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  1. maddogzx14

    Deigh, my right hand still needs a lot of work. Playing bass I'm able to do hammer ons and pull offs for the basics of most songs I like to play along with. Guitar is a little more frustrating because at the time of my stroke I was really progressing and then it all went away. I still play a little guitar and I like to try to teach a friend of mine the right way to play some songs. Your invention looks like something I could use when I get my club converted into a hand again. Lol
  2. maddogzx14

    I think I have Mel Tillis syndrome. I don't stutter, just talk slower than I used to and search for words more. But when I sing a song that I know the words to I don't miss a beat and sing as I always did. Someone said I should sing my sentences. Not the same thing, because it comes back to having to think about what you're saying. I guess I can still talk fast but my mind lags behind. Lol
  3. maddogzx14

    Tracy I use store brand cough suppressant gel caps, they work just as good as Neudexta did at $3.00 for 16 caps.
  4. maddogzx14

    As far as PBA is concerned my neurologist prescribed Neudexta which works great. only problem Humana doesn't cover it and at $300 per month I can't afford it.. But I did some research and found the main component of Neudexta is Dextromethorphan that is a main component in cough suppressant. So I went to the Family Dollar and bought a package of store brand gel caps 16 for $3.00 and took two tada works like a charm. I only take them when I need to now.
  5. maddogzx14

    I did the online dating thing for a while. My first bio was setup without mentioning having had a stroke and I would bring it up when replying to a inquiry. They usually would change the tone of their replies and dwindle off after finding out. So I changed to saying I had a stroke that didn't (affect,effect) my cognitive thinking, memory or personality. I just have foot drop on my right side and my arm is basically a club right now. I didn't get any replies to that. So I changed to no mention and figured I'd text for a little while with a match letting her get to know what kind of person I am on the inside and then tell them as gracefully as possible. Well as soon as they would learn I had disabilities the messages would taper off. I have now resigned myself to just meeting someone at friends or family houses or out in the real world and it will happen naturally or it won't no biggie. It doesn't help that I was married 23 years before the stroke so I am so out of the dating game.
  6. maddogzx14

    SassyBetsy I just noticed that you and I had our strokes on the very same day. By the way I would give my leg up for having full use of my arm again. I used to play guitar and it was my way of relaxing. I now play bass because it's easier to play one handed. But you can only play so much without a strumming hand.
  7. Sorry, ignore my last message, got confused with your state thinking you were a new member!


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  8. maddogzx14

    I live in Topock, Mohave county, Arizona. I had my stroke on 5/20/2014. I had right side paralysis and slowed speech.
  9. maddogzx14


  10. Welcome to the forums maddogzx14 :)