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    Learning to love life, myself and me in it. Spending time with my cat "Kitty" aka Bubby. Spending time with my family. Learning what I love, learning acceptance is not giving up (only a process in the process of LOVE). Learning about the brain, humanity, and the truth that every person has intrinsic value. Learning to recognize my own value. Meeting and making meaningful connections with other survivors... giving back.
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I'm a stroke survivor, mom, daughter, sister and much more. I have a solid white cat named Kitty (aka Bubby) who is my best friend :heart:. I also have a calico kitten named Bella (Kitty and bella are great friends). Update: Bella passed this year. Kitty and I love and miss her! I live in Tennessee and love the river, being close to my family and actually spending time alone. I do a lot of searching for organization ideas, planner ideas, relaxation ideas, gardening, health and beauty, and the brain (wonder why lol). Still trying to figure out who I am after's a question I have a hard time answering (not sure why). I joined this group looking for others who might relate to me but I found so much more...real friends and an extension of my family. God bless.