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  1. Xevious

    Not really. Her daughter would not let either of us see those girls again. Her dad told her that and he hasn't seen those kids since. Not going to lose my grand daughters like that. Honestly I've had seven strokes and can't do much of anything anymore. Without them I'd have nothing else to do except sit around and think about what I've lost. That probably would end badly for me. I don't know and don't want to find out.
  2. Xevious

    She says she can't watch them without me. If she had it covered I would stay home once in a while. It's completely random and I can't find any common things other than the babysitting.
  3. Xevious

    Yesterday was great. No yelling or anything. Today not so much. As I was in the process of catching a falling baby she kept fussing at me for doing it wrong and she kept getting louder until I raised my voice a little bit telling her I got it. Fire flashed in her eyes and she got this evil look and cussed me for raising my voice. After that I tried to keep my mouth shut out of fear of further raising her ire. As we were getting home she called me an knucklehead several times and then belittled me like it was the most true thing in the world. She kept on fussing and I told her that I knew she didn't find me attractive anymore and now she didn't like my personality either. She got awfully angry at me and didn't speak to me anymore. She showered and went to bed. We have to go back for another 14 hours tomorrow. And on and on until Saturday. Monday it's back to the grinder. I doubt I will go to bed until 1 or 2 am. I don't know how long I am supposed to put up with this. I liked being married. It was enjoyable for years. Then this and everything goes haywire.
  4. Xevious

    Thanks for your opinions. She has not lost it at me the last couple times babysitting. After thinking about it for several days I think she is feeling the results of being rather plump. Her knees are giving out and her feet and back too. She is quite uncomfortable. Funny aside, I told her to have smaller portions and eat less. Her stomach as taken to refusing too much food or food that has been fried. She is about 150 pounds over weight. I'm no slim fella either. I'm a good 50 pounds over weight. Not working and having strokes has forced me to be quite sedate.
  5. I guess this is a little backwards considering I'm the one who has had many strokes. I really thought I had lucked out in getting a spouse who worked with mentally disabled people. She even has a degree in it. I didn't know I'd have like 7 strokes but felt lucky that I did have them with her helping me through it. My last stroke was in 2015. I'm learning to live with my deficits. I have good days and bad days like anyone. Only now when we go babysit our grand daughters she gets mean to me. I get fussed at like I am a little kid. If I spill milk filling a bottle she gets on me like I mean to do these things. Food gets on my shirt now. Every time. But lately she says I'm just being messy to make more work for her. If she asks me to do something I have a huge problem trying to remember it. I forget why I'm at Walmart ten feet into the building. Now according to her I am being lazy. She acts like I no longer have these deficits. But I do. They'll never go away. She yells at me in front of my grand kids and it makes me feel about one inch tall. When we are home she doesn't do this stuff much at all. But she brings up the "d" word a couple times per week while there. I can't leave out that she too is now disabled. She has gained so much weight that her knees and legs are starting to buckle. It hurts her quite badly she says. If I even come close to suggesting a change in diet or eating habits she swears her blood sugar gets low and she can't think or something if she doesn't eat. She is worrying me that she will actually divorce me over my deficits. We haven't made love in over a year. I get this vibe from her like she is trying to raise two kids, me and her adult leech of a son. And I seriously do not like it. Is she just plain tired of me? Is our relationship in jeopardy? Honestly I don't think I could date like this. Especially with how I can't speak under duress. I get the word salad and stuttering. I don't know. Any help?
  6. Happy Birthday Xevious!