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  1. stockflyer

    Hi Magilla, go ahead and vent. after what we've all been through, I for one, am OK with you venting. I've lucked out and don't get too depressed. But I still suffer a lot of exhaustion many days a week - so much so that I can't even hold a job. But maybe if I could find one that paid full time wages for about 1 hr a day effort I would take it. 🙂
  2. stockflyer

    Hi Tracy, Congrats on the car wash. Remember that counts as a therapy session. So for the pain, effort and whatever else, you accomplished more in that session than in some others you pay dearly for. You have just started the rewiring of your brain with that new effort and next time will be easier. Now, you can tell people you were trying to be frugal, but I just tell them it was a necessary therapy that I went through. After stroke I couldn't cut my yard anymore. The year before I bought a new Toro that I had been wanting for years. Now I couldn't use it. My wife and daughter said they would cut the yard. But both work full time and that lasted the first week. Then I was down to hiring it out or finding a riding mower I could use maybe. Went to lawn dealer and found that the regular riding mowers I couldnt use but the zero turn I could. My legs are weak but the zero only requires a light touch with hands. So we bought it. The constant turning around in the yard made my diziness go insane, and I could only do about 1/2 yard at time. But now 3 years later I can turn, not much diziness, and do the whole yard in one go. Figured each session was a therapy session. And since I have a high deductible plan, had to pay about 3000 /yr for my therapy. Paid for a mower. And I save 700 a year if hiring it out. Plus the satisfaction of feeling a bit more normal.
  3. stockflyer

    I hate it when that happens. But you got me to thinking. Maybe I will tell them there will be tests during my story to test their listening. Then when they give me an answer, I will use it to get back on track. Now just hoping the question I ask is related to the story I am telling.
  4. stockflyer

    looked at your photos. Really nice. Is that you and your wife at the Escobar? I also see you eyeing the McD's
  5. stockflyer

    Hi Alan, That is awesome. I'm am so impressed. I still have a ways to go. I can't get on a boat yet. Or a rocking chair. The movement messes me up in the head. I just got a small trampoline over weekend to practice and see if that will help me get over it. Busy over weekend so not assembled yet, maybe today. Not sure what a squat machine is. But 160 pounds on any machine sounds pretty impressive. My walks though are getting longer. I did 2 miles last week with my walking sticks. Can't barely get 100 ft without them. But still getting tired easily.
  6. Hi Paul, Welcome to the site. Hope you are gaining some friends here who can help as best they can. You said network engineer, I'm guessing IT? I was in IT. When I stroked out I was managing the security in the DMZ, worked with network engineers all the time. Now I struggle to remember what I used to know. I keep remembering things that I knew, but struggle to remember how to put it all together to be able to work. Hope things are imprving everyday.
  7. stockflyer

    Hi Crystal, Welcome. You're among friends. Better yet the folks here really do understand what you have been through and are going through. Best, John
  8. stockflyer

    Hi Watson, you had an ordeal. we all have our own stories with some common threads. I do hope you can get back to work. I too thought I would be back to work in a few weeks. That was almost 3 years ago. I don't have the stamina and get exhausted very easily. But I have made a great deal of progress and who knows what tomorrow brings. Push as hard as you can and push your PT folks to push you to be your best. As they say, leave it all on the field at the end of PT. You may hit periods where you want to cry, break down and give up. That's OK. take a break. Just don't let it beat you. You are in control. My short term memory is improving, but not great. I look back as stuff I did right after the stroke and realize just how much I didn't know and couldn't do. I wonder if everyone else say that but not me. Have a great day!
  9. Hi Pam, welcome to our group. Everyone here tries to help each other. Sometimes is doesn't always come across that way, but please be patient. We will all help each other out. We have all suffered diffreently and recovering at different rates. I pray that your recovery if faster than normal. Just remember PT is really important, do it everyday and you will find yourself improving. I had to start by learning how to take a step backwards, stand on tip toes and heels. Very difficult. I lucked out in that I didn't have any paralysis, but I am very weak but getting stronger. And as someone said above Stroke Fatigue is a real thing. It used to hit me every other day, now only 1 or 2 times a week. Woohoo!
  10. stockflyer

    Hi Alan, that's awesome dude. I hope it all goes well. When you get back, let us know what you did, pictures, any learnings about traveling. I would be very grateful with what you find out. I would like to travel again, but with my issues I can't deal with being in a rocking chair let alone a boat. I am still working on riding long distances in a car. Few months ago was able to go 250 miles, but it was rather painful on my brain. Can't get to my Mom's yet, need to handle about 7 hrs in a car. I'm hoping to get past that so I can fly again. Still need to get my wife to Germany and other points. Long delayed vacation. Have a Great Day!
  11. stockflyer

    Hi Deigh, If you can you should post a picture. It sounds pretty nice. I am just proud of my small accomplishments when I get something to work. Buying parts like that and putting it together is something I wouldn't know how to do. A couple years ago, early in my stroke recovery, I decided I was going to build an indoor tv antenna with wire. My son thought I was crazy. I had everything but one thing I had to buy for like $5. He helped me build it. Just the effort to think through how to do it was a challenge and my personal PT. After we built it we hooked it up to the tv in basement and got a few channels. My son was impressed that it worked. Then we took it upstairs and hooked it up to a TabloTV setup I have and replaced a purchased antenna that I had. The home built one gets like 30 channels over the air. better than the bought one. It sure is ugly but picture is perfect and my confidence got a huge boost.
  12. stockflyer

    Happened again. Last night we watched a show, that I turned on. After we watched it, only 30 minutes, my wife told me we watched it before. Oh well. I remembered nothing from before. This is what reminds me that I may have a slight issue. But as they say, you are always making new friends.
  13. stockflyer

    I don't remember shows we watch. I will turn something on and my wife or son tells me we just watched that. I don't remember but we move one. Sometimes I go back to watch a show to see how much I can remember once it starts. They don't understand what I am doing but I can see that I remember some but not all. Other times I can remember the whole show especially if only 30 min. 2 hour movies are more difficult to remember it all. I too start stuff and walk away only to find it again. so frustrating. I use the alarm on my phone for a lot of stuff. set alarms with a note to remind me of thing that I need to do at that time. sometimes to remember to make a phone call tomorrow or something. my medicines, etc.
  14. stockflyer

    I can so relate to what you guys are talking about. Struggling to get stuff done. I am almost 3 yrs in and still tire pretty easily. I have taken to do the dishes every morning. load dishwasher and hand wash the rest. Then rest for a while. Just got a stick dyson sweeper. Lighter and quieter than our other one. I can move it. I can move around a bit and get the floor swept. And then rest. Take a shower, then rest. I wish I could take a nap but that is something that I lost with the stoke. I can move around the house without a roller or cane but always use one when going outside. Balance is just not that good. Today I was able to rototill a part of my small garden. After a few minutes was totally exhausted. Muscles very sore, and I rested for the last 7 hours. Just too tired to do more. But it was a great feeling that I could do that now. Couldn't last summer. Needed help with that. Will finish the garden some other time.
  15. stockflyer

    Two thoughts. That is a funny story. I'm so sorry. But I did need the laugh.