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    Improving my organizing and planning skills, spending time with my cat "Kitty", spending time with my family, being involved in my local stroke support group, the brain, and giving support to other stroke survivors or anyone that i can.
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  1. HostTracy

    Holiday Decor
  2. HostTracy

    So happy to see the site open up! Missy you are awesome and I know many members will be so happy! Kelli thank you for all that you do... you are awesome too! Welcome back to everyone!
  3. HostTracy

    Yay!!!! Victory dance!!!
  4. HostTracy

    Checking this out to see if it works! I am so thrilled!
  5. HostTracy

    Work Force
  6. HostTracy

    I'm just looking at our current statistics (fully vaccinated in America 53.3% 😶). I'm not sure what to say lol. I am so glad to hear about the new adventures you have been able to enjoy. I pray that everyone finds the strength to rise above. I don't mean that to sound ominous. I just look around me and see so much "out of sight out of mind". I am super grateful to have my family near. I am also praying that everyone gets to be able to get to where there heart wants to go. Hold on to those blessings and snippets of clarity. That is a wonderful way to calm the soul and see the light at the end o
  7. I was just thinking as I read your post. What if there is a designated area for anyone who needs this. No drinking, easy ability to mobilize, private areas to get to the loo and food etc. where others can not take over. It of course would have to be limited and I think it would also need some work put into it to be able to do this. I feel that everyone should be able to enjoy Birds of Tokyo or anyone else free of this kind of worry. I mean yeah it sounds like a big thing but I am thinking is it really? I mean for it to be done. I sure hope you get a listening ear Janelle and I'm glad Birds of
  8. HostTracy

    There has been much discussion about that Janelle but I haven't heard anything difinitively. Seems like things are just changing but not ending though. The world is a very unsure place in the universe right now. So hard to know what is really happening.
  9. HostTracy

    Holy Spirit
  10. HostTracy

    Many Choices
  11. Hugs Dottie and everyone... Thank you. Love you guys. ❤
  12. HostTracy

    Love this! Thank you!
  13. HostTracy

    World Peace ☮
  14. HostTracy

    So refreshing to hear such positive changes. I think I embrace "God works in mysterious ways" more and more all the time. Willis how wonderful it is that you and April started a new journey with open arms and grateful hearts. That can really add light toward His mysterious ways. It's huge when you take a look and notice that all the "things" do not hold all the memories and that our hearts are bigger than that. Memories I hold in my heart are priceless... they give me the most joy. Here's to making new memories and embracing with open arms the memories yet to come! Bravo !!! ❣
  15. HostTracy

    White elephant *Mark this is a wonderful idea!