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  1. GreenQueen

    That looks good Alan. Hope it does the job
  2. GreenQueen

    Thinking of you sue
  3. Love your work asha!
  4. Awesome Tracy! There is no place like home! So glad the move has happened!
  5. GreenQueen

    Hi Chris At first, my husband didn't cope well. I found myself being caregiver to my caregiver! Since I'm the survivor, I don't think I have any real advice for you. All I can say is that he's trying to figure out the new person he has become. Unfortunately there is no time limit for that. Please feel free to come here and talk whenever. That's what we are here for.
  6. Heard that before? I'm sure I've told you about my cousin who is dying of cancer. I saw his wife Robyn the other day, and asked her how she was going. She said "fine". I said "no, how are you going, really?" Then I got the truth. Robyn's sister has recently graduated and is now a nurse. Robyn hasn't broken down yet over Jason. Her sister says that Robyn needs to let it all out, cry etc. Because she's "a nurse, and knows these things" Sound familiar? Makes me glad to be honest, that I don't see any therapy workers. Being told You Should and You Need To all the time didn't help at all.
  7. OK got to get back on track and do my GLAD journal everyday again...ive gotten lazy.  That was from Tracy, on another thread. I stole it Tracy to remind us all we are not alone. I was sick for nearly two months; trying to catch up on "stuff". My cousin wanted some old family photos. Long story, but I decided to sort all my Nana's albums not just the one my cousin wanted. Then my mum and I decided our badminton club needed new score books. So who volunteered for that? I'm way way behind on card making for the nursing home... What all this extra stuff means is I don't always have time or energy to come onto here. Annoying. As try as I might I just can't seem to settle into routine. Life gets in the way of things that I would like to do.
  8. GreenQueen

    Benni! My lovely! I have missed you 💜💜 Do you feel like a monkey when it hangs down? That’s what I liken it to. Very annoying. Hope the advice from Heather helps!
  9. GreenQueen

    Thanks for the replies. I am getting there with the routine. It all begins with getting up when my alarm goes off!
  10. Today I have been extremely tired. Trying to do too much without my usual afternoon nana nap with my rabbit. I cannot even comprehend when I’m like this. After five years, I’d have thought my family would have figured this out. But.....*sigh*
  11. Kelli, totally makes sense. I too find empathy difficult over the little things. Paul, I too am for euthanasia. The Catholic Church, however, is not. I’m actually going to see a movie the church is presenting in the case against euthanasia. Will be interesting to see if they change my mind. My grandfather and father in law had Alzheimer’s. My uncle Parkinson’s. My other pop had kidney failure. All horrible to watch.
  12. GreenQueen

    That doesn't sound too pretty!! My hand is in a fist more often than not. I've been getting clonus in my hand lately. Very frustrating. Trouble is, because my hand is a fist and my arm so tense, my shoulder quite often feels like it's been ripped out of it's socket. Very frustrating. And painful.
  13. GreenQueen

    Years ago (Probably 40 years) Wayne's dad sliced half of his finger off putting a shelf on the wall. About three years ago, my dad sliced the end of his finger off doing woodwork type stuff. Last year, Wayne sliced his finger open down to the tendon doing woodwork type stuff. Last week in, yep, you guessed it, Woodwork, Connor sliced his finger open! Thankfully Wayne was on days off, so we picked him up and took him to have it checked. It was deep but they were unable to stitch it due to how it was positioned near the nail. Hmmmm. Must be a family trait...from both sides!
  14. I get you Paul, about the comparison thing. My new one is incontinence. Funny thing...no one has said "Oh yeah, me too!" Try that one, see what happens!!
  15. So I had to look Atul up on the internet. I totally agree with his quote. Love it. Paul I always used to try and find the "right" words. Now I try not to. Because I know how they can sound. Most of the time I just nod.
  16. GreenQueen

    Kelli I'm sure you loved your visit with your handsome little man!
  17. GreenQueen

    Tracy, speaking of being 5; my mum called me a Good Girl the other day. Okey dokey then... Heather in the back of my mind I'm sure I've been told that it's not finger muscles that are the trouble but muscles in the lower arm. If that's true, then no. A splint won't work. Probably why I'm hesitant to get one.
  18. So I'm supposed to take some meds in the morning, some before bed. I keep them in pill boxes that are dated to make it easy to keep track of. Yesterday I go to have my nighttime tablets and realised that I didn't have my morning tablets. So today I go to get My morning tablets, and the 22nd container is empty. Hmmmm. Yesterday, it turns out, I had my morning tablets then at bedtime took them all again!! I had the wrong container! 22nd instead of 21st! I rang my chemist (good thibg they were open) and she said not to have any of the double ups today. Oooopsie.
  19. GreenQueen

    Becky I'm so glad you are able to take them all together. My tablets for spasms, baclofen, I need to take at night plus one diabetic tablet. All was well with taking them all at night (aspirin, pariet, anti depression) until I changed diabetes tablets. I can't take two at night as it upsets my stomach. I am so not going back down that road! I must admit I'm better at knowing the day as opposed to the date, so the new containers seem to be working.
  20. You know it Tracy. I get cross when they jump in too soon, cross when they leave me hanging... Paul, it's a great idea of Tracy's. Please let us know how it goes.
  21. GreenQueen

    Oh Tracy. You are in such a predicament. Here we are, excited for your upcoming move and now all this to deal with... I really feel for you. I have no advice, no suggestions...just love, hugs and prayers.
  22. GreenQueen

    Steve thanks for sharing more about you. I'm going to be honest and say I have no intention of watching it. Makes me too sad.
  23. GreenQueen

    I worked in a library...so yes, a great bok lover. I download books onto my iPad mini from an online shop called Booktopia. I read with a black screen and white words. Deigh I'm going to try reading instead of netflixing before bed. Fingers crossed it helps!
  24. GreenQueen

    Oh dear, Tracy. Hope it didn't affect you. I nearly did it again, so I have relented and taken Scott's advice. I bought day/night pill boxes. I decided to buy two, because Sunday comes around so quick, filling them up once a fortnight is preferable to me. Hope it does the trick!
  25. My kids try and find words for me. They know me well, because 9/10 They get the right word. Sometimes not, which is when I get frustrated that they've tried. Must be very difficult for them.