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  1. ruthwilliam

    Sue, As usual your writings are so inspiring. I hate to hear that you have medical issues to deal with. But, yes I understand the day to day life that a caregiver has. It has been almost 8 months since William passed. Yes, like you, I sometimes think that I hear "Ruth, where are you?" . I have been keeping myself busy. I Spend hours at the gym and physically exhaust myself so that I sleep soooo well. I have gotten involved with the church and made new friends. Life has been good to me. I still love learning and take classes at the local community college. Please take
  2. ruthwilliam

    It has been over a month.

    This transition to widowhood has been easier than expected. That is because the good bye was a long one. 3 months before William died, my son, had come down to visit. He told me that William was declining and suggested that I look into hospice. I wasn't ready for that. But it got me into really thinking about life without William. So my good bye was a long one. Then the month that I put him into hospice was the real start of the end. Everyday was like the last time that I might see William alive. Especially when I had to put that hospital bed in the living room. Then the last w
  3. ruthwilliam

    Sue, I am very sorry for your loss. I am sure that you enriched his life tremendously. Ruth
  4. ruthwilliam

    It is Done.

    William passed yesterday 9-18-18 at 1:06PM. William had been in hospice for 1 month. This has been the longest month of my life. I am so relieved that the vigil is finally over. Here it is 2:40AM and I am up. I am so used to getting up and checking on William. I want to thank all of you for being there for me. I want to share that the stroke board has been a lifesaver for me since William's stroke 10 years ago. I would suggest that anyone who needs hospice utilize it. I thought that I was getting hospice in place early and I used it only for a month. They provide a wonde
  5. ruthwilliam

    A bed sore

    It has been three weeks. I cannot believe it! A bed sore! William has never had a bed sore. But this just lying on the bed for 3 weeks has done it. I have been changing the underpad often. It is difficult to change by myself. I have called hospice and informed them that I will need help twice a day to change and clean him. They have agreed to do that. It is 3:28AM . I have been up since 2AM. I got the kitchen all cleaned and cleaned the floor of the living room. William is usually up this time of morning. Thankfully he is sleeping peacefully. When I changed the underpad.
  6. ruthwilliam

    Tracy, sleep can be elusive. I hate to hear that you have trouble getting that good nights sleep. Anxiety can be such a bear. Somedays, I get it and have nervous energy. This is what I do. I make sure that I get to the gym and work out. If I don't, I will be up all night. If I happen to get up in the middle of night and cannot go to sleep. I clean. This is crazy. but it makes me feel good that the place is clean. I have at least accomplished something with all of my nervous energy. I will pray that you find something that helps you. Ruth
  7. ruthwilliam

    Dear Sue, I hate hearing the news. But, I love the title of the blog. Living on Angel time. You have been such an inspiration to me. Your blogs have sustained me and inspired me. You have the spirit that is so loving and giving. We caregivers are a special group of angels here on earth. It is amazing to me how we touch each other. Living each day, as a gift from God is the only way to go. I Love you. Ruth Your are amazing at writing.
  8. ruthwilliam

    The end is near.

    This is a difficult time. I thought that I was getting hospice involved early. But, William declined rapidly. My best guess is that William may pass today or very soon. I was so afraid that I would get up and find William gone. I kept getting up every hour. I am not doing my ritual gym thing this morning. I want to be close by. He is calm and peaceful. He is not agitated like he has been. I actually did go to the gym.. Just later. This will be a long and difficult vigil. William is now resting peacefully. He complained that his foot hurt him. I offered him some pain medicat
  9. ruthwilliam

    Sue, Yes, it seems that life is unfair. Caregivers ending up by themselves. Yes, we can stay on our own as long as we are healthy. I fortunately have my son, who is encouraging me to get ready to move to California when my time in Texas ends. I have preregistered with a funeral home and am slowly getting rid of some of my stuff. Most of my friends are older than I am and say that I am still young. It seems that I have lived a few lifetimes. I try to live each day to the fullest. As we know each day is a blessing. Ruth
  10. ruthwilliam

    Our next step - Hospice

    Well, I finally made the decision to talk to hospice. William has been declining. He sleeps alot and eats very little. He has alot of confusion and sees people that are not there. The hospice agency was great. They have suggested that I get a hospital bed and set it up in the living room. I will be getting rid of the couch and recliner. They provide all of his meds, bed liners, vinyl gloves, wipes, lots of things. I will get a nurse once a week and CNA 3 times a week to bathe William. A chaplain will visit him weekly, and they have volunteers that will come and sit with him i
  11. ruthwilliam

    Nancy, I can understand your predicament. The job, still caring for Dan at the nursing home and paying for his care. But, doing all of the work and getting a house handicap ready will be expensive and taxing for you. It is so difficult to make that decision. But, you have to look at all of the angles. Especially your own health. Ruth
  12. ruthwilliam

    Does massaging the leg help. Sometimes you can push the fluid around. I am sorry to hear that you are having such a hard time. Ruth
  13. ruthwilliam

    Sarah, What a blessing. Dan is still giving. What a beautiful and heartwarming story. Thank you for sharing. Ruth
  14. ruthwilliam

    I am glad that you feel that way. Education needs to be done for strokes. It is amazing how much the general public is ignorant about. Keep up the good work. Ruth
  15. ruthwilliam

    Nancy, I am glad to hear that you are still doing well. Yes, William is like that. Strange? Sometimes he is totally confused and other times he is reflective. Last night he refused to take his meds. But, this morning, early I gave him his morning meds. Amazing. Your never know from day to day. Hour to hour. Ruth