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  1. I had a major surgery a year ago. It was a whipple procedure for precancerous lesion in the pancreas. After surgery the anasthesiologist told me after being out for six hours I would see some reappearance of my stroke deficits. He was right. I had to start over with my balance and walking skills. Now after a year of healing and more therapy I am back to where I was after three years of therapy for my brainstem stroke.
  2. Happy Birthday rogerwegner!

    1. rogerwegner


      Thank you, For my birthday i received two coronary artery stents. The process included a repeat of some of my worst stroke symptoms. I had very painful leg spasms that morphine would not relieve. Luckily I remembered Robaxin from my stroke rehab, that finally had a calming effect. It seems that we are never done with the struggle. There is always a new test. Keep strong, Roger


  3. Welcome to the forums rogerwegner :)