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  1. Asha those are wise words. You always spread positivity, always. It is infectous.
  2. LOL Scott you have a great point!
  3. I believe you have earned a right to be assertive like you are . I can be assertive or maybe extremely expressive when I am really mad. It's kinda like a little bomb that explodes. I am thankful for it at times and a little embarrassed at times LOL.
  4. I was like the a science project LOL. I got better and then got much worse and have ony about a week memory during because of the really high pain meds )of which I hallucinated spiders, ants, and mice!) I was in the hospital for 6 weeks and have had bouts of stomach/pancreas issues since but thankfully have never had acute pancreatitis again. (It was horrible.). I agree with you 100% about not having holes in your esophagus...this medicine helps keep my stomach from bitibg me and it helps because I have to take full dose aspirin everyday. I am all about less pain LOL.
  5. I find that creating and getting lost in it is wonderful too. On that point Scott I think you could say that both hobby and therapy fits. My hobbies are really therapeutic to me.
  6. Very pretty Donna and each one unique. How long have you been making these? What's interesting to me is that I have never seen a flower made this way...they really are lovely. Rare is a good thing. Although, I may just be sheltered lol. At least in my area I've never seen one. Great work!
  7. Yayyyyy! Time for magic!
  8. Thanks Deigh!
  9. Deigh I will be looking for your updates and pictures! I love the names!
  10. Hi Flash, It sounds like you have experienced several not so nice experiences before the stroke and to top it off with a stroke. I am so sorry. One of my most difficult htings is knowing my intelligence before the stroke and my limitations after. I was angry...I was a manager and the provider for my family. This knowledge had a pretty negative effect towards my emotional would make me so tearful and sad with stupid fits of uncontrollable laughing right in the middle. Stroke is a thief when it first happens especially when you have good memory of the before you. It is a loss that is so hard to grieve. It will be 2 years on July the 5th this year and I'm still grieving at times. For me I do know when I can move past this feeling and act in my world I do much better. I had to really talkwith my Doctor due to my severe anxiety afterwards and depression too. I now see a Psychiatrist regularly and he has truly helped me find ways and medications that have helped for me to improve me own thoughts and to focus on the positive (which at times seemed like little of nothing). I send you hugs and a message that we really understand your emotions and hope that you will join in the conversations and discover what may be helpful for you. I agree with some of the other members about time (which is not what we a lot of times want or need to hear but it's true) will be your friend. Time will heal you more (mentally and physically) and don't hesitate to find your own methods of coping until it feels ok. For many it has taken years. Again I am so sorry you have been through this monster but am so happy you made it through to today and am blesses to meet you. Welcome.
  11. This was such a clear explanation Scott. I thankfully do not have CPS but I know from the many many on here that do that it is difficult to treat and very painful. I agree with you the answers or responsibility goes to the medical professionals and how shamefu is it to stigmatize a patient for something out of their control and obviously more than the Doctors can figure out. So instead of treat the symptom for relief for the patient the medical world throws up their hands. It sounds to me like relief should be a given and that scientifically they need to truly reach into this subject and stop throwing their hands up. It truly is a shame. The stigma put on these patients is unfair and fueled by anothers choices. Treat each patient like an individual...a human individual.
  12. I was thinking the same thing my picture is huge! I love all these pictures I hope others add more! LOL I like "wiggle bum" my cat's name is Kitty (I know original) but she will answer to boo boo, moo moo, and dawlin.
  13. From the album My City

  14. Yes please keep us informed. You might have baby duckies one day!
  15. I love this Scott! I still use your saying!