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  1. Benni it's a problem not often discussed, unfortunately. Taboo subjects, like depression, incontinence, miscarriage, all need to become normal subjects, to help everyone who suffers. Years ago, when I had post natal depression after the birth of Carrah, a friend said to me she wouldn't tell anyone. I said didn't matter who knew. Stigma is a terrible thing. 👑💚
  2. GreenQueen

    That's one good thing, reverse cycle air conditioning!! It has been colder here this year than the last few years. I've taken to wearing my slippers to bible study and soup kitchen! 👑💚
  3. Good on you, Sue. Paying it forward is so very rewarding. 👑💚
  4. GreenQueen

    I guess Deigh, knowing if you don't stick to the routine you know it's not going to work. There's always a silver lining. 6am is very early, particularly in winter! 👑💚
  5. GreenQueen

    Good Week / Bad Week

    Why can't a good week just be a good week? These up and downs play havoc with my emotional stability. I comfort eat, don't drink enough, if any, water. Don't sleep well...drained physically and mentally. Connor turned 17 last week. In Australia, you don't get your driver's licence until you are at least 17, and (in WA) done at least 50 hours on a learner's permit. So on Connor's birthday he sat his test and passed. Happy boy. We also enrolled him at TAFE (from what I can gather it's community college) for next semester doing a pre-apprenticeshi
  6. GreenQueen

    Excellent comeback Heather! Will definitely try to remember that one! 💚👑
  7. GreenQueen

    I'm sure they will, Heather. We've had a bad week. I'm a comfort eater. It's not fun. 💚👑
  8. GreenQueen

    Tomatoes...yum. Glad you are feeling better after your covid jab, Kev. 💚👑
  9. GreenQueen

    Oh wow! Snow is so very magical!! We were in Canada for Christmas a few years ago and the kids, Connor in particular, had the best time playing in the snow! One lady came up to us and said that watching him play reminded her that snow is beautiful, not a nuisance for driving in etc. I hope you enjoy your daily workout Willis! 💚👑
  10. GreenQueen

    Deigh, it's no good, this viscous thing called sleep cycle. I'm with you, things are going great, then one little thing will knock my routine out of whack. I'm hoping you have managed to sort yours out. Again. 💚👑
  11. GreenQueen

    I get it Heather, totally. I used to get: what did you do to yourself? To myself?? Seriously? This is not something that I would do to anyone, let alone myself! The thing that gets me is when people say "well I could get hit by a bus tomorrow, " Totally diminishing what I'm going through, what I've been through and what's still to come. I want to know, is there a maniacal bus driver out there somewhere, just waiting to knock down half the planet? 💚👑
  12. Tracy, I hope Bonnie is coping ok. Other people's woes don't diminish our own, but it certainly makes us count our many blessings. Like you lot. Where would I be, if I didn't know all you wonderful, supportive people? 💚👑
  13. Also Paul, when we went to canberra we stayed at ANU! Our room was full of awesome retro furniture! Loved it! The room, that is. 💚👑
  14. GreenQueen

    Sugar is the bane of my life. I have discovered that I can have delta cream biscuits (my absolute favourite) and they don't interfere with ibs. Seriously, I wish they did. 💚👑
  15. GreenQueen

    Good advice Tracy. I always feel like The Terminator. You know, everywhere he goes, he scans the room? I'm looking for the best spot to sit for easy access, stairs, carpet lips, kids! Making the right choices is a big help. 💚👑
  16. GreenQueen what does Mel Gibsoned mean? I know it's not going to be flattering! He is the original Mad Max. Which is set in 2021!! He was also in one of Australia's best movies: Gallipoli. Both 80s movies. Maybe late 70s for Mad Max. Very curious! 💚👑
  17. Awesome Benni! Like everything else, meditation does seem to be trial and error. I was on baclofen for spasms. It was ok, but caused havoc with incontinence. Relaxed the wrong muscles! So I live with leg spasms. Much better to cope with that, as opposed to constant accidents. 💚👑
  18. GreenQueen

    Will that's awesome! My parents were definitely not hippies! So glad I know a bonafide hippie!! I'm a late 80s early 90s teenage generation. I guess that makes me a martial girl, or an uptown girl! 💚👑
  19. GreenQueen

    Space saver maybe Will, but the beginning of an emergency room revolving door!! 🤣🤣 💚👑
  20. GreenQueen

    Fuzz is divine!! Sooo comfy! are very inspiring, my gorgeous friend 💚💚 Heather yes! We have Lily and Macie, and I'm sure they are on the bed, but are actually no where to be seen! Strange! This is a great thread! All these little things are quite common, which is very reassuring! 💚👑
  21. GreenQueen

    Heather you must be so over lockdowns!! Hopefully no more! Deigh, I'm so glad you have Valerie to get you through those uncomfortable situations. Be kind to yourself though. Stroke, lockdowns, age. Anyone who gives you grief, give me their number. I got you. 💚👑
  22. GreenQueen

    Will, were you a hippie in the 60s? Maybe had your recreational use already!! (You know that I love you and just messing with you! 💚💚) So very glad you are receiving benefits from medical use. I have become a night owl too, and love sleeping in these days. Gotta be an upside somewhere! 💚👑
  23. Tracy I hope your sleeping is improving 💚💚 Banjo I'm so very glad you have support! It will make a huge difference for you. So far, except for the review conversation, I have been satisfied with ndis. Hope it continues! Heather if the machine is under $1500, just go for it. My support coordinator said anything under $1500 that will help, do it. If they catch up with you, act dumb, say you didn't realise. Smack on the fingers. Move on. Sounds like a plan! 💚👑
  24. Benni!! My darling friend!! Hello!! So so good to hear from you! Not so good as to why!! I have absolutely no valuable input, except to say how long is a piece of string? The medicals are probably taught not to give exact timings...protects them a little!! It's very interesting that you take amitriptiline in the mornings. My husband and daughter take them at night to help them stay asleep. Doesn't help get you to sleep but helps you stay asleep. Apparently! So good to see you! 💚👑
  25. GreenQueen

    Our front verandah in the morning is our warm spot Sue! We don't get anything like *cold* but it can get cold...if that makes sense? Last night was 9°, freezing!! I don't mind winter here...I get to wear the one jumper I own!! 💚👑