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  1. Sandy, That was so beautiful. You and your husband are so blessed. Good luck to his progress. I'll add you to my prayers. Six sigma. Something I haven't thought about since my stroke. Thanks. I don't think I'll ever get back to that either, but who knows. Have a great day! John
  2. Hi Kelly, I know what you mean. I take a shower then rest for a bit after that. Later in the day I usually get so exhausted that I can't think clearly. This is late and kind of difficult to type in. And if I have a busy day, which can just be trying to focus on conversations because we had friends or family over.... I am often totally wasted the next day. Nothing happens then. I don't try to do anything but the minimum. Family doesn't fully understand. Sometimes they just think I am being lazy. Which is weird since I did a lot before stroke. Anyway, to end on the upside. Happy new year to all of you reading this. Have a great year of progress. And just a a great day tomorrow! Focus on your wins, what you did do. Not what you can't do. And I will try to do the same....
  3. Hi. Dancing that is so cool. I can't dance just ask anyone around me. before or after stroke. But you reminded me of something else I do. I call it working out with my girls. I find different work out videos that women do. just stretcing or dancing or whatever and I try to copy the move. usually they have completed 8 and I am just finishing my first or starting a second. But I have gotten faster with some movement - when I do some of them well (new definition) I feel like I am dancing. Don't try to get too bummed out since you can't do what you used to. I can't either. I loved my work and the people I worked with, now just at home. Trying to relearn what I used to know. Sorry to hear about your child, that is a tough one. My son had seizures as a kid, but has outgrown them. But yours is a different battle. Gonna try to go to bed now. Talk later.
  4. Hi cypher, I won't try to cheer you up at this point but will tell you a coupled of things I have learned so far. But I know what you mean you didn't have the symptoms. Me neither. I woke up on a Sunday, the day before I had hiked about 4 miles in a park nearby. Thought I was in decent shape too. No paralysis, no slurring, etc. Terrible headaches, can't walk - balance destroyed, and room spun so hard I prayed to God that I wouldn't be thrown off the bed (seriously), and very very weak. Oh yea and had to vomit a lot. Thought it was a bad case of flu. But you are getting yourself dressed. Not going to minimize that. That is part of your therapy. You will eventually learn how to do that faster with less effort. Your body will determine how fast that is and how far you can go. After that, you will find things that you now want to do, but now have to learn how to do that. When I started on my recovery, first thing I had to learn was how to move my feet back to take a step back. Couldn't stand on tip toes, even holding on, just couldn't send a signal from my brain that knows how to do it to feet that know how to do it. That sucks. Keep pushing. There is an old saying. "When the pupil is ready, the teacher will appear." I find teachers show up at weird times and teach me something I needed to know at that point. Remember you are the pupil - when you are ready..... your teacher will be there. (You aren't ready for this, don't worry. there is no expiration point) I try to study and learn new things. I forget most in a day and don't remember I did many things. I don't know if that ever gets better. But I keep trying. And try to have a nice new year day. Mine will be quiet but I will try to do something simple but differenet. John
  5. Hey Alan - awesome job. I did it and got exhausted and spend the next day recovering. Legs totally wiped, arms really sore. Still gets that way but get farther now. I have mine in basement and had a whiteboard (like a chalkboard) that I mounted on the wall. (OK,OK,OK, my son did most of it, but I did a little.) But I right my records down on the board and then try to beat it by a little bit. maybe a few more seconds, a few more calaroies maybe a little more mile. But it reminds me of the max I have to hit. Ialso keep track of my recumbent bike riding to but not so much. I really liked to walk and want to get it back. I walked/hiked 4 miles in a nearby park on Saturday before my early morning Sunday stroke. Just dirt trails and listen to the coyotes in the background. We have bald eagles in the park too. Deer, fox, etc.
  6. Hi Ed, you found the right site to talk to. Sorry I didn't see this until now. I had a cerebellar stroke too. I get the fog and balance issues. Mine has been about 2 yrs ago. My fog lifted in phases and I still have something in my head. I think it is a response to my lack of balance. I was dizzy and had a headache. Finally got rid of dizzy, but still had headache. I told everyone I have had only 1 headache 24/7 since the stroke. My neurologist, number 3, fired the first 2, specializes in pain. She tried different pills until I got if from a 6-8 range to a 1-3 range. Then she suggested I go to PT for headache. I did, didn't expect much, but they got rid of the headache. Now I can just feel pressure in my head. Increases thru day, figure that is based on me trying to move around and that is my heads response to my lack of balance. But I can now walk in my house with no or only limited help. Going outside with uneven sidewalks, steps, rough, etc I still need a cane or my hiking sticks to help with the balance. Pretty impressed that you can walk up the ladder. I can get about 3 steps before I start losing it. But I started with one step. Not sure about you vision. We all get hit differently. I need to wear sunglasses when I am outside or in brightly lit buildings. Also need to stay away from too much noise. It causes me headaches and pain. And exhaustion - you know that kind. Sorry about you family life. I am fortunate that I get help and usually someone takes me to Dr appt. All my PT I went to on my own, except the first one. I can't drive yet, use the local senior bus. But my family thinks that I should be back to normal at times and gives me grief when I don't or can't do something they think I should be able to do. That is hard. You want to do it. I had my stroke at 56, now 58. If you have any specific questions, I will tell you my story about that. Maybe it will help. At least you are in California. I'm in Michigan and we've had 15 inches of snow already and I can't help clearing the driveway. Have a great Day! John
  7. Tough is doable. I'll take that any day. You will learn how to use it in short time. The first time I was on the treadmill I walked at .5 mph, couldn't go slower. And only 2 minutes. Now I can go about 2.5 mph for 35 min. Shot for the day or 2, but it making progress. Of course that is 1.5 years later, but progress is still coming. Of course I hold on.
  8. Hi Alan, That sounds like progress. If you can get that done, more will come .....
  9. Welcome and feel free to vent, help, hold (figuratively) with the other here. You can get your husband to sign up too and he can ask about questions he may have as a caregiver.
  10. Hi Cypher, I don't know what kind of stroke you had, never heard those words, but let me give you some ideas that I use. Regarding the hand - get a small ball, a squishy one like we played with as a kid or the stress ones they hand out at work. Use that as you sit and watch TV. Don't expect much, try to do 1 time, then 2, 5, and progress as you can. There isn't a race. But your brain is elastic and what you practice continues to build neural networks and things get easier. It may not work, but you must try. The second thing that I found that has helped me an awful lot was music. I use headphones so the beat gets into my head. Just listening in the room doesn;t work. Picl music you like but it must have a constant beat throughout. My favorite is Eye of the Tiger. Pick music that has a beat like that. Sound is energy. I think the sound hitting my eardrums turns into electric pulses in my head. It has helped me improve movements when I listen to the music and work on various movements. I found out about the music by accident and I have posted about that before. But I think it as is based on the PONS research from University of Wisconsin.
  11. You are so right. The first year is the hardest. Then the next hardest is the second year..... and so it goes. Noise and crowds are terrible. the family get together is tough. I just pick on one of my weak areas or pain that I am dealing with. Then I focus on it and only it. Read web, look for books, ask doctors specific questions about that one thing. I find that if I don't stay focused and try to do everything I don't get answers and I don't make progress. I'll probably never get back to where I was, but I will find a way to have some kind of satisfaction. I want to be able to ride a distance in a car. It would be nice to drive. Go on vacations. I really would like to travel to Europe but my sight seeing would be like this. Day 1 - see a sight. Day 2 rest. Day 3 - who knows.
  12. It is weird how as I make progress I find new (maybe not new but couldn't tell before) problems. I went to PT where they focused on headache. This was at a suggestion of my neurologist. My head ache has been that I had only 1 headache for 24x7 for almost 2 years. Drugs brought it down a bit, new drugs a bit more. Then the PT. They actually were able to practically reduce my headache to 0. I get them, but not constant. This feels so good. But what I now feel is a pressure in my head. Not hurting so much but it gets stronger and more painful as the day go on - expecially if I am working out or focused on thinking or reading. It is interesting that as I remove one layer of the onion the next presents itself.
  13. I have the same issue, don't rembmer the whole show. But will remember bits. My family will remind me we watched it and we move on to something else they want to see. It's usually ok by me, but sometimes I want to watch and see what I can remember. That actually happened this morning. watched about 30 min and then remembered a part but then forgot what came next, so I watched it again. Now I think I will remember that. That's the joke with Alzheimers isnt' it? Always meeting new people.
  14. Deigh's book can be found on Amazon here, https://www.amazon.com/POOTI-semi-conductor-semi-organic-gene-mutated-scientists-ebook/dp/B01HJ3A94W
  15. Mike - don't know Phillip Dick, so did a little review of his writings. I now understand -- You are one demented guy. lol. Actually never read his stuff or watched any movies but did add him to my reading list and will try some of his thinking. Maybe he will just straighten me out. thanks for something new