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  1. Thanks for the update on the seminar, 2Fight. I'm hoping they will try to research any advantages for stroke survivors. There is a bunch of us out there.
  2. That is great that you are going to the workshop. Please ask if they are considering trying this or anything else on stroke survivors. I am wondering if the hyper connectivity of so much more of the brain would aid retraining different parts of the brain to take over for damaged areas quicker than normal. I could use all the help I can get for waking up my right hand.
  3. There is a new article at the iflscience site. Here is a link.
  4. Sorry, ignore my last message, got confused with your state thinking you were a new member!


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  5. I live in Topock, Mohave county, Arizona. I had my stroke on 5/20/2014. I had right side paralysis and slowed speech.
  6. maddogzx14

  7. That's great. All I'd be able to do with my right hand is club it. I'm still working at it. I will get my right hand back/
  8. Oh man. I hate finger tip pain. I too play guitar. I'm limited now to pull-offs and hammer-ons, with the lack of a strumming hand.
  9. Thanks everyone. Deigh, so far the only times I can open my hand are when I am relaxed for the evening, like laying in bed. The other way is that involuntary stretching that one does when you lay or sit down. I can lift my arm up a little beyond horizontal. And of course I have always been an extreme right handed person. My handwriting with my left hand is atrocious. By the way, I just paid for the transmission at pic-a-part. It will be out of the car on Monday and then I get to re-install it.
  10. I have been reading about studies that are being conducted on microdosing people with PTSD and other anxiety issues with MDMA, Mushrooms and LSD. The doses used are so small that any of the hallucinogenic affects are not induced. They are getting positive results in a large percentage of patients. I am thinking that it could possibly open up pathways in your brain and make it easier to reprogram different parts of the brain to take over for stroke damaged cells. I'll keep you posted if more info comes to light. Mark
  11. I am pretty proud of myself. I removed the automatic transmission from my front wheel drive 1995 Olds Cutlass Supreme a couple of nights ago. The only help I needed was I had a friend hold the crankshaft from turning while I broke the torque converter bolts loose. Everything else I did myself. That includes dropping the front subframe, removing the axles and ball joints and tie rod ends. Then hung the engine from a cherry picker. This while only having use of my left hand and I was terribly right handed all my life. Now I have to reinstall the replacement as soon as I get it.
  12. Welcome to the forums maddogzx14 :)