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  1. Hi guys!!! Chat will begin in 4 minutes!
  2. Hi guys!!! Chat will begin in 4 minutes!
  3. HostTracy

    Just a little update since my visit to the Orthopedic Specialist last Friday. Dr. Byram seemed to understand where my pain was coming from... He was really good at reproducing it! 😳 Diagnosis: Scapular dyskinesia, empinged shoulder, and cervical radiculitis. So off of Meloxicam and onto (larger than I've ever taken) steroids and starting a 2 month at least PT with suggestion from Dr. Byram for dry needling. Ha I found that interesting since it was a discussion here. I go next Wednesday to my intake appt for PT. I will be on these steroids for 12 days (thankfully I'm past 5). I have been just d
  4. HostTracy

    BTW I'm having some increased anxiety, depression and anger this week. Baby Bella (the kitten who found me) just went into heat for the first time and Kitty and I are beside ourselves! 🙀 Also, after my trip to the Orthopedic specialist yesterday and after getting 3 diagnosis that I can't remember... I am now on a steroid dose pack for 12 DAYS!!! 😭 I haven't slept all night and the darn kitten is now asleep after a whole night if CRAZY! Time for an extra Xanax today.
  5. HostTracy

    Willis I think we all have felt kindred in this thread and yes God bless all of my family and friends... They do their best and I have always said "I'm glad they don't get me. If they did then I know they have been on this beast of a journey too and I wish that on no one". I find all of my survivor kindred spirits a blessing. I just know many times exactly how they feel. It's an unspoken knowledge and it's an automatic bonus that I can share with others. Pay it forward. So Carrie you hang in there! You have A LOT of support right here...we've got you (OK we get you 😉).
  6. HostTracy

    Carrie!!! 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳 It's really a good feeling taking those important steps. Occasionally, it might be just a step into my living room to my recliner haha but a step is a step and an accomplishment! OK so your step is monumental compared to that so a super accomplishment! Woo hoo!!!
  7. HostTracy

    Heather lol I was already thinking of it's infinite possibilities to send a message. When I had my cane I too got a sense of this is my space and if you encroach upon it then the wrath of the of the stick is waiting to say hello. (Now, I am not and never have been one to pass out cruelty. No I'm not going to bop little Johnny over the head. It is more about how it affected my confidence. Funny how an object can foster that in someone). Last but not least, curbs, automatic doors, wide stairs with just one rail, a crowd, a crowd of walkers, crossing the road and parking lots, and those pesky tin
  8. HostTracy

    Kevin, I love reading your updates! You are so inspirational! 🙂
  9. HostTracy

    Heather... Yes ma'am! I also think it is a wonderful idea to wear a face shield and having a Dr. note. I have read that a face shield is great for barrier protection. Sue, I'm sweating just listening to your coming summer! 😥 That one thing (breathing while wearing a mask) has been the absolute most difficult for me. I can even get dizzy. As much as I can I avoid it. So I try to make a really good need list together before I go out on an adventure so I can get everything fir a while in one go. Good luck to you! You might consider the face shield idea (even if you alternate to catch your breath)
  10. HostTracy

    I agree with Heather. Disability payments are a blessing. That being said, it only helps very minimal. I'm still not so good at it after 5 years :(. My mom keeps my back pay from disability in a separate savings that she can transfer to my account if needed but it will only last so long. I know in the future I will have to supplement my disability. This is a very ominous feeling fact. After my stroke I am left with severe anxiety disorder with panic attacks, PBA (brain damage - emotional lability and pretty severe), Cerebellar Cognitive Affectice Syndrome (so I have a multitude of Cognitive de
  11. HostTracy

    Quote: Mick Jagger: "Time is on my side". That's the one thing that has consistently helped mood and function. Paul... Yes!
  12. HostTracy

    HA HA Kelli and Sue I just told Hailey today wearing my mask is a good way for me to feel a bit better about allowing myself out while corona lazy. No one can really tell who it is lol. So hair in a super messy bun or needing a wash, no make-up, really laid back comfy clothes I might normally save for inside. It's possible it is a false sense of security but it works for me! Now, my glasses fogging and the literal sauna going on in there is 100% a downfall. I make quick trips and have been known to remove my mask for a few minutes because I feel like I can't breath (I think it's my asthma....a
  13. HostTracy

    Thank you guys. I'm intent on making the right choice for baby Bella. I been way more heart broken before and I survived! Besides Kitty and I are 2 peas in a pod... We like to cuddle, we like to nap, and we like the quiet life. I'm missing her snuggles... Bella has sort of decided my chair and in my lap are her go to places and Kitty will start to come sit with me and then she sees the kitten and turns back around! 😢
  14. HostTracy

    Carrie I hear you. I really do. I've been right there! When I had my stroke I was THE bread winner for myself, my bf and my daughter. In a moment I went from do it all to - I need help with everything. It was a very hard life lesson to learn that others might not know or understand the truth of that fact. I had to ask for help... It was not easy 😑 I too felt I was letting everyone down. My bf found a good job and my daughter who went to college FT and worked FT figured out how to get us by. My daughter was basically turning over her whole check to help. (I have very little memory but once I be
  15. HostTracy

    Asha I certainly have been in those moments where I'm stuck in a hole. Truth is it does feel yucky. I have over time learned to be kinder to myself and allow myself to be human and make mistakes without getting angry with myself. I realized that we all have our ups and downs and trust me I screw up! A lot! I'm not perfect at it but I know it helps me like myself a lot more (and probably others like me better too haha). It's so true... Tomorrow is a new fresh day. Look to your God for comfort (he is a merciful God) and apologize to someone who may have been in "the line of fire". It will help y