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  1. I loved the fact my children grew in my tummy, and "survived" in there because of my choices, food wise especially. 


    The other side of being a woman, however...


    I'm unwell at the moment, women stuff, and I have menopause to look forward to as well!!


    Again, so many upsides. Two well adjusted, thoughtful human beings that I'm proud to say they call me mum.


  2. Hey Willis!!

    Part of the problem could be your AGE!!

    Happy 70th birthday!!

    You are officially in the 70s club!!


    It's very unfortunate when the list on the fridge doesn't match the list the body is able to complete!

  3. Kudos for April exercise Willis!! You did well.

    For some reason I thought you were Florida, maybe that's Wil2. 

    Michigan is cold, right?

    Heaps of wind off that lake...can't remember it's name. Ontario maybe?


    Yep. I'd stay in bed too!

  4. Yes Heather, totally worth it.

    Our neighbours are the same vintage as my parents.

    They are the most amazing neighbours ever, it would be awful to leave them high and dry at a time like this.


    You know, thinking about it, people accept me as I am these days.


    Awesome.  I love it.


    Except, everyone tends to forget that a lot of tasks are impossible for me now, or take so much out of me that the next few days are a nightmare. 


    It's all good, they don't live my life.  But I do think that living the way we do makes us more empathetic to the plight of others. 


  5. Thanks ladies.

    In Kings park in Perth, plaques for soldiers line the roads, each plaque having a tree to itself, and sometimes one other plaque.

    Jason was a huge war historian and about a month before he died his sister organised a plaque for our Great grandfather who was KIA during the kokoda campaign. 

    Next year, the family plan on getting together and having an ANZAC day service at the plaque. 

    He knew about that, and I'm sure he'll be happy to know we are planning it still.

  6. George, it was on the news tonight that 25 million Americans are now unemployed. 

    There are 25 million people in all of Australia. 

    That made me quite sad.

    I hope the economy can recover too.

    I'm so very grateful that Wayne's job, for now at least, is ok.

  7. Sue, complain away. We are definitely not all in the same boat.

    I read somewhere that we are in the same storm, but that's all.


    I love my family, but I just want the house to myself. Only for a day. As you have pointed out, this is not always a good thing.


    I'm looking forward to hearing about a ginormous project that you are going to start and never finish.  Doesn't matter what it is, enjoy!

  8. Pam my "little boy" is nearly 16 and 6'2.

    They will always be our little boys.

    I'm so very glad your son is part of your life.

    It must make life bearable at the moment,  knowing he's there.


    Sounds like you are having trouble staying safe at the moment. 

    You are in my prayers. 

  9. Oh Sue. Not good.

    I can see why you have a fear of falling.


    Somewhere in your mobile, you can put in an SOS number.

    Then in a time of need, you press the power button three times.

    Maybe Trevor could have a look?


    Please take care.

  10. Thanks for the kind words SueC!

    The card is for a friend of a friend, who is turning 70.

    After I made the card, I found out she likes to patchwork!


    Thank you Sue! Making cards keeps me sane...and occupied!


    Tracy thank you! 

    I'm so glad that you are able to be creative and productive all at the same time!

    Please do count spoons, but all the best with the gardening. Very therapeutic. 

  11. In my region, there are no known cases.

    I'm sure some people are tempted to avoid the rules, such as no non urgent travel.

    Lots of people did attempt to go camping but were turned back.


    Complacency now would be a bad thing. 

    Staying home can be a little boring, but I'd rather err on the side of caution. 

  12. Wil I totally get you about being worried but not worried. 


    As a collective, we have have survived stroke  (surviving stroke ) and dealing with the many issues that relate to that.


    I'm worried, but not like I was when I first became disabled. 



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