! Been having a lot of trouble with my back and hips. Apparently my hips are bad due to the back pain. Everything seems to happen as a reaction to one thing. My neck is sore quite often, as it tenses up to help the shoulder stay put. It's very hard to exercise all parts of the body at the same time. Because of fatigue, I can't give each problem the ti
  12. GreenQueen

    Kelli please pass on my thanks to Missy and her techno guru! 💚👑
  13. GreenQueen

    Gonna be the same here, Willis. We've got no cases at all in WA, and when we do they are usually people off ships or overseas return travellers. When we open borders, no one will know what to do! No such thing as social distancing etc here. Which is nice, but it will be hard to adapt. 💚👑
  14. GreenQueen

    So glad freedom is yours again Sue! We are opening borders to you guys next year. We have no idea how to cope with long lockdowns, and hopefully we won't find out! Thanks to you, I do know that whatever happens over here, we will cope. 💚👑
  15. GreenQueen

    Resistance to change is a tough one to beat. Kudos to you, Asha, for giving it a go. 💚👑