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  1. Just to say  I miss you. (((Hugs))).

    1. GreenQueen


      Thank you Sue.💚

      Means a lot.

      Finally feel ready to be here. 

      J x

  2. I have just joined this group today. I am a senior stroke survivor of 5 years. I am interested in joining this group so that I can understand some of the issues that other stroke victims have encountered. 



    1. GreenQueen


      Hope, hello!

      Sorry, I'm not too great at the inside and outs of the board.

      I've been here a while, but all I do really, is the actual main...thing! I don't even know what it's called!


      Firstly,  I am very glad you found us! There is so much beautiful camaraderie here.


      To share with others is good for the soul. 


      So your first step will be to introduce yourself on the board, where everyone can meet you.

      We are currently on my profile page, where it's just you and me. A lovely place to start, knowing someone before you dive in!


      To put a message on the board:

      Click on the tab COMMUNITY

      once you have done that, click on 


      that's where most things take place. 


      You'll see a START NEW TOPIC icon.

      Click on that, and select NEWBIE STROKE SURVIVOR INTRODUCTIONS 


      When you click on that, you'll be able to create a thread that everyone can see, and they'll all welcome you to the site.


      I've just noticed in the NEWBIE section, there's a thread for newcomers to read. That could be useful?


      People know their way around, Kelli or Tracy will be good go to people for help on different things.  They are super knowledgeable about the site.


      To read all the action, click on UNREAD CONTENT and all new content will pop up.


      I have only just realised (seriously!!) the little pic next to it, looks like a newspaper, is what you click on, on your phone. I use my phone a lot, as it's easier to hold.


      Once you have introduced yourself,  you can start threads in relevant places.


      I hope I've been somewhat helpful to you, Hope.


      Look forward to seeing you on the site.


      Janelle xxxxxx

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