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  1. Scott that is really great news.
  2. Well this is it. Last night Adrian didn't come home he stayed at the 24 year old's. We had talked and agreed to stick together until financially we were better and then go our separate ways but I told him he would have to wait on doing all this other stuff until he was gone that I just couldn't handle it. He just didn't come home.
  3. No Chowder LOL Summer or Winter?
  4. MyJade this stroke thing is pretty difficuly for families and caretakers. When it comes to being both it is friction! Atleast it has been for me. I like you am 45 years old and im not a child and even if something doesn't work so right doesn't mean that I dont have my faculties. It has caused a few knots in the rope but so far I've climbed over them. I make sure I am really expressing my gratitude for my family too. I sometimes want to clock them one but the better gets a hold of me and reminds me of what a mind blowing event this has been for them too. I hope things eventually smooth out for you.
  5. caramel sauce orange or apple?
  6. Lin I have thought about your story from time to time and I know there seems to be something genetic going on. Would it be rude of me to inquire? ...and has the medical world addressed the issue for your own future? You have come back from such a hard place and have given me mounds of smiles, advice, and acceptance. I'm just feeling emotional...hugs.
  7. Wow Kelli I can only imagine. Short of putting you out to pasture which is not so socially acceptable you have to really work at knowing what goes in your mouth. That takes a lot of will and determination! I applaud you! Consider yourself a self trained that is what I call proactive!
  8. I really want to thank each of you for your encouraging words. This is foreign to me but one thing I do know is that I don't want it or need it in my life. My plan for now is still the same get my financial stuff in order and pray for my disability. The only new thing is that my goal is only for me. This is one step that I can take now. Reality opens your eyes.
  9. Prey

    This is poetry I wrote this morning. It is dark and not beautiful but this is how I express my heartache. Inspired by something happening in my life right now. Please close if you are bothered I will speak sunshine another day. Prey Round and round and round we go, A cursed circle with no control. Weaving a web as it moves around, Looking for trusting hearts and souls to be found. It spins with no effort and catches its' prey, Waiting and lying and hiding each day. Then it spins its' catch in a safe, warm cocoon, Laughing as he relishes the next meal coming soon. You lie helpless and warm not a worry not a care, Because you have no idea that you are deep in his lair. There he nourishes you and feeds you his warm meal of lies, Keeping you safe and well serviced...His own plan he denies. Building and growing a bond and a trust, Filling your dreams with what seems magical dust. Soon there is movement and the circle speeds up, As he spins his web to catch a new unknowing pup. He gingerly tucks her neat and trusting in a new fluffy bed, Not knowing behind her the innocence will shed. It's now that I open my eyes to peer out, To see the light fading quickly, And there is no way out. He rises and pierces the heart of his prey, Excruciating, awareness no words can convey. He devours every trust every dream and all that is good, leaving you desperate for salvation but no one could. Discarding the shell of who you once were, He tip toes back and whispers to her. Tracy Miller 4-23-2017
  10. Happy Anniversary Benni and Mr. Benni!! Sounds like it's been a wonderful day.
  11. I would like to regain some amount of control and be more self assured. I guess I sorta have felt like I haven't been in control of my body or mind for that matter. Having a stroke and then uncontrollable emotion all the way to panic attacks sorta makes me feel like a rag doll. Well I want to have a skeleton and a structure that can carry me where I want to go and do what I want to do and be who I want to be. I keep rereading to be sure this makes sense LOL. ----->>>>> ...and to not feel afraid of what's next.
  12. Ha Ha Ha yep I think it would be a slumber party! Wonder what the world would do if we just had a slumber party for like a month?
  13. Charles i think driving in a tunnel would make me nauseous! I get bothered by concrete medians if I'm close to them and sometimes even the stripes. During the day though I can usually handle night not always.
  14. Janelle I think I can really relate to what you said. It takes a lot of effort, time, and hopefully focus to have a tidy home but when I get it that way I am scared of losing control of it so I get really protective of the areas. I am a really nice person but on occasion have bothered others who weren't keeping things tidy right then by telling them they should clean that up. Sometimes it's like a whole other world. At those times I have to work steadily to get it in shape again. I get really discouraged sometimes.