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  1. Before my stroke I was the hard worker that put in the hours until the job was done. I always had a second gear to go to and I would produce. Since my stroke, it is a different game. I just do not have the reserves to call on. Take it slow and see where you wind up. With a stroke the fatigue is something we all share. Good luck
  2. My brainstem stroke was 3 years ago. Your deficits are very familiar to me. The left Pons is where mine is located. It was hard to find it took a CT and 2 MRI exams to finally pin it down. It was described as a small piece of plaque lodged in the Pons. I am still faced with fatigue. Mornings are the best time for work. I am an upholsterer and I can put in 3 hours and then I am done. You must listen to you body ,if you over do it you will pay the price the next day. You are dealing with a new set of limits. It took me 18 months to realize that I will never get back to my old self. I got my handicap sticker for the car. Do not leave everything in the parking lot. Try and conserve your energy. I had my right side paralyzed,but I worked hard to recover and I was skiing in 6 months. I can ski better than I can walk. My therapist is amazed, but I think it is different pathways in the brain. My breathing center was compromised and I have to really work hard to remember to breathe when working out. That is also where blood pressure and Temperature are controlled from. I was checked for central sleep apnea after the stroke and my AHI was 90 events per hour . I was stopping breathing that many times an hour. I am on ASV at a night which makes me take a breath when I stop breathing. I wish you best of luck in sorting out your life ahead. It is a challenge
  3. Happy Birthday rogerwegner!

    1. rogerwegner


      Thank you, For my birthday i received two coronary artery stents. The process included a repeat of some of my worst stroke symptoms. I had very painful leg spasms that morphine would not relieve. Luckily I remembered Robaxin from my stroke rehab, that finally had a calming effect. It seems that we are never done with the struggle. There is always a new test. Keep strong, Roger


  4. Welcome to the forums rogerwegner :)