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  1. I was prescribed Neudexta for my fun with P.B.A. It works great, only problem is that Humana doesn't cover that medication. At $330 a month it was out of reach. I did a little investigating the ingredients and found that it consisted of Dextromethorphan and Quinidine. Dextromethorphan being the main part of the mix. It's also a major cough suppressant used in most cold and sinus medicines. So I found a cough medicine with the least amount of bad chemicals; Acetaminophen , Guaifenesin etc. I have not had uncontrollable emotions since taking the cough medicine. It's going on nine months now. The best thing is the cost. Family Dollar sells a box with 12 gel caps for $3.87. So anyone with P.B.A. consider this alternative. Of course check with your doctor first. Mark
  2. Sorry, ignore my last message, got confused with your state thinking you were a new member!


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  3. I live in Topock, Mohave county, Arizona. I had my stroke on 5/20/2014. I had right side paralysis and slowed speech.
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