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  1. I have the same issue, don't rembmer the whole show. But will remember bits. My family will remind me we watched it and we move on to something else they want to see. It's usually ok by me, but sometimes I want to watch and see what I can remember. That actually happened this morning. watched about 30 min and then remembered a part but then forgot what came next, so I watched it again. Now I think I will remember that. That's the joke with Alzheimers isnt' it? Always meeting new people.
  2. Deigh's book can be found on Amazon here, https://www.amazon.com/POOTI-semi-conductor-semi-organic-gene-mutated-scientists-ebook/dp/B01HJ3A94W
  3. Mike - don't know Phillip Dick, so did a little review of his writings. I now understand -- You are one demented guy. lol. Actually never read his stuff or watched any movies but did add him to my reading list and will try some of his thinking. Maybe he will just straighten me out. thanks for something new
  4. Hi Kelli, No disrespect intended but your photo reminds me of my weird Uncle Al. Have a great day - and I am glad you can joke and laugh!
  5. Hi, I'm not trying to push goodreads, but they help me and don't know it. They send out periodic requests to update your progress on the book you are reading. Like you are on page 10, then page 35, etc. So the prompts keeps me trying to move it forward. Like a therapist who pushes but not too much. I did the one chapter a week thought. was reading one book. Chapter one was 10 pages. So I said ok, 1 every few days. Chapter 2, 140 pages.
  6. You didn't say where in his head he had the stroke so there are possibilities that I don't know about on this. Probably a talk with a professional to work through it. Right now I don't travel to well and our family is 5+ hours a way. I went last year once but spent alot in a room by myself. I couldn't deal with all the people and/or noise. Makes me very irritable. I felt bad that my Mom who is 80 had to come visit me because I couldn't travel 8 hours.
  7. Scott, watched your video. So cool. I used to work in the Auto Industry here in Detroit area and 3D printing has been used for a lot of stuff so very familiar with it. I had thought to get a printer and try to do stuff like that too. Maybe not right now, but could be a year of so away to try. Making things like that still seems hard for me to tackle.
  8. To Peals, a OT told me to try that. Glad to hear I am not alone on that. My current PT is not as aware, but she is working on my headache part and the things she is doing seems to be working better than expected. Back to topic: what am I reading. -- I signed up to goodreads.com and found they had a thing where you could put a personal challenge on book reading for the year. Although the normal person on the site set 45 or 50 books as goal, my goal was 4 books. I have read the 4 book goal and I am probably finish 5 by end of year. I am currently reading James Rollins - Excavation novel. This is a decent read, may not be the best book ever but it has a good story and is holding my attention to keep reading. Tried other books and give up on them if they don't interest me.
  9. :) Or a part of the blue man group
  10. This is cut off of webmd. It sounds a bit far fectched. There is an issue of the barrier between the blood in the body and the brain. It allows only certain things through. This may go, I don't know. Apoaequorin is the active ingredient. But it does sound like your brain will glow blue when you take it. ______________________ Apoaequorin is a protein that was obtained in 1962 from a specific type of jellyfish that glows. When apoaequorin is exposed to calcium, the protein and calcium bind and a blue light is produced. For more than 40 years, apoaequorin has been used to study how calcium works inside cells. Recently apoaequorin has been manufactured on a larger scale for use in the dietary supplement Prevagen. People take apoaequorin by mouth to improve mental function, memory, and sleep quality. How does it work? Apoaequorin is a protein that was originally discovered in the jellyfish species Aequorea victoria. When apoaequorin binds with calcium, a blue light is produced. Problems with calcium regulation in the human brain are thought to play a role in age-related mental decline. Because apoaequorin has a similar structure to human calcium-binding proteins, some researchers believe it might help regulate calcium in the brain and reduce memory loss and mental decline.
  11. Don't ever except you Can't do it. I have managed to do several things I can't do. It just takes us longer. Keep it up! On a side note. I broke my ankle once and it took over a year before I could walk normally and without pain. What you are dealing with is so much more - but I believe you. You can do it! Have a great day!
  12. I have an old recumbent bike too. I use it the most for my recovery at home. Our Older Persons Center, of which I am a proud member now, has a lot of machines for workout just like in the PT offices. I can use most of them, but the stepper and rowing machine is outside of my ability right now. My head goes wonkers on me when I try them. At the PT they have a small trampolene and I can't do that either. I get real nauseous with those things. Can't get on a boat now either and that's a real bummer.
  13. A treadmill is absolutely a must if you can use it. I had one before the stroke, so had that covered. I didn't use one at PT but she told me I could start using mine at home. Unfortunately I could only do .5 mph, slowest speed, for 2 min when I started. Keep moving it up. Now can do 38 min at about 2.5 mph. I become very sore for a couple days after that, so need to take 1 or days off depending how I feel. I also have an old bowflex with resistance bars, no free weights, and they are working pretty good.
  14. Hi Heathber, Good job. I too try to sit in front of my computer doing things. I put papers out on both sides of the computer and twist back and forth getting a neuro workout. While I work at computer. At the beginning very hard and couldn't do it for more than 5-10 min. Now I can keep it up for about an hour. But I am fully exhausted after that and must rest the rest of the day. I am still finding trying to do patterns like counting very hard, even when I am sitting. But a little progress is very rewarding.
  15. Did everyone get some therapy done today? I didn't get much, very exhausted today. Only loaded dishwasher, cleaned up a little, and did a little reading. After that it was just vegging. Hopefully tomorrow is better. Yesterday was much better. Worked in garden, did all dishes, and put away, cooked and did a few other small things.