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    That looks very nice Tracy
  2. maddogzx14

    SassyBetsy, my right hand is still a club. When I'm really relaxed I can open my hand a quarter open a few times, but it balls up and I have to relax again. What's weird is that I can walk pretty decent except for foot drop but I can't jump even off of my left foot.
  3. maddogzx14

    Deigh, my right hand still needs a lot of work. Playing bass I'm able to do hammer ons and pull offs for the basics of most songs I like to play along with. Guitar is a little more frustrating because at the time of my stroke I was really progressing and then it all went away. I still play a little guitar and I like to try to teach a friend of mine the right way to play some songs. Your invention looks like something I could use when I get my club converted into a hand again. Lol
  4. maddogzx14

    I think I have Mel Tillis syndrome. I don't stutter, just talk slower than I used to and search for words more. But when I sing a song that I know the words to I don't miss a beat and sing as I always did. Someone said I should sing my sentences. Not the same thing, because it comes back to having to think about what you're saying. I guess I can still talk fast but my mind lags behind. Lol
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    Tracy I use store brand cough suppressant gel caps, they work just as good as Neudexta did at $3.00 for 16 caps.
  6. maddogzx14

    SassyBetsy I just noticed that you and I had our strokes on the very same day. By the way I would give my leg up for having full use of my arm again. I used to play guitar and it was my way of relaxing. I now play bass because it's easier to play one handed. But you can only play so much without a strumming hand.
  7. maddogzx14

    I live in Topock, Mohave county, Arizona. I had my stroke on 5/20/2014. I had right side paralysis and slowed speech.
  8. maddogzx14